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There it is Thursday - Preggos (Read 289 times)


    Hey Ladies! Back a bit late for personals.


    Thanks all for the suggestions for SPD! I appreciate it. Probably going to have to avoid Jillian for a while since she is addicted to squats in every imaginable variation!


    Schmett: I had the twinges too around your time and for a few weeks afterwards. I'm not having them anymore, which is somewhat comforting. Not sure if I should really be comforted, but at least I don't ache there anymore. Smile There are some exercises you can do to help maintain abdominal strength, which can minimize the diastasis recti. Google "Tupler Technique". Her exercises are all proven safe for pregnant women. I do them occasionally and they help alleviate back pain as well. Nice!


    TN: I sympathize with disliking doing exercises from books. I never feel like I'm motivated enough to really do a good workout. It just feels lame counting reps of leg raises and the like.


    YJPM: Yay for qualifying for maternity leave benefits! That's so exciting. Glad you got some sleep despite acid reflux. Hate that stuff!


    Monk: it's great to hear that your back is finally getting back to normal. Back pain is debilitating! Take it easy as you get back into exercising. No reason to go back to it too quickly and injure yourself all over again. Enjoy Christmas shopping!


    Ozzy: I am majorly sympathetic over your desire for a normal BM. I'll keep that effervescent magnesium drink in mind for next time I need help. There is nothing worse than already being enormous and then getting bloated and crampy on top of it because you haven't been regular in like three days... Ok maybe TMI, but as you can see, I sympathize...


    Mann: Glad you got time with your mom. I always wish I had more with mine! Good luck on the spin class! It's a bummer grabbing the wrong shoes!


    Laura: Glad your DH wasn't too hard on you for sleeping in. There are definitely days when we need it and when you can sleep, I say do it. Because it definitely gets more uncomfortable, as you well know! Yay for a "snow day"! Mom homeschooled all of us (there are 7 kids in my family) and we were allowed snow days occasionally because my mom loved sledding so much! She would be like, "Sledding or school!" And of course, we always chose sledding.