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Need moderators for this forum group (Read 98 times)


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    SO right now as the one that started this group on RA I'm the only one listed as a moderator.  Anyone else want to help out?  Really I haven't had to do a thing but if anyone else wants to be on the list please let me know.  That way if we do have a blow up thread that there are several of us that can lock it or censor it or kick people out of the group and or ban them.  I think that would be really really rare but we do know from the other forum that from time to time we have had a thread go over board or had bored forumites from other forums decide to invade and get a bit inappropriate.  


    We can't delete a thread but we can lock them and we can censor them so no one can open them.  We can also sticky stuff so if something important is going on in your groups you can put a sticky at the top.  


    Send me a PM if you'd like to be an admin/mod.  And you don't have to stay one if you don't want to etc.