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Why does Thursday feel like Friday again Supermoms?! (Read 262 times)


    TR: started feeling guilty so taking DD to daycare while me and the baby stay home. I feel so bad for her, but she is so excited to tell me about her day when she gets home. They had a animal campout yesterday. They made tents and the kids were to bring a stuffed animal. She was excited to bring monkey with her. BR: was up from 3-5 last night. Where was my good sleeper last night. Of course, now he is asleep (at 8:00) and I'm wide awake. I will be taking a nap with him today Smile NRR: I am rocking my maternity leave to do list. His insurance info in submitted, sent off for his birth certificate today, paid some bills, and today I need to write some thank you cards. I love crossing things off my list!

      Waiting to see if the buses show.  The message from school was that buses were running 1.5-2 hours late and it's coming on 2.5 hours late now.  If they don't come by 9:30 I guess I'll be driving them to school.  The sun is coming out and the snow will probably be gone or nearly gone by the time they get home from school.  That's the best kind of snow!  Smile


      shelby - give yourself a break with the running and rest when you can!  I avoid the doctor if I can but if L is up crying overnight a lot more than usual and it goes on for a few nights I'll take him in.  I've been surprised by strep and ear infections before.


      mrszm - is there anything you can do about DD's teacher?  I feel like at a young age they don't need to be learning too much but at the same time I'm not sending them to a daycare, I'm sending them to school so I want them to be learning something.  The chicken was just chicken breasts, cilantro, lime juice, taco seasoning and a jar of salsa.  Cook for a while and shred, super easy and makes the house smell good!  Smile


      eh - 7 days off!  Will it be hard to go back after 7 days?  When DH has a 4 day weekend he is really ready to be back at work.  He's a workaholic though.  I'm coming to your house for dinner, sounds delicious!  3 months should be plenty of time to get myself bathing suit ready if I can get motivated to do it.


      cx2 - I'm sorry you're so sick.  Sad  I hate it when it seems like it's one thing after another.  Yay for mom!


      CMG - my kids would MUCH rather be at school with their friends than sit at home watching mom pay attention to a little baby.  Don't feel guilty!


        Mer – I am sorry about your day yesterday.  I hope today is much better.  Have a glass or 2 of wine at book club tonight.


        Ernie – Glad S liked the sensory class.  I hope your run is better today.  Yay for a drywalled basement…that’s exciting.


        Arm – I thought of you this morning and wondered if you guys had s snow day…just a delay.  I hope you southern folks know how to drive in the snowJ  Sorry L is so moody…definitely a boy thing too since J is the same way at night.  I think it is that he is so tired.  I am totally with you about Vegas…love to walk around or lay by the pool…no interest in going clubbing!


        Shelby – Your mileage is truly impressive with how busy you are!!  So sorry to hear about DS…did you give him some Tylenol?  I hope it is an ear infection so at least you know the cause and can treat it.  Poor baby and poor mama!!


        Mrszm – Too cute about out.  Yesterday J said up clear as a bell.  Then he looks at me with his arms extended and says “up!”  Sorry to hear DD2’s teacher is not teaching her anything…what makes you think that?  Great job on your am run in the wind.  Glad it wasn’t too cold.  So wish I could get out with an RP in the mornings.  I still want to start an RP finder website for my area.


        Eh – Nice job on the speedwork.  That would be fun to have a team for Ragnar!  I hope you can organize it.  Enjoy your last day of work before you’re off for 7.  Would love to do PT…not really an option with my position though.


        CTimes – Boo to being sick AGAIN…what is going on with you?  Glad C slept well so you could get some rest.  I would totally have filled the RX too.  Lucky that you have your mom close by to help out.  I hope you can start to feel better soon.


        Cmg – Is it hard to give attention to DD now that you have DS?  That is what I worry about if I have #2.  Glad she is off to daycare to have some fun.  Great job on being productive with your to-do list…I love it too!


        BR - Forgot this--J grabbed a box of cereal out of the pantry this morning and started shaking it fiercely...all of a sudden all of the cereal went flying all over the kitchen and onto him.  He got the powdery stuff from the bottom of the box all over his hair, clothes, etc.  LOL...it was hilarious and his face was priceless.  He was stunned and scared and basically froze with a look of fear on his face.  I told daycare they might find cereal in random places on him.


        QUESTION:  I know I ask food questions a lot but AGAIN I am a horribly cook.  So we are having friends over for dinner in 2 weeks and I need a meal idea that is good for 5 people and leave some leftovers but also something J can eat too.  Suggestions?  Remember...I am not a good cook so it needs to be fairly simpleSmile


          I will finish everyone's personals soon. ~~ARM: you are so right, she would rather be at school. I think my post baby hormones are starting the craziness. Yesterday I cried during a commercial...it wasn't even a sappy one. ~~JEN: she is a big daddy's girl so she doesnt really care, but I am feeling the guilt today. He always seems to be hungry during bedtime or bath time and DH does an amazing job, but I miss our time.

            I looked in H's ears this morning and couldn't really tell...the left ear is questionable.  But too much gunk in them.  I got an appointment for 10:30 (we have a break today from 10-12).  I have a feeling they will tell me nothing is wrong...but it's worth a try.

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              Mer - Hope your afternoon is better today. Have fun at book club..that is something that has always sounded like fun to me, but I don't know how to go about finding one.


              Arm - Sounds like you have the perfect snowfall - enough to entertain the kids for a day and then gone. Your chicken taco recipe sound really good, I will have to try it. Our basement will be laundry, a bathroom, a large storage room, 2 bedrooms and a big rec room. Once it is finished we well pretty much double our living space so I'm really excited.


              Shelby - Poor ds. I hope you figure out what's wrong with him so he can starting getting better and you can get some much-needed sleep. The community centre in my town has a drop in play area and programs for kids from Monday-Friday. They also have holiday parties and organize exercise classes and nights out for parents. I am so happy to have it here.


              Mrszm - Boo on having to pay off your sister's library fines. And on DD's lame teacher! From yesterday - I think that running 3x a week with your much-slower RP might be too much. I only run with my much-slower RP once per week because I would start to feel like I was missing workouts if I did more than that.


              running eh - I find it so hard to maintain the tempo pace, too! It is so much easier to go fast during a race. Your FR sounds really good. No, we're not doing the mudding and taping ourselves. We have a friend that does drywall, so we paid him to come in and do all the drywall/taping/mudding work. Thank goodness, as he got done in 2 days what would have taken DH 2 years to finish.


              Cx2 - Sorry you're sick again. That must be so frustrating. Hope you get a nice long nap in when your mother comes over to help.


              CMG - It sounds like DD is having a blast at daycare! Ugh, the night wakeups aren't bad when they go back to sleep quickly, but those ones where they stay up for a few hours are killer.


              Jen - For dinner for 5, you could do a lasagna and salad, or roast a chicken or turkey with potatoes and root vegetables, or do slow cooker pulled pork or a big pot of chili.

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              beskirted & manicured

                rg - we'd like to get a sled for B someday.


                bermy - I did pretty much the same things before B, only less nail polish and general house mess.


                jen - I picked a tiny piece of grit or something that didn't belong off the seat and flicked it out the window..didn't get my finger out of there fast enough when closing.


                mer - sorry your day sucked, hope today is much better!


                ernie - what are you putting in your basement? DH sells TV and home theatre systems. I can't believe how much colder it is there! it was -3/-10 windchill when I got home from my run at 7 this morning.


                arm - there is nothing wrong with lying by the pool! if you wanted to take a guided bus tour and play at the casino all day and night..then you'd have a problem.


                shelby - the only rule daycare has is if they bring any toys, they MUST share.  Fortunately, no one else wants to touch his nasty sheep with a 40 foot pole.


                mrszm - is this Amy, your sister with the FB? You should post some choice things with her FB to make up for those fines.


                alison - um, do you have a full team for Ragnar yet? I was eyeballing that...


                cx2 - my mom always used to feed me snake soup as a teenager and I never, ever got sick.  Ancient chinese secret.

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                  zorbs: oooh good idea with the facebook sabotage!!! too bad the fines are only 40 cents Smile

                  running eh

                    CM - way to tackle that list!  Try not to feel bad about DD.  She is having fun and this way you have more energy to play with her later on!


                    Zorbs - I'll keep you posted on Ragnar, sounds fun though, doesn't it?  I just came up with the idea to put in an EMS team yesterday, so I have to see how much interest there is.