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    So, will it be more winter or not?


      RR: Saturday is usually off, but I may do a little run.  Sunday is 6 or 7.


      NRR: Not much planned more relaxing than anything. G's hips are starting to get to him, so I think a trip to for acupuncture is needed.  As I said not much at all...


      Have a great weekend!




        GSD- hope you can get G to acupuncture!


        RR- I usually do my LR sunday but they are calling for snow, so maybe today or I'll have to run it on the tm. Only 9 this weekEnd.


        NRR- well I leased my Subaru impreza Thursday Smile they will also pay for my last two months lease payment on the corolla as well as my damage, so I need to get n estimate today on that if I can. Other than that just a few errands and a mani pedi are on the schedule.


        Happy weekend!

        MA runner girl



          RR: 3 amazing miles last night. I felt so great, never like I was carrying around 27 extra pounds. Woo! Today my mom wants to go for a walk, though it's pretty cold so we'll see if that happens. Tomorrow I'm planning on trying for another 6 miles.


          NRR: Last night was a good relaxing night. Much needed since today will be busy! I'm planning on making some meals for lunches this week (pulled pork and black bean soup), I have to fold and put away the laundry, and I'll make lunch for my mom and DH since they are painting the nursery today. I also want to clean the bathroom. Tonight is a sex toy party at my SIL's house. I'm feeling antisocial about it, but hopefully I'll get over that.


          GSD - Enjoy your day of not much at all. Those are sometimes the best weekends!


          Jewel - Good luck getting your run in! Yay for a new car! That's nice that they are paying for the rest of your corolla lease.


          Have a great weekend girls!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Happy Saturday! I just got home from the chiropractor and everyone is still asleep... its almost 9 and we have soccer in an hour! This is kinda weird and kinda nice, I"d enjoy it if we didn't have stuff to do!


            ER: I'd like to get to the gym this weekend, but I don't know if I will. If I do it won't be walking... thats harder on me than I thought! My pelvis was super sore yesterday. Next time I try walking I'll have to wear my support belt to see if that helps or else it'll just be the elliptical after all.


            NER: So my appointment yesterday was canceled because the doctor I was meeting was on call and got called, and there wasn't another doctor that could see me. Had a totally hormonal response to it, I feel a little embarrassed. Anyway, going on Monday now with my regular doctor, which will make me more comfortable anyway if we need to discuss options for P still being breach, which I think he is. Since I"d already worked extra for the week to leave early, I still left early and DH and I went to see Gangster Squad. We've been to the movies twice in the last two weeks, a recent record for us and who knows when we'll get that opportunity again? We've been getting really lucky lately to be able to steal some alone time. Today is soccer and a friend from work is bringing a toddler bed they're giving to us. Hoping to get some other tasks done around the house. Then tomorrow I"m hoping to schedule a massage and we're going to my brother's house to watch the super bowl. So it will be a good combo of productive and relaxing I think.


              Morning Ladies!


              RR: It's SO COLD this morning. 14 with a windchill of like 7 (according to the news). For me, that is way too cold to go outside. So I'm going to head to the gym for a run (aiming for 3 miles) and some weights.


              NRR: A full weekend of cleaning for me. STILL waiting for my niece to make her entrance into the world. She's already being stubborn! Smile Hoping by tomorrow...


              Gotta get going. Have a great day ladies!


                Morning ladies!


                Happy Weekend and Happy Groundhog Day! Short winter, yay! It's warm and sunny here!


                RR. Nice hike last night, today is rest day, and tomorrow I'm running 7 miles and hiking before the game.


                NRR. Well I got a part-time job offer, but not sure I can make the hours all work, since I don't want to work 6 days/week! But we'll see if things can work out.

                Working this morning, then we're going to some lame travel club thing that DH signed up for, but we'll be getting free tickets to anywhere in the US, plus 3 nights at a Marriott, so I guess it's worth it? lol.

                Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                Half: 1:48

                Full: 4:34



                  Hello, ladies!


                  Norcal-Yay for the job offer. I hope it can work out for you. Hope the travel club turns out to be fun and you get a free trip!


                  RR-Only 2 miles yesterday instead of 3 to 4, so today will be 3. Burpee Challenge, day 2!


                  NRR-Homework, lab report writing, work and groceries. That's pretty much how my weekends are going to look from now on.


                    Hi ladies!!!

                    RR: Had a WONDERFUL 10 mile progression run. I am amazed that I was able to increase speed for each mile in the second half of the run. I've been working really hard at getting faster (slowly and carefully) and it's cool to see that it's actually happening. Tomorrow I have four stroller miles with my super speedy friend S so I am recovering the rest of the day. Anyway, I'm incredibly IN LOVE with running right now. I'll do my burpees for today tomorrow.


                    NRR: After my run, we had G's first music class at Gymboree. There were four other babies, and he was the first one to really open up to the experience with singing along (well, babbling) and dancing (bouncing). He said "hello" to the other babies and parents (by crawling over, touching them and smiling), and you could tell how much he enjoyed it. It's cool to see how confident and social he is becoming. For only 10 months, he's very outgoing. The rest of the day is just recovering, some grocery shopping and tonight Big D and I are having a "date night" at home. We need to reconnect.


                    GSD - enjoy your weekend. I completely forgot it was groundhog's day!


                    Jewel - wahoo for the new car! I got a mani pedi right before Christmas and could use another. hmmm might be a good thing during G's afternoon nap ...


                    MA - I love prepping lunches for the week. We've been doing that too! Enjoy the party tonight - I've been to two and they are fun if you are just relaxed and with the right people.


                    Monk - glad you had a date with DH!


                    RLTW - yipes that is cold! great job getting back into a running routine!


                    NorCal (I feel like I will call you NC forever) - Hope you can figure somethig out about he job. is this the health club?


                    Blu - welcome to the burpee challenge!


                    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                      GSD - we gave G a whole apple today (well, I had eaten most of it so it was easier for him to take bites. He did really well!


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Hello girls! It snowed here and is cold!


                        MA- nice job on the lunches. I finally got a lunch bag yesterday so I'm planning on packing each morning. I'm so impressed with your running! Ha, enjoy the sex toy party Smile


                        Monk- sorry your appointment got canceled but sounds like you got a good deal getting to go to the movies instead! I need a massage too, my friend that had me as her maid of honor bought me one for Christmas that I'm excited to schedule.


                        RLTW- brrr, that would be too cold for me too. I hope your niece is on her way now!


                        NorCal- Marriott has a pretty good rewards system, btw. I think that sounds like a pretty good deal even if you have to sit through a travel presentation! What job did you get offered?


                        Blu- good luck with the homework. I need to grocery shop today too!


                        Sassy- congrats on your ten mile progression run! I think you are going to pr at this spring half! Saw Gs pic from music class on FB, what a sweetie!


                        RR- ended up at the gym yesterday, so I'll be running 9 today. Probably part outside,If the roads aren't great from the snow and ice, ill drive to the gym for the rest of it. There's a fun local half on March 23, I've run it once before, it literally starts outside my door Smile I want to run it again this year, it's on a scheduled 20 miler. I guess I'll run 7 before the race. Tips for this are greatly appreciated! I had originally wanted to just run the race and pr, but I found out that 5 miles are on very hilly trails, so I will treat it as a training run.


                        NRR- not much. Need to clean up around here, grocery shop, and do some laundry. I think DBF and I will be watching the game at home, low key. Neither of us really cares that much. Other than that, just trying to plan the parts of our Gettysburg trip that don't involve the marathon! We have 4 nights there Smile


                        Happy Sunday! Enjoy the game ladies!


                          Good morning!


                          ER: Probably not, but I did some work in the house yesterday.


                          NER: A got  big girl bed yesterday! Tried sleeping in it for nap but she wouldn't stay in. Then she totally surprised us by going right to sleep in it for bedtime! I'm so proud of her! I took a load of stuff to Goodwill yesterday, had to make an extra trip to best buy to take the old TV for recycling because Goodwill doesn't take TVs. Did more baby laundry. Today we're going to get A a bedding set for her new bed and a few things for P. I'm also hoping to get a few more things done in the house before going to my brother's because I couldn't get into get a massage today since the spa is closed for staff training.


                          We're giving up on soccer. A decided she didn't want to do it yesterday but I got her to go... then again she liked watching the other kids and kicking the ball around before class. And again she decided right before class started that she didn't want to do it. She said she was scared of the other kids, then of the ball... I don't know. I think part of this is that DH and I really wanted her to do it so she's doing the stubborn toddler thing. We'll try some other sport/class some other time I guess. Its just not worth the fight.

                          MA runner girl

                            Morning (for 10 more minutes! lol) ladies!


                            RR: Just ran 6 miles. I'm a little concerned because I had a lot of cramping in the last mile so I had to walk a lot. It seems to have stopped since I stopped running, but still planning on taking it really easy the rest of the day. The rest of the run felt great, and I didn't take many walk breaks, so now I'm wondering if I just pushed too hard. I can feel Cole moving around in there so that's good.


                            NRR: Sex Toy party was pretty fun last night. I got over my antisocial-ness and had a good time. I had the hardest time falling asleep though, and then just realized it was probably because of the iced tea I drank at 7pm.. Duh! Was supposed to go back to my bro and SIL's for the superbowl but after my run I think I need to take it easy today. DH is selling his motorcycle (yay!), and then hopefully I can get him to go grocery shopping for me Wink


                            Monk - I'm sorry soccer didn't work out. I think A is probably just too young. Hopefully in another year or 2 she will be up for it! In the meantime, if she has fun just playing around at home then that's a much cheaper way to keep her active Smile


                            RLTW - CONGRATS AUNTIE!!!!!!


                            NC - Congrats on the job! Sounds like the travel club would be worth it to me, but then I'm up for most anything to get a good deal or free things!


                            Blu - Have a good productive weekend. Good job with the workouts, enjoy the burpee challenge. I'm jealous of you ladies doing that!


                            Sassy - Great job with the run, sounds fabulous!! You are rocking the running lately. Loved the pic of G on FB yesterday, he's such a ham.


                            Jewel - I have run a few miles before a race to get to my scheduled LR mileage, it works out well as long as you take the race easy. You could even split it up and do 3 or 4 before and 3 or 4 after. Funny that you got snow, we barely got a dusting!


                            Have a great day ladies!

                            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15