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Cupcake Connoisseur

    I am sad I have to go back to work tomorrow. MAMMEL is having surgery this week..so he won't be around which is a good thing. I feel bad for him for the surgery though....


    Lunch was good! Seeing my parents is always good Smile Just usual house chores now.



    Cathy - Awe, your race report made me smile so big. You helped encourage her to keep going and not walk. I love it Smile Laughing that she wanted to finish together but then left you in the dust hehe. Happy the foot isn’t too bad. I hate that it is still bothering you, though! The only time I ever wear makeup to the gym is if I am going straight from work. Pure laziness I won’t wash my face haha. DH wanted to get married in the Virgin Islands?! Funny..that was my plan, too!!! Until the hurricane hit there and now there is nothing. Well not nothing but you know. They have this gorgeous area you can get married at the resort we normally stay at - I always have pictured my wedding there. HCBF’s family would not have it.


    Laura - Awe, glad you had a great time on vacation! You deserved it. Way to go on keeping the streak alive! You are awesome. Smart to take off today. YES!! HCBF always cleans out my stuff! I was laughing so hard.


    Kilmisters - LOL at the pic. Hehe Smile WOOHOO nice job getting those miles in!! Smile


    Sandy - That video of HCBF is on my Instagram story. Do you know how to watch those? My picture should show up at the very top..and if you click it it will show stuff I have posted to my “story”. I sent it to you via FB because I knew you would get a laugh Smile I LOVE going to lunch over dinner. I feel like you get so full when you go out..and I hate going to bed feeling full..so I am much more a lunch person as well Smile We went to this place called Coopers Hawk. They have their own wine and offer a wine club which my parents belong to. They have to go once a month to pick up their wine…their food is pretty good normally. I didn’t think it was that good today. Then again I was boring and got a salad Smile Its almost bathing suit time! Smile UGH on your weather. Is a cancelled call ever bad? LOL.


    Kathryn - YAY for being packed!! I am so excited for you. And you are right - it is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! Smile Have fun getting your nails did! Smile



    Have a great evening everyone!

    Mar 4 - One City Marathon - 26.2

    May 19 - Fargo Marathon - 26.2

    October 7 - Twin Cities - 26.2

    November 10 - Richmond - 26.2


    Mighty Mouse

      Lizzie, I use a pumice stone on my corns and calluses. Podiatrist wants them kept down so they don't keep building up. He said they are really bad to treat when they get inflamed/infected underneath.


        Free tickets to Red Wings game last night! Almost forgot about them. LOL

        Ran 10 solid pavement miles on Saturday (sub 12 min/mile pace so I feel confident about those first 5.3 miles. LOL). Yoga Friday night.

        Bunch of random stuff to do on Sunday before the game.


        Today off from work so more random stuff around house to get stuff lining up for AZ trip. Able to meet up with Katie for an hour at the gym. She forgot shoes so socks on the machine with no name. LOL May do yoga tonight too.


        Kathryn-you'll survive the drive... it may be the race that kills you. Kidding. I'm starting with lightweight run tights/shorts over them, tank underneath my bra to eliminate chafe potential, short sleeve shirt with arm warmers and a light weight jacket that can be folded into itself later. Will have gloves and a buff to pull over hat if needed for ears at anytime. I'm excited!



        Jan 27 Piney Woods 50k TX

        Feb 24 Antelope Canyon 50M AZ

        April 21 Big Turtle 50k KY

        April 28 The Trail 50k MI

        May 28 Pinelands 50k ME

        July 14 Missoula 26.2 MT

        Aug 25 North Country 26.2 MI

        Sept 7 RunWoodstock 100k MI (it sounded like a good idea at the time)

        Sept 22 Dances With Dirt 100k relay Hell

        Dec 8 Brazos Bend 26.2 TX


        Let me know if you see a good trail race in one of these states....I still need one there: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North and South Carolinas, North and South Dakotas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming. 

        LC Runs

          Elina - great run, I am trying to channel my inner warrior runner and beef up the mileage.  Today I actually felt pretty strong out there, now I just have to ramp it up!


          Sandy - you had me at "I'll do my own laundry"!  4 loads today, yikes!!  If it makes you feel better, it's now raining and we have a flood watch until Wednesday morning, ughhhhh.  Oh well, it isn't snow...


          Kat - hope you had a good nail appointment, I need to do mine.  I'm sure all will work out great this weekend!


          Lizzie - ugh, I am dreading going to work tomorrow.  I wonder if they've even interviewed anyone for my partner.  Bleh, oh well, I don't have anything scheduled so I guess I will have time to sort through my messages, paperwork, etc...


          Lisa - busy week for you!  Excited to hear about you and Kat this weekend!!

          Half Crazy K 2.0

            Strength training after work. Nice that there was no traffic today.



              Had a long post and lost it, sorry.


              Liz, something wrong about getting married or honeymooning in the Virgin Islands...why ARE they named that, anyway?


              Susan, spanx? Sooner you than me. Best wishes for the wedding though.


              Damaris, your coach sounds like a real hardass.


              Cathy, nice race report, good for DD to learn that not all races are flat!


              RN and I did a tough 14 today, up into the burn area and back down. Not sure we were supposed to be there but we ran there anyway. A lot of the area is closed either because of the Sand fire or the Creek fire, so we stayed on the pavement. Glad we did it. It was very cold up there by our standards -- low 30s and with the wind blowing probably feels like mid-20s. My fingers were frozen even with gloves.


              Back to work tomorrow. Bah.