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    Marjorie - The pack itself is about 5 inches long.    With the strap, it might fit around my ankle or wrist.  I don't know that I'd put a key in it, though, with just the velcro strap holding it on.  I'm going to take it in to school tomorrow - our PE teacher is a runner - did her first marathon last year in California.  (The Nike Women's.)


    Went for a "family run" today - didn't want to do too much before my race. (apologies if I've already covered this) DH and DS9 are running the "Merry Mile" fun run at my 5K.    They went today to try out pushing the stroller with DD5.  I decided to go with them and it was very entertaining to watch a 9 year old with ADHD "run".  He zigs, he zags, he climbs over benches, big boulders, and swings around poles.  He must have covered three times the distance DH and I did!


    It worked out well for the stroller, so they are going to take her on the fun run.  They even got race bags with stuff in them!  DS was disappointed he didn't get a timing chip. Wink

    Lisa Marie

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      Lisa-Marie -My DS1, who is 10, sounds a lot like yours. I let him run a 5K without me for the first time on Thanksgiving. (I ran it but not with him.) We had a little drill beforehand about how one moves during a race - don't weave, don't stop in the middle of the road, if you have to walk move to the side, look around before you move to the side. I got the eye roll and the "Moooom, I know!" but I've seen him in races before - he needed the the drill!


      BTW, I think running is great for kids with focus issues.



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        Evening all,


        Kids are so funny when they run... they seem to have on/off switches but nothing inbetween.


        Sending warm thoughts to those of you experiencing the season known as "winter."  It was 50s here today, and that's pretty much all we get this time of year.  (Not all that different than our "summer" actually!).  Temps can drop into the 40s over night but rarely below that.  I'd love to try running in snow some time.


        Judy, you're 70?  DH and I were soundly beaten by a 70 y/o woman at a 20 mile trail race in September.  Dang she was good.  Wasn't you by any chance?  Hope you get that thumb sorted out.


        St Louis folks, I heard that there's a super duper museum there with fun stuff like giant slides.   Haven't investigated yet but I'm intrigued.  And I heard there's a big arch there too.Big grin


        Amydel, I'm a sucker for sweets.  I try to head off cravings by not keeping cookies or candy in the house because if I know it's there, I really REALLY need to eat it.  If there are no sweets in the house and I still need something, I'll have a bowl of cereal.  Keeping a food log does seem to help with self control since you have to write everything down.


        Lisa/KQ, hope the tests come back showing nothing remotely of interest or concern.   To everyone else battling bugs, hang in there, rest, and get well soon.


        Arimathea, what's going on in June?  You mean the Shadow of the Giants  50K trail race?  I googled it but tell me more.  I usually help out at Western States on the second to last weekend of the month but otherwise nothing planned for June.