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Run to live; live to run




    Run to live; live to run

      Today is wear red for the American Heart Association day.


      Tessa yes it is out of character for him.  Just months ago he complained all the time about how expensive everything was and this last month he acts like he is rich and doesn't have to worry about what he is spending.  Doesn't seem bothered about his cc debt whereas before we didn't have him carry cc debt or it was small and paid off in a few months.  In one month he is now so in debt it is going to take a long time to pay it down.


      Lisa you are not a drill sargent!  Somehow I'm still doing a lot of housework  Hope maybe this weekend you can look at that reume I sent you?


      Gatsby so sorry the cold has moved to your chest.  There are nasty bugs going around!


        SRD for me... in terms of running only.  Didn't get home last night until 8:30pm. Picked up dd from her bball practice to go to one high school's basketball game then to another high school her an entrance interview.  Nice that they even do that. All freshmen meet with the principal so that she gets to "know" them a little. tonight after work I've been enlisted to sell flowers at dd's school's talent show.  She's helping at it, not performing.


        Saturday: Plan is to get up super early tomorrow to run, DD has afternoon basketball game an hour away, then we're going to dinner and to a comedy club show with some other couples.


        Sunday: volunteering at 8am for a local 5k (earning my $30 voucher for upcoming races), Have to be there until noon then we have a family coming over for Super Bowl.


        I think I'll ask dh to go to store tonight to get whatever he wants to have for Super Bowl party to eat.  Not sure where I'll fit it in otherwise an Sunday after volunteering would be a disaster in the grocery store.


        My kind of weekend!


        Marjorie-I'm sorry.. will send it to my work email so that I pull it up on computer. I look at personal email mainly on phone and not helpful for reviewing a resume.



        LC Runs

          Good Morning and TGIF!


          5..5 on TM - planning on making Feb a much better running month than January lol.


          Marjorie - sorry about all the stress with your Dad, I missed some of the story over the past few days, but is this something where he may need someone to oversee his finances?


          Lisa - sounds like a busy day.  Enjoy the night out tomorrow!


          Mighty Mouse


            Thursday I had a great 45 minute track run. I tried opening up my stride and pumping my arms a lot for about a song or so. It works quite well. Variety. Big grin


            Off to my screening MAM.


            Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::










            Run to live; live to run

              Thanks Lisa  No rush really  Just want to get it back to him soon.



              Laura I do most his finances for him.  He has decided he needs to get married again, joined an online dating site, got scammed big time (that is a LONG story but he lied to me, my dh and my twin.  We finally got more details after the lies and evasiveness.  He was ready to marry this 27 year old "person" whom he never even met, bought a ring, sent her money, tried to send her more money at which point Western Union blocked it because of the amount and where it was going and much more).  In one month he became a totally different person.)  This week has been better so we will see.



                Morning ladies!


                TGIF....Home late last night (had ANOTHER good bye party for co-worker) yep, that's how our office rolls, right on out the door....funny thing is all the people that have left come back for the good bye parties 'cause they miss everyone.....oh well, after a few adult beverages and some food, no chance of hitting the DM LOL.


                Today - yoga and running is in the cards.  Will do Karnel's run this week-end....place TBD.


                LisaMMR - Your week-end makes me tired just thinking about it!  Wow....you are the energizer bunny....


                Marjorie - Don't even know what to say re: your Dad's situation....I'm sure a constant worry for you...Does twin visit him, and if so has he noticed any physical changes?


                Judy - Good luck on your screening mamm. today.  I work in women's health, and we share offices with breast health, one of the mamm. techs brought over a strawberry that was shaped like  2  breasts - with all the anatomy - if ya know what I mean Wink  We all got quite a chuckle out it!


                Laura - You probably needed a little rest month!  I'm not lovin' this cold, windy, weather right now....



                Anonymous Guest

                  Hi all,

                  Last night I decided to switch up my runs from yesterday and today, so I ran an easy 7 outside, with plans to do my tempo run today on my afternoon off so I could actually see my garmin for pacing and do it outside (instead of a mind-numbing 9 miles on the TM with 6 of them at the exact same pace). When I came back from my run last night, DH was downstairs on his bike and the dog was bleeding - somehow managed to rip open the stitches from last week's surgery. The bleeding stopped pretty quick and he just has this big hole under his eye. Sigh. So now on my afternoon off I'll be taking the dog to the vet to see if there is anything they can do or if it is okay as it is. I don't care if he looks a little funny, I just don't want it to get infected or for him to have more problems.


                  Will see how much time I have after that, and whether the roads are clear (snowed over night, not much but this is Maryland). May end up on the TM after all tonight. I also wanted to get my hair cut this afternoon (I think it's been a year!), but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow.


                  Lisa, do you ever need to take a day off from your weekend? I admire your ability to go go go. The older I get, the more I need downtime.


                  Morning Marjorie, Laura, Judy!


                  Ended up with I think 194 miles for January - not bad. I really am liking the Hanson's plan. Then again, I do better when I have a plan, any plan. I'm odd that way.


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                  Run to live; live to run

                    I did run 10 miles today.  I see on my phone dad tried to call so I should call him back to see what todays crisis is.


                    Carol twin visits but is clueless (as most men are not that observant)  I've stopped filling him in on stuff as he just doesn't listen or seem to think it is that big of a deal.



                    Karen poor dog!




                      I did wear a red turtleneck today, and I have red shirt & shorts for the gym. Oh, and red socks! Red pants would be overkill. And it's jeans day anyway.


                      Marjorie, sorry your dad is doing this.


                      Carol, funny on everyone who has left coming back for the parties.


                      Judy, hope the mam goes smoothly.


                      Lisa, busy weekend! Yes, I would send DH to the grocery store too.


                      4 miles this morning, more coming at lunch.


                      Off to conference call...


                        think I am going to do my walk/jog DVD tonight.  I was supposed to do 2 miles this morning, but I didn't.  No way am I going outside..low tonight of 1 degree with chill factor of -17...nope, no way and not tomorrow either.  I am thinking Karnels run is going to have to wait a few days.    I believe the TM is in my future this weekend again....darn!





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                        Bad Ass

                          Hi, girls.  Today has been a horrible day.  The drama at the office continued and the door slammer apparently does not understand that a closed door means I'm busy or Do Not Disturb, ugh.


                          I did 5 miles this morning in arm warmers.  Only Winter day in Miami it seems.  I was going to double it but my breathing is bad today so my asthma wins.  I'll add the miles for Karnel tomorrow.


                          Marjorie, nice run today!

                          Lisa, hope you enjoyed your rest day.

                          LC Runs, go February! Nice run.

                          judy runs, I love running with music because I get pumped up with it instead of listening to the asses on the road, LOL.

                          Carol, hope the party was worth it!

                          Karen, poor doggie!  Hope he is better today.  Hope you get to run today.

                          Tessa, hope your lunch run went well.

                          Ginny, hope you had fun with the DVD.


                          Have a nice night!



                          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                          LC Runs

                            Hey Damaris - sounds like my workplace.  There are often people crying, yelling, slamming doors - it's a great place to spend your day ha ha!!


                              Damaris and Laura - I have people crying and slamming doors at my workplace too. That's what happens when you work at home and have three boys! Wink



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