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    quick post


    RR: trail run solo (whoo hoo) did 6m in 50 minutes (including warm up and cool down). My goal was to keep garmin reading sub 8minute miles. Managed that for a while at least. I am getting there! Felt absolutely awesome. I remember the 5k I did and trying to hang on to sub8. Today I was not hanging on (well for 3 miles anyway). So there is progress. I also feel more like a runner not a jogger. My warm up was my usual pace today. Yipee for progress.


    NRR & DS: busy busy day. DH and I took DS to zoo and aquarium - he loved it. I think DH and I love the zoo as much as DS does. They have these cool enclosures wehre all the animals are free and you walk through on the path. I am sure it would never be allowed in countries with proper legal procedures - like there was a really curious red haired monkey just there, sat on the path right in front of us. DS loves the animals. He points and watches really patiently, observing each detail. So cute. Oh and then we spent afternoon at playground and walking by ocean on dunes. So lovely.


    FR: had take out. Indian. I love the people there. I go in and the guy knows the exact age of our son. He is so nice. And the Indian food is so nice although very rich.




    Gotta do plank, but I freakin well will do it. Just a few personals that I remember


    zorbs - hope your meal is over with (I mean that in a good way) and that it all came together.


    rg - great job on the long miles - well done!


    shelby - did you find any bras?

    5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


      Did my plank 1.25 OOHHH YYEEAAHHHH. PLANK PR!!!! I am on fire today. I limped when I got up from the couch though...


      Tebs – ha ha on karaoke. And older men. I love hearing about your dating scene. Thanks for sharing! Are you actively seeking? Are you fussy on what sports guys like or type of hobbies etc?


      Spike – 17m is still very respectable! Esp given your weather conditions. I am so impressed with your little man and his potty training! Mine is still into checking out his junk in the bath and the standing up in the bath and peeing and trying to catch it. DH and I were in hysterics.


      Twin – hope you have a good coat for that soccer tournament. I told DH if it is cold in TN he must promise to buy me a thick jacket and cold weather boots. I don’t own either. Can’t stop thinking of “ghost” and the pottery scene from your desc of your DH work.


      CA - you are on fire with your running! I know it’s early days but I also know you are an ambitious woman… what races do you have in mind? Pink eye? What did your doc say?


      Cx2 – I was back in your world recently. DS was up at 1.50am last night and nursed frequently after that. I think he ramps up nursing when he is sick so he can get max-antibodies. I trust him that nature has a plan and just go with it. I did nap today though and it was blissful. Fab miles btw.


      jm - you beast - congrats!

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


        Bermy: No "ghost" scenes with 3 kids in the room Smile Thankfully over the hill (further from the ocean) the fog cleared by mid day and it warmed a little. Ended up being in the 60's. Sweats and uggs. He won 1 game and tied another so its looking like a possibliity of playing 2 games tomorrow.