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FUN FRIDAY DIVAS (Read 180 times)


    Post em ladies!


      Well, I hope it will be a Fun Friday, at least!


      RR - Did JM's kickbox upper body workout + 1 mile. I am so glad I've added ST and XT back into my schedule this week. I missed kickbox!


      NRR - Working, then I have my grandmother's birthday party tonight, which was supposed to be tomorrow, but there's a little bit of snow coming, and her friends won't drive in any snow conditions. We are so close at work to hitting our revenue goal... I am praying we squeak in over the goal or else my boss will be a crank and we'll never hear the end of it. I need to plan a few January meetings and clean up my desk, ha. Its a mess.


      Have a great day ladies! I gotta hit the shower and get to work!!


        Morning jewel!


        RR: Skipping it today. DH is sicker than yesterday so I'm getting A up and getting us out the door all by myself... this is always a challenge. Not sure what's on tap for this weekend. I'm hoping to try a spin class.


        NRR: I think DH is coming down with bronchaitis now. He's gotten this cough that is just getting worse. He never got a flu shot. Ugggh. I'm feeling fine so far, but my voice gets hoarse throughout the day so I don't know if I"m going to get sick or if this is just something random. Not sure if we'll still host my friend for lunch tomorrow and parents for dinner with him like this. I hope we can still host my parents though because I'm excited about cooking for someone else (and using my new cookware that I got for Christmas!). Anyone ever had coq au vin? Whats a good side dish for that? I also want to make a dessert, but don't know what to make that we haven't had a ton of for Christmas. So glad its Friday already! A two-day work week... can't every work week only be two days?


        jewel: I hope you meet your revenue goal! I miss kickboxing too, used to do it all the time but haven't in a really long time now. I'm not sure I could or should do it now though.

        MA runner girl

          Morning ladies!


          RR: 3 miles yesterday. The sidewalks weren't shoveled so I had to run little loops in my neighborhood, boooring. The outside of my legs are still SO sore when I'm running, but yesterday it may have been from all the slush in the road... not sure. Today I'm hoping for at least a short run.


          NRR: Can't beleive it's Friday already! I've really enjoyed working at home this week. I could definitely do this full time, though it might get a little lonely after a few weeks. Plus, putting 0 miles on my car in the last few days is awesome! My commute is normally 60 miles a day. Last night DH woke up in the middle of the night and decided he was getting sick. My brother was sick on Christmas, and my mom felt like she was coming down with it last night too. I reallyyyy don't want to get sick!! Sick and pregnant sucksss.


          Jewel - I hope you can get your revenue goal!! A cranky boss is never fun! Have fun at your grandmother's birthday party tonight.


          Monk - I'm sorry your DH is so sick, I hope he is well enough so you can still have your parents over tomorrow. I have never heard of that meal, hope it comes out good!


          Have a great day ladies!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            hi ladies!


            RR: nada today. woke up at five and got to work shoveling the snow outside. I think we got about five inches total. I shoveled last night and again this morning. hoping for anywhere from 1 to 3 tonight when I get to worthington.


            NRR: can't wait to get to worthington tonight! M and I head up to his parent's tomorrow sometime for christmas with them. Crazy, crazy busy at work, but I'm taking it one day at a time at this point.


            OJ: hope you hit that revenue goal! good luck! and enjoy your grandma's birthday party!


            monk: I've had coq a vin... side dish... hmmmm... maybe some kind of rolls? hope you don't get sick too!


            MA: argh! hope your DH is NOT getting sick. Sad boo that. And I hope you don't catch it! that's awesome saving money on gas. heck ya I'll take that!


              Hey Divas!

              RR: It's cutback week, so did 4 on Tues/Thurs and 3 today and Sunday.


              RR2: Thanks for all the ideas/advice about my training plan earlier this week. I have plenty of time to get ready for this half marathon, so I'm going to focus more on speedwork instead of long runs because I imagine myself getting burnt out. Also, it's hard to find time to run for 2 hours on the weekends because G is dropping naps like woah.


              NRR: Yeah G is dropping down to one nap, we think. He's only 9 months old so this is surprising, but he's been fighting his second nap all week and trying to take a really long morning one. I'm sure this is mega-interesting! Haha, but since I've been off work it's all I've been up to!


              We're leaving for PA this afternoon to visit my inlaws for the weekend. Gonna see my gram and brother but mostly big d's family. I hope to stop in and visit some friends who had a new baby girl a few days before Christmas, too! Should be a fun visit. We drive back home to NC on Tuesday.

              Jewel - every week I say, "This is the week I do ST" then I do a few situps and that's it. It's my New Year's Resolution!


              Monk - for Coq au vin, I would do some carrots, like a honey glazed carrot or something like that.


              MA - Things get super tight toward the end. I was foam rolling all the time. I hope you don't get sick!


              Lizo - have a fun weekend with M's family!


              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                Morning Ladies!


                Jewel- wow, maybe I need to try JM's kickbox because I never miss ST! I do it just because I know i have to ha! Good luck hitting your revenue goal!


                Monk- good luck getting a spin class in this weekend. I hope everyone gets better!! It would be amazing if every week was even a three day work week..although it has been so slow around here that it feels like a long week rather than a short week!


                MA- great job on getting out there and running in the snow! Do you ever feel like your balance is affected by the belly? One of my friends is really pregnant and I was telling her how you run and she said that she can barely keep her balance while walking let alone running...then with snow on top of it!


                Lizo- wow! lots of snow!! I hope it won;t be bad driving for you! Good luck getting through work!


                Sassy- I think you have a good idea with your training plan. Do you have a time you are aiming for?


                RR- did a little over 3.5 last night and will probably do something tonight too. I need to do 11 this weekend and am hoping to do it tomorrow so I will probably keep tonight's short


                NRR- so looking forward to this weekend! I need some sleep. This week at work has been slow and i am still exhausted!


                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: Uhh... yeah, hoping to get out for some miles today. I did get in ST and 6 miles on Monday, but that's been it. At least I made my goal.. and I can get back on the wagon starting now.


                  NRR: Trying to get back into a regular routine after working way too much, then being at my sister's for Christmas. DBF gets back tomorrow night from his parents'. We were planning on going camping over NYE but right now, I want to stay home and get back into my routine and relax. Christmas itself felt strange, perhaps because I was exhausted before my mom even got here. Then we found out one of my mom's sisters died the morning of the 26th, which is terribly sad. Life is too much sometimes.


                  MA/Monk - Here's hoping the two of you don't get sick!


                  MA - I love working from home, too, but then I feel disconnected from the office somewhat, and I never get out of my pajamas.


                  Lizo - Ooh, snow! We got a light dusting here.. enough to make everything slick. Boo.


                  Sassy - Safe travels to PA!


                  Jewel - Hmm well there's not much you can really do to affect revenue, is there?

                  MA runner girl

                    Lizo - So you don't have a snowblower? Thankfully we do and DH takes care of it!! I can't imagine shovelling the whole driveway (and the backache that would ensue). Have a great weekend with M and his family!


                    Sassy - Have a great time visiting PA! I hope you can stop and see the new baby! Smile Bummer that G is already dropping down to one nap!


                    Klm - It's kinda funny, normally my balance is ridiculously horrible. I fall over everything, walk into doorways, etc, but now it doesn't seem so bad. I think it's probably because I'm more careful. I fell 3 times running in the first half of the year, just tripping over the sidewalk and myself, and haven't fallen since I got pregnant! (thank goodness, knock on wood!) I hope you can catch up on sleep this weekend!


                    Outwest - I hope you can get back into your routine soon. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt, that's so sad! Hugs. I have also been living in my pjs this week, but honestly, I am loving it being pregnant and all! lol

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      KlMcD - I'd like for 2:00 [ I did 2:07 in November with no speedwork ] but I'd be happy for <2:05.  Good luck with the miles.  I feel like I just caught up on sleep after a week of being home. It takes forever!


                      MA - yeah I ca't believe he's already fighting us on naps, I feel like we just got in a good rhythm!


                      OWR - I hope you find time to relax. I'm sorry about your aunt passing away Sad


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Morning ladies! Quick one from me today as I have a busy day ahead


                        RR: 7.5 lovely miles in the snow this morning


                        NRR: it's my birthday today, a whole 24 years old now! My mom is coming up and taking me out for Greek food, then I might get a hair cut (haven't had one in well over a year!), then might do some shopping for my cousin's 1 year old birthday party tomorrow and then tonight I am going to a bar and then a burlesque show with some friends. Never been to one before, but I think it will be fun.


                        Have a great one ladies!


                          Morning ladies!


                          RR: Zip, zilch, zero. Ugh. I've had no motivation lately, which I'm blaming on the return of my anxiety, DESPITE being on medication. Angry I'm hoping I can force myself to do something tonight, even just a walk or yoga. I'm telling myself I'll dive back in for the New Year.


                          NRR: Wasn't able to get into work yesterday because my car got stuck in the snow! We got about 8 to 10 inches. If I had been able to get to work, I would have had until next Thursday off, but instead I've got to go in for a little bit today, and THEN I'll have till next Thursday off. Not sure what's in store for the weekend...might go to the movies with my BFF this afternoon if I get done with work on time, and might get drinks with a former co-worker tomorrow. It all depends on how anxious I feel that day...that determines how social I am. I am seeing my doctor again soon to hopefully readjust meds.


                          Jewel: How is JM's kickboxing? I need new XT ideas. I feel like if I had a plethora to choose from I'd be more likely to do it.


                          MArunner: I hope you don't get sick!! Is zinc safe to take in pregnancy? I swear by that stuff preventing or shortening a cold. Research it!


                          Monk: I hope you don't get sick, either!! I don't think I've ever had coq au vin but I looked it up, and some sort of hearty bread or roll would probably go nicely with it!


                          Lizo: One of the perks of renting is not having to shovel snow, although I do admit I felt a tiny bit guilty when I looked out the window and saw my 60-year-old female landlord shoveling. Not that guilty though b/c she's a biatch. Have fun with M's family!


                          Sassy: Good call on focusing on speedwork. G seems like he's been advanced in all his milestones, so why not in dropping a nap, too? LOL. Have fun in PA! My sister and BIL are in Pittsburgh right now visiting family too!


                          KLMC: I hope you get to sleep a ton this weekend! Sounds like you deserve it!


                          Outwest: I am completely the same way about NYE. We are supposed to go to CT to hang out with some of CRF's friends and I am like...after last weekend and this week I'd rather stay home and get the apartment clean, catch up on sleep, restock the fridge, do laundry, and get back into a workout routine. I do not blame you at all.


                          Taylor: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Big grin




                            Taylor-Happy birthday! Where are the dancing elephants? Enjoy the celebrations with your mom and friends.


                            Jewel-Great job on the ST and XT. Good luck with achieving your work goal!


                            Monk-Oh no. Sorry to hear about DH feeling so poorly. I have had coq au vin at a restaurant and we just had some roasted vegetables on the side with that. Delicious!


                            MA-Great job on the snowy run. I hope you can work from home. My DH loves working from home and he interacts enough with his clients and virtual friends enough that he doesn't feel lonely. Saving $$ on not having a car is a big plus. I'm sure when the little one arrives it would be really nice.


                            Lizo-Enjoy Christmas with M's family! Shoveling snow is definitely a workout in my opinion.


                            Sassy-Glad you're able to plan something for your HM training. Save travels to PA!


                            dona-Good job on the run and good luck on the 11 this weekend.


                            outwest-Hope you're able to get back into a good workout and life rthymn.  I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's sister. Prayers and thoughts to her and you.


                            Lucy-Sending you motivation and positivity vibes. I hope you have a nice and fun weekend whatever you decide to do.


                            RR- 2 miles trail with DH yesterday. It was clear, nice and very muddy. I think I've set my 2013 running goals. I didn't have any mileage goals or big races for 2012, which didn't work out well for me. I felt lazy as a runner this past year.


                            NRR-Laundry day. Whoohoo. :-P  We have plans to go downtown today because it's supposed to be another clear day, but we'll see what DH's meetings are like today. I have been craving indian food from our favorite place for a while so I'm crossing my fingers DH can make time.


                            Okay, time to get started on this big pile of clothes. Have a fantastic Friday, ladies.