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Karnel's Amazing Weekend 1(over 40) (Read 23 times)


Run to live; live to run

    Carolyn Flat Stanley is a child story.  Schools use it.  The kkds read the story about a boy that becomes flat and can travel.  They color a flat stanley and mail it to people who then take Stanley to differnt areas etc and write back with pictures.  A good way for the students to learn about different areas.  Karnel did this with her students a few years ago and many of us participated and her kids sent us their stanleys and we got to send them back along with a letter on where they were, info about the area and pictures  It was fun.


      LOL at trying to comprehend Flat Stanley in terms of running,taking photos and women over 40. I bet your mind was going in all sorts of directions.


      Great runs ladies! Karnel would approve!





        Quick post -- 17 yesterday, two runs today, 5 in the AM, 6.5 later.


        Karen, sorry you didn't make the race, but that was sensible.


        Great runs for Karnel!