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THURSDAY DIVAS! (Read 206 times)


    Morning ladies!!


    Sorry for my erratic posting lately. Taking most of last week off work for being sick set me behind on everything. 


    RR: 3 miles with the dogs last night. I only had two hacking, coughing fits so I guess I'm getting better. *sigh*


    NRR: It's been over a week since I first came down with flu, I'm still coughing! This sucks. It is getting better every day though so that's good. I'm so glad this week is almost over. DH and I are headed to NC on Saturday (earlier than we originally planned). My in-laws want to do our whole Christmas on Sunday morning because my brother in law couldn't get off work on Christmas day. We're all really worried about him. He's been battling some depression and he disappeared from work on Monday and no one has heard from him all week-like we literally can not find him. Please send some good vibes his way. He's only 27, he's a great guy, very intelligent and funny and good looking too, it breaks my heart that he's going through this. I hope to God he shows up for Christmas this weekend. 


      Hi ladies! Almost Friday!


      RR: 1.6 last night with the doggie... it's COLD here! Tonight probably more of the same though I'd like to go a lil farther. I think this weekend I'll do the 5 with 3 at tempo, whatever we decide to name it! Haha! Maybe I Got Five On It? (Thinking of cheesy 90s rap music LOL)


      NRR: This has been a challenging week for some reason, I've been feeling down on myself lately and work has me all weird and anxious for some reason. I don't have a lot of stuff to do and I feel paranoid... I know it'll pass, and DP is being incredibly patient with me. I am really looking forward to being on vacation for a few days. Undecided Hoping we get a half day or a free holiday on Monday, after that I'm off until 2013!


      Sparky: How funny that your DH's tights fit! I'm a foot taller and about 35 pounds heavier than DP and we can wear a lot of the same stuff (just not pants)!


      OJ: We are marathon triplets with NC! She and I are running Big Sur on April 28!


      GSD: Hope you find something fun and get all your errands done!

      PO: Enjoy your German meal!!! I do love their beers! (Aventinus is a personal fave)


      Meli: Glad you survived your non-sports bra'd adventure!


      Lizo: Hope you find your work motivation! I don't have much either.


      RLTW: I must have missed that your SIL is prego! Glad you won't miss the shower, even though I'm bummed about your surgery being rescheduled.


      Hope all of you have an awesome day!

      San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

      Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


        TX: Sorry you've been sick, glad you're starting to feel better!

        San Francisco Marathon (Worth the Hurt™), June 16

        Napa Valley Inline Marathon, July 14


          Hey ladies. Quick one from me.


          RR: speed workout this morning. I did 4 x 1200M. Pace wasn't what I wanted it to be, but oh well


          NRR: stressed to the max. And I hate myself for it because i love this time of year. So much work to do, so much asked of me. And I messed up my time sheet so didn't get paid on time, so now I am worried about affording to buy Christmas presents. Ugggg I hate this. But hanging out with friends tonight, so hopefully that will cheer me up


            PO - have fun at dinner! that sounds like a fun tradition.


            MA - you'll get back there! great job on your run. When I was pregnant, somedays I could run and not feel pregnant and then others I felt like it was going to be my last run.


            Ah, I'll be back later to more personals!


            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



              HI ladies! late check in for me!! busy morning


              Sassy- I love the idea of a name for the fave tempo run! I am not the most creative of people however! Hope your run went well even though you didn't sleep well


              Jewel- sorry to hear that you are feeling down. I am sure the work stress is doing nothing to help and probably led to the fight as well! Hope your day picks up. Sounds like it will be a tough day though


              GSD- good luck getting in your 5!


              PO- hope you have a great time at your pre Christmas dinner! sound fun. Are you thinking that you will have any problems traveling with the storm?


              MA- sometimes it is amazing how a few days off can make the next run feel so great, right? Way to go on the Christmas shopping!!


              Mel- wow... running in a regular bra is never fun! great job getting through 5.5!! Enjoy the dinner with the inlaws


              Lizo- you need an IV of coffee for all those hours that you are working!


              RLTW- what a roller coaster this surgery is! I don't know how you are hanging in there!! Way to make the best of a bad situation


              Nai-what a crazy story about your phone! If I saw someone's phone outside I would bring it in!!! I am with you on the shooting, it is so horrible! I don't know if you saw, but they are doing a virutal half for the victims. I am always up for running for a good cause! It must be especially hard when you have little ones though


              RR- Finally got my lazy arse outta bed this morning to run before work. I got in a good speed workout and, like MA, it felt great...maybe because it is my first run since Monday!


              NRR- I am so super excited because DH got his permanent residecney yesterday! We did the whole process ourselves with no lawyers and initially got a letter back asking for more "evidence" so I was a bit nervous, but it all worked out!! Tonight we will be celebrating.


                Hey, I can post from my phone! Never could on rwol! Quick post to check in, we escaped the snow and have started the second half of our trip. The hotel bed was super comfy but I unfortunately didn't sleep the whole night! Didn't end up having time for a workout this morning either, boo. Doubt I'll do more than walk the mall at the ils but i think it'll be a nice break. Sounds like things are pretty bad at home, we're really glad we left yesterday. Its windy and rainy where we are, but that's better than snow! Have a great day divas!

                  Sassy - way to get out there super early even on a tired day!  Congrats on getting the paper submitted and hope the new experiment works out!


                  Jewel - sorry about the argument with DBF, boo


                  gsd - good luck getting the Christmas cards finished


                  PO - that sounds like a great Christmas tradition with friends, love it!


                  mel - wow, way to improvise with the bra, glad it wasn't too painful


                  lizo - I'm feeling you on the lack of motivation, two more days, two more days...


                  rltw - seriously, you seem to be taking the information so well now and it's seems like your dr, is just a really good guy


                  nai - sounds like you've been crazy busy



                  RR:  weeklong summary because I haven't quite gotten back in the habit of posting: little bit of dog walking and yoga (felt awesome!), ran 2.5-ish miles on Tuesday and 45 min circuit training workout this morning


                  NRR:  Just making it through the next couple days.   Looking forward to one more holiday party, then enjoying Christmas with my family.  I'm pretty sure that my mom is going to be disappointed that I don't quite have a noticeable baby belly yet, I'm definitely thicker around the waist, so it's not more that a few weeks away at this point, just grateful that everything seems to continue to go well as far as I can tell.


                    Catching up on page two...


                    TXAg - thoughts and prayers for your brother-in-law, I hope the holidays and time with family happen and can be of some benefit to him


                    athena - glad DP has been supportive as you've been a little stressed, hang in there and enjoy the upcoming time off; if you don't have that much to do, but the mind is still stressed, maybe you need a new goal or hobby for stress relief only?


                    taylor - sorry about the stressful situations, maybe you can get a small loan from a close friend/family to ease the financial stress until the next paycheck?  these things are just temporary, hope you can enjoy your time with friends tonight!


                    klm - nice job on the speedwork and yay! for DH's permanent residency going through, that's awesome!


                    Have a great day ladies!


                      Dr. T - still so happy for you!  Great job on staying active, it really pays off in the end!


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Athena hugs dear I hope you release some stress. Jewel will you be in the city next week?? Dr. Tremendous congrats on your pregnancy!!! How far along are you?? Nai so DP doesn't carry when she's not working? Wow! Glad you got your phone back. I also feel so heartbroken for all the victims and families of Sandy Hook. Especially as we celebrate Christmas and the real meaning behind it, it just breaks my heart for them. Klmc woo hoop for DH becoming a resident! How long did it take? We just submitted with the help of an attorney though! Tex feel better. I will keep your brother in law in my thoughts and prayers.

                          meli -  I'm at 15 weeks as of today Smile 


                            rltw: boo about the rescheduled surgery! but at least it's still coming up soon!


                            Nai: sounds like you need a big hug! dang girl! crazy night you had!


                            I think about those presents under the tree too... makes me want to cry for the people of Newtown.