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    Canada - have fun in TX!!


    Hi ladies, sorry no time for more personals, but wanted to update on my OB appt - LOVE new OB.  He was running almost an hour behind, but was very thorough, ordered blood tests to make sure I don't have antibodies since I have three prior losses, scheduled me for an u/s next Tues to check on babies' growth and check cervix length, said he'll do one every 3-4 weeks, checked for hbs, found baby B right away, but baby A was moving all over the place and he had to chase a little bit - but he was able to differentiate.  I'm measuring 19 weeks, so not too far ahead right now! He's going to have me start at every-two-week apptsas well.  He thinks my sciatica is actually SI joint pain, so I'm probably going to end up in physical therapy, too. - SO many appts, it's a little overwhelming.  AND, I think I might have felt babies move as we were waiting to grab some food after the appt.  I didn't even say anything to DH because I'm so unsure, but it was a couple pops in the same spot.


      TN -Oh that is so awesome your OB is going to be super thorough for you, how reassuring! yay! I've been surprised at how relatively easily I've kept on top of my appts this pg, normally i am the type to accidentally miss an appt in my disorganised state but...i think because the pg is so very forefront in my mind I've been super-organised and made appts 2-3mths in advance, remembered my bloodtests every 2 weeks, driven an hour every two weeks to pick up my progesterone, seen my NP for thyroid tests yadayada, really it is a miracle, if I can do it then for sure you can Smile


      Manna - Why is it everyone I hear getting their kitchen reno'd has some disaster story emerge??? Eeek. Hopefully the floor can be secured and the reno continue with minimal delay...


        TN - So glad this OB is a better fit and you were able to hear the HBs!