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Wake up Wednesday PREGGOS (Read 314 times)


    delurking....Congrats Swim...I have been thinking about you and wondering what was going on.  Thanks for posting.  Congrats on DS and a successful drug free birth.  I had a mighty speedy labor myself with no drugs...and yes, those end contractions are killer...and trying to prevent yourself from pushing when your body just wants to push is next to impossible.   Enjoy your little man!




      Swim- CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! I wish you and your family the best.


        Soooo... I'm starting to wonder if I have a UTI. For anyone who's dealt with one in pregnancy, what were your symptoms? I'm peeing a ton today, but I also drank coffee this morning. I have pain "down there" all morning, off an on burning after bathroom (but not during) and feel a little crampy right now, back ache, but that could be because of my desk... my incontinence has been worse the last few days. I have an appointment next Tuesday, not sure if this could wait? I've been noticing BHs too but that could just be because of my new awareness of BHs this week... I feel like everything going on can be explained to be for other reasons.


        MA: I've been run/walking since the beginning. Its the only way I could have kept running. Yay for running in shorts!


        Erainrun: Congrats and welcome!


        schmett: Hope you had a good appointment!


        ozzy: I get like that once in awhile where I feel like I hit a wall, I think thats what happened in my run yesterday. I can usually get through it. Sounds like you have a busy day!


        TN: I definitely recommend seeing a chiropractor. I've never had sciatica. I've been going to the chiro for two and a half years because I have an SI joint issue leftover from my first pregnancy. It was really pretty good in the couple months leading up to pregnancy, right now I'm mainly going as a preventative.


        swimbike: Again I'll say awesome birth story! You'll feel like you don't know what you're doing for awhile, but I'm sure you're doing great.


        mann: Yay for the belly! I think my belly popped out right around that time as well. I still have the occasional overnight growth... its so weird.


        teri: YAY for good sleep! Wow, you're so close! Do you know yet how much longer you'll have to work?


          Monk : I never had the burning/ normal UTI symptoms of burning/ peeing a lot ( well I do that anyway) I did have the bowel movements/backache/cramping though. ., but it's a quick check if you have one, they just had me pee in a cup! And, if you are interested, the antibiotics they gave me for it make me pee florescent green. It's pretty cool.