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We are TOUGH THURSDAYS (DAILIES) (Read 20 times)


Cupcake Connoisseur

    Tough enough to make it to the weekend at least Smile


    November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

    April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2


    Cupcake Connoisseur

      Rest day for me! 8 hours of sleep..Ahhhhh


      I woke up at 4am freaking out thinking I had to get up and run. Freaking out because I didn't want to. LOL. Happened again at 5:30. Then I was having crazy dreams about an upcoming hair apt. Weird.


      I need some suggestions on run wear tomorrow! I know how to dress in rain - but its going to be COLD rain (starting mid 40's) that is going to be changing over to wet snow by the end of my run. So, progressively colder. Do I wear gloves? What's the point if my hands are going to be wet and cold with them? Maybe I just carry hand warmers? I might wear my jacket even though it will be in the 40's since it will get colder. What would you wear?!


      Busy day full of meetings. Blah. Early wake up tomorrow (only 3 more!!!).



      Sandy – I hope you had a good workout this morning! That workout sounds sort of like tabata style almost. I did use some tax money to buy some new running shoes Smile And some summer slip ons from Vans. But my savings..is really my race fund Smile


      Kilmisters – Why is Wednesday good news??? Nice 9 today! I would rather run in rain than wind. Try the Epsom salt bath!!! I try to do them twice a week – it really helps. I would think you would benefit a lot from it with your running plus floorball.


      Docket – I am so sorry for your rough day yesterday! Hangry is a real thing you know Smile Now I want to try empanadas.  How is Bugsy today?


      Tessa – DD works at a bagel place?! Oh boy that would be dangerous for me. Hmm..I am going to try that stretch for the top of the foot! Have you


      Speaking of top of the foot pain – does anyone notice they get sores where the tongue of the shoe is? I get dry patches on peak weeks where the tongue of the shoe hits the top of my ankle. Weird. Maybe the dry weather contributes to that.


      Laura – Oh no, I am sorry about your day yesterday. Glad the run helped? Or I hope so Smile Your picture on Instagram last night was so cute! Your vacation is coming soon!!! Look forward to that..that might help get you through the workday Smile$500 to NC?! WOW! Unreal. Tuesday/Wednesdays are apparently the best day to look for tickets.


      Diane – Don’t get me started on tailgating. Washing your windshield when someone is tailgating is a good trick too Smile


      Lisa – Yay for Brazos Bend!!! How exciting. We are glad you are back, too Smile



      Have a great day!


      November 10 - Richmond - 26.2

      April 28 - Toledo, OH - 26.2

        Howdy! Walked 2.5 w DF and the pups.  Back is still not 100% Return to chiro today.  Ugh


        Busy day here too! Check y'all later


          Lizzie...one word for the clothing choice...TM.  I'm not sure exactly how you manage to get up so bloody early and actually run all those miles.  I got up at 5 today which is only an hour earlier and only managed 3 miles...took me 47 minutes...and I'm already tired...lol.


          Wow Sue...back pain I think is the worst...the PF was bad but the back spasms were unbelievable.  I could barely walk.  It really sucks getting older.  Hope you get some relief.


          Damaris I saw your post in FB about Bugsy...poor kitty, hope you can find some solutions to his issues...at least he has a loving home now.


          Lizzie try some Vaseline or anti chafing stuff where you get the dry spot...could be rubbing?


          Yay Lisa!  At least I'll see you on a loop or two!


          Yay Kat...party in TX in Dec!


          Karen, I can't wait to meet you in person.  May need a new training plan...lol.

          Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8 - DNF



          Prairie Spirit 50 mile - Mar 30

          Possums Revenge 56k May 25

          Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30

            Lizzie - nice sleep!  I always have weird dreams when I get to sleep that extra hour/hour and a half or so.  Workout was SUPER fun.  It is similar to tabata for sure.  Also did a measily 3 on the DM.  Oh well, better than nothing.  As for your run tomorrow - I would wear capris, long sleeve and a I have a non-cloth vest.  Meaning the rain sorta runs off but it is not water proof.  Definitely gloves.  Or, you could go with tank and your jacket.  Unzip at the beginning if you are hot?  I run pretty hot, though, so others would want more clothing, I'm sure.  I have had that rubbing on the front of the ankle from the shoe tongue before but only if I wear little socks.  I prefer the 1/4s and then the sock protects that area.  Do you get to WFH tomorrow, at least?  I hope so!!


            Elina - cracks me up that you talk on the phone when you run.  I mean, I guess it's no different than running next to someone - it would just feel awkward to me to have the phone with.  I'm guessing you use the headphones?  You canNOT be running holding to your ear, can you?  Hmmmm, good point about avoiding the weather stalking.  I will consider that since you are right - nothing I can do!  But, I also like to rearrange workouts based on the info.  Will ponder...


            Damaris - oh no!  That does sound like a horrible day.  I'm blaming the full moon.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm empanadas - so good!!  So, I was thinking about your (and mine) piriformis pain and realized mine has been really good lately.  Then, I remembered that my friend who is a massage therapist recommended stretching the psoas.  Mine is SUPER tight.  So for about a week I was alternating cobra/upward dog pose with pigeon pose and it helped SO much!  Anyway - just wanted to throw it out there.  Oh no, poor Bugsy!


            Laura - LOL sorry but had to laugh at your running out the frustrations - it gots to be done!!  SO HAPPY you were able to get outside!!  And your DD is right - Cutie!    Hope you get one more outside day before this nasty frigid air heads your way.


            Diane - I love Lizzie's idea of turning on your windshield washer for the tailgater haha  GREAT JOB getting up to get some early miles in!!  It DOES get easier.


            Sponge painting - yep, I remember my mom doing it in the main bathroom growing up haha


            Lisa - okay, makes sense no coffee maker for the non-coffee drinkers.  But, I was confused why you had two cups - thought one was for DD but, nope!  haha  You were prepared!


            2.25 on the dreadmill, the EMOM workout I posted yesterday (was freaking AWESOME!) and then another .75 on the track.  I can't bring myself to run less than 3mi haha.  It's effing COLD again.  -4* and WIND makes windchills negative 20 or something stoopid.  And no end in site.  Sat morning for my long run is supposed to be 8* with windchill about -2*  the best forecast until next Thurs.  Gonna try to tough it out but will try not to beat myself up if I turn back early if the air is hurting my face.  Otherwise just hunkering down and trying to stay warm.

            Glass City Marathon 4/28/2019


            Mighty Mouse

              Wednesday I ran 45 minutes. DC and I went to the gym. He also may start using the fitness studio at the college when we go there.

              Today DC and I do a few hours of volunteer work. I'm restless. I think I'll go down in the park an run the trail a little bit.

              Safe and happy runs, All! 



                Sadly Sandy the rear wiper trick did nothing to discourage this particular ass hat.  Holy cats that cold where you are.  I have no plans on ever living any further north than where I am, in fact DH and I are in agreement that warmer climates are where we'll be retiring to.  I'd love to go back to FL but there are WAY TOO many people there now, even around Sebastian where I'd like to live.


                Hi Judy, have fun on the trail.

                Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8 - DNF



                Prairie Spirit 50 mile - Mar 30

                Possums Revenge 56k May 25

                Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30


                  Elina I saw this and thought of you and your analysis of the market impact of Aldi and Lidl in your area.



                  Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8 - DNF



                  Prairie Spirit 50 mile - Mar 30

                  Possums Revenge 56k May 25

                  Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30

                  Running with the Turtles

                    Happy February!    DD is doing a play for "drama club" today so I will try to scoot out early and see her.  It's grade school drama club, so just a taste of it.  She's really excited though.  I wish older DD had such diverse interests!  Though older DD is giving after school yoga classes a try!  Sounds like fun, it is open to students and staff and some of her teachers will be doing the class.  She's excited about doing yoga with her teachers.    Planning to do some hips/glutes tonight.  And I need to find a new monthly challenge!


                    Lizzie, haha, TM occurred to me also.  I would definitely bring gloves.  I would probably do a running vest layered over a long sleeve top.  You can zip or unzip, pull up your sleeves, pull them down.  That's my go-to for rainy weather.  Keeps the core warm and dry but the arms breathe a little!  You want to see my running pictures?  I would have to figure out how to post them.    Oh, I think you asked about DD and cross country?  They used to have 4th/5th grade CC at her school, only one mile races and they would do a couple meets.  But this year it was switched to 5th grade only.  DD was really disappointed.  She's been waiting to run CC since kindergarten!


                    Sandy, the wind woke me up this morning!  It's brutal out there.  I feel for you!  Sounds like you had a good workout though!  I always check the credit card swipers at the gas station, tug on them.    This is the 3rd time I've had issues with my CC.  First time was years ago, some big cash advances, that seemed like an "inside" job to me.  2nd time someone made some big purchases at Foot Locker a couple years ago.  This time it was the smaller charges.  I had an alert for any big charges.  I contacted the services so they could deactivate the accounts that used my CC.  One told me that the deliveries were made in Chicago.  That's all she could tell me due to "privacy".  Since when do thieves get privacy?    The running team shirt is not that cool, just a blue tech tee.  If we run 10 races for the team then we get a singlet.  


                    Lisa, your DD should get a small coffee press!  Then you can have coffee.    That's what we have, I don't drink coffee but DH makes it every morning.  That's what I would get if I was single and didn't drink coffee, since visitors often want need coffee.


                    Damaris, sorry about the horrid day!  Sorry about Bugsy.  Yum, empanadas.  Now I want me some empanadas.


                    Laura, glad the back is better!  Sorry about work.


                    Elina, sounds like you are hanging in there.  You are Super-Woman!  The running team isn't as cool as Team Beef.    It's just Team SCSE, Silver Circle Sports Events.



                    Running with the Turtles

                      Lizzie, here is a link to some photos from the race:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/1yORogQJn02jTNJo2


                      Hope that works.  Ignore the fact that I left DD behind at the finish.    It's the only time I can actually race during the race.  


                      WINE o'clock somewhere!

                        Lizzie, HATE it when I wake up in a panic.  What to wear, a parka, down mittens, rain coat, hand warmers.  No butt warmers like Lisa did though.  Wink


                        Sue, hope the chiro can work wonders for you this time.


                        Diane, party indeed.  We might need walkers for the after celebration though.


                        Sandy, I am going to recommend a parka for you to on your run.


                        Judy, enjoy the park.


                        Cathy, I hope you are able to see DD and she enjoys it.


                        I have totally procrastinated this morning and am STARVING with no food in the house.  Have multiple errands to run on the way to work.  Sadly, I think I have to return my glasses.  They just aren't working.


                        It is 3 weeks away, but I am psyching myself UP for Antelope.  Reading lots of reviews for motivation and advice. Looking at pics, figuring out what I will need and how not to get blisters.  I read to bring gloves, even if it is warm, apparently they help with the slot canyons and slithering up and down them.  There seems to be a new running store in SA that specializes more in long distance/trail running.  Going to hit them up for advice/products.


                        Have a great one all.



                        Bandera 25K January 5th - TX

                        ???Tinajas???  March 2nd - TX

                        ???Hells Hills or Brazos Bend??? April 6th - TX

                        Trail Race Half April 27th - MI

                        Glass City Full (or Half) April 28th - OH

                        Possums Revenge 56K May 25th - TX



                          Lisa, Brazos Bend has one 10 foot hill? Um...that's not a hill. That's not even a dirt pile.


                          Good to see you back again! You have been missed.


                          Liz, washing windshields does help if the tailgater is concerned about his/her clean car. If the car is a dirt repository, not so much.


                          Cathy, no worries about leaving DD behind at the end, as long as you don't leave her behind when you go home.


                          Damaris, sounds like your day was crappy. Sorry. Hope Bugsy's globulin levels are up because of the chronic condition not because of new issues.


                          Diane, I think just about every cuisine has something like an empanada -- savory filling wrapped in some type of pastry or starch and fried or baked. Pasties, hand pies, pierogis, empanadas -- even Hot Pockets. Whatever you call it, it's a way to stretch the meat or other protein to make it go further and also to make the food easy to consume.


                          Laura, sorry you also had a bad day. What is a wellness park?


                          Susan, hope the chiro can fix what is wrong.


                          Sandy, that's COLD! Brrr. Good advice on Lizzie dressing for rain, how are you going to dress for a LR in single digit temps?


                          Kupcakes, sponge painting? Pink on pink? Teal painted wall and lots of wallpaper? Hoo boy. The 80s called and they want their décor back. Wallpaper is the worst, though. Hate hate hate it. Especially stripping it off.


                          Kat, sounds like you are planning well for Antelope. Gloves -- easy to carry when not needed and to put on when they are advisable.


                          2.4 miles this morning, all I had time for. Hope to get to the gym at lunch. Big just-past-full moon with no eclipse in sight this morning! Hart to believe it is February already.



                            And I just looked up Brazos Bend. Hmm. This looks interesting. I have two questions:

                            1) Karen, how many people can you accommodate? Will cook for couch space...

                            2) Are we going to riff on the "Axe Murderer" theme for costumes -- this could be interesting, think of Santa as the axe murderer and elves as victims -- or go with a different theme? My twisted mind is starting to come up with ideas. And I think it would be very unwise to dress up as reindeer. Think about it. This is southeast Texas. Nobody in their right mind would dress up as a deer or as any other type of game animal, especially in hunting season which December is.


                            Make that three questions. Could someone please PM me the registration code?


                              Laura, smiling about having a post-work run to avoid causing harm.... That's the point of evening runs!! DH has a t-shirt ''Running is like coffee. I am nicer afterwards.'' --> you might need one Smile


                              Damaris, hmmm, soulmate alert... I mean, the guy purchasing loads of alcohol at such early hour. Not a nice morning experience for you, of course. Had to google empanada...!


                              Sandy, of course, headphones were used + called her when I got on remote road (you know, not in city center, blabbering seemingly to myself while running past all the people Big grin). Totally agree w 3mi being the minimum for a run Smile As for air hurting the face; uhm; facemask?


                              Cathy, drama club for DD? Aren't little girls are an impersonation of drama club themselves, without attending a particular group? Big grin Altho, many people have said guys cause bigger drama while growing up Smile Go figure!


                              Lizzie, cold rain and 40 degrees? Sounds tricky, but it's not that bad at all, to be fair. Unless there is wind. Generally, what Sandy said - either a long sleeve or t-shirt + jacket that can be easily adjusted midrun. And hot shower/bath afterwards, of course! ....And mulled wine! Big grin


                              Lisa, no need to remember the conversation that's been had while running if the final words were ''ok accepted'' Smile


                              Rest day. So tired. Woke up every 40-50 minutes last night and currently doing all it takes to finish what's needed before tomorrow's meeting. Last email was sent at 11pm yesterday eve. Sorry not sorry. Boss is having her usual mood swings (seriously, different person every few hrs, let alone days), and it's tiring me to no end. I mean, it's tough as it is, without wondering whether she'll be a sunshine or grumpy/bitchy when we meet tomorrow. Which, of course, changes the whole tone/way of discussion. So yeah... Finished the NFL book (League of Denial) + watched the movie. Stunning material. Have to find a new book for this eve, to calm down a bit.


                              Have a great day everyone! It's almost Friday!


                              Edit: found a book. "Stat Shot - The Ultimate Guide to Hockey Analytics''. My inner nerd is happy Smile

                              My running form could be described as “drunk woman slowly being chased by no one”


                              ''Who needs quads anyway!?'' (c) Damaris


                                Tessa, I sent you 2 emails through here.  If you don't get them let me know.


                                Elina, that book might be the cure for putting you to sleep...lol.  I used to read Tech Manuals when I was in the Army just for fun.

                                Bravos Bend 50 - Dec 8 - DNF



                                Prairie Spirit 50 mile - Mar 30

                                Possums Revenge 56k May 25

                                Lhotse 24 Hour Aug 30