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    oh, Elina, I was thinking of you when I watched the 2-man bobsled races!  I was rooting for your countrymen to place, YAY!!

    PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18



      I just checked all the sports stuff this weekend, and, maaaan... How my perfect Saturday/Sunday would look like, but it is impossible Big grin


      - 2-5am Olympics, 4-man bobsleigh race, first two heats

      - powernap

      - ~10-11am get up, actually do something productive, go out for a 14-16k run

      - powernap

      - 9-11:30pm NHL, Flyers-Senators

      - powernap

      - 2-5am Olympics, 4-man bobsleigh race, final two heats

      - powernap

      - 6-8am Olympics, hockey gold medal game

      - powernap

      - 9:30am getting up to get my a-- to floorball game

      - noon - trying not to die in the said game


      One can dream Smile

      My running form could be described as “drunk woman slowly being chased by no one”


      ''Who needs quads anyway!?'' (c) Damaris



        Elina, dream on. It might happen!


        6.24 on the TM. Finished another book.


        Liz, "position the car" = start at home. Drive to light rail station closest to my evening class. Leave car at train station. Take train to downtown. Work. Take train back to light rail station. Drive to class. Teach class. Drive home.


        If I drive directly to work I a) have to pay an ungodly amount for parking downtown and b) have to fight my way across town after work. I hate driving and I especially hate driving downtown.

        Half Crazy K 2.0

          5 miles. Record high temperatures today. Wearing the reflective stuff was probably overkill since I was in shorts & short sleeves--my skin has not seen sun in a while.


          LCRuns, ugh on the flooding. Hope the clean up isn't too horrible.


          Lizzie, good call on the more conservative interview clothes. I would think boots could be tricky depending on the workplace.


          Seloc, I know a single neat freak--cleans all the time, leaves the remotes numbers side down so dust doesn't get in them. The works.

          LC Runs

            Okay, made it another day...1 TM mile after dinner and a beer   Came home to more flooding and a freaking out BF so we had to get that under control.  What a day!!


            Elina - I'm hoping the weather is on the upswing so that I can start increasing outside.  Usually, I resume mostly outdoor running in March and we're almost there, LOL!


            Diana - so glad you are running this weekend with Kat and Lisa!  I have yet to own a home that doesn't have basement flooding issues - 3/3 for me.  I am thinking the next house I buy will NOT have a basement!


            Hi Kupcakes!  NIce 5!


            So....we are fostering a shih tzu, she's 18 months and only like 5 lbs.  My neighbor runs an animal rescue and they just acquired over 20 shih tzus from a puppy mill, all very neglected.  No fleas or heartworm issues, thank goodness.  She's the sweetest thing.  My older dog is not so sure of her but since she's pretty quiet, he's kind of like, "whatever".  We get first dibs on adoption so we'll see...BF is acting like he doesn't want to keep her but I think he's bluffing!



              Laura, thank you for fostering -- it means more to the animal than I think we will ever know.