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    Morning! well, it's 4 am so thought I might as well start it since I'm up eating captain crunch. yumm. 


    Being on non- bed rest sucks.. but not as much as bed rest would! I'm going to go back to bed and then maybe sit on my spin bike for 10 mins when I get up and do the no resistance so I at least get the legs moving!

     I wonder if it's ok to do light arm weights too, II always thought going into labor is more hormonal, and not really something I can bring on by excersize but I'm no dr..Feeling a little crampy, but also think I'm paranoid now about going into early labour so will just drink more water and go back to bed. The Dr also told me to gain `10 pounds which should be easy enough to do in Texas ( going friday!) 



    Tiny: glad the OB appointment went well, uneventful is good! Sounds like a perfect weight gain too! 


    Tozy: I didn't throw up at all (!) in the first trimester but I felt crappy, mine lasted longer than most I think, somewhere around 20 or 21 weeks I felt better ... hang in there! 


      Morning canada! Sorry about the no running thing, but I'm glad you still get to go to Texas.


      RR: Resting today.


      PGR: 27w5d. He's squirming a lot and really shaking my belly with the kicks.


      NRR: I found out what happens when the refrigerator door accidentally gets left open all day. We ordered pizza Monday night and left it in the box in the fridge, but the box was big. I kept making sure the door was closed when I opened it until I grabbed my lunch out right before we left yesterday morning... I noticed it was open after work but I thought that was from when A had gotten her milk. I started warming the pizza for dinner and noticed the pork chops that had been at the top of the fridge were warm on the bottom... they were right at the top and the light on them all day had cooked them! Ewwwww! So disappointing, it was a family 10-pack that I hadn't gotten around to dividing up and freezing yet. That was $10 wasted! Also had to throw away butter, eggs, yogurt and some older leftovers, pretty much anything perishable. So I'm not even sure how much money was wasted from my mistake. Luckily the milk at the bottom of the fridge stayed cold so we could keep that. So much more disappointing too that it was my fault!


      Not much else, yesterday was frustrating at work so I hope tomorrow will be better. I think I need to get my desk adjusted but I'm not sure how. I'll have to email and see if theres an ergonomics person... but I know whatever is done will take awhile. Uggh. Oh and today is my one-year anniversary at my current job!

      MA runner girl

        Good morning!


        RR: 4 miles yesterday outside in shorts! I tried out a run/walk for the first time. I've been doing mostly running and then just walking when I needed to but I thought I'd see if planning walk breaks helped. I think it did. I walked for about a minute at every half mile. I've never been a run/walk person and even when I did C25k after coming back from injury I hated it. But I think mentally it's just easier now. Today will be 3 miles at the gym.


        PGR: 24w3d. Lots of movement last night! I wish DH was home because I think he may have felt it. Nothing else new. Still feeling burning pain. Boo.


        NPGR: Nothing really. Hoping the next few days go by quickly. I'm ready for the weekend!


        Canada - Good luck with the weight gain, nice that you can do it while on vacation. And I hope you don't go too crazy with the rest, but you are right, it's better than bed rest!


        Monk - Oh man, sorry about the fridge! I hate when I do silly things like that and end up wasting stuff! Fun that P is shaking your belly! I can't wait until DH can see/feel that! Smile

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          Good Morning Ladies! New to this forum, @ 7weeks? first apt next week.


          MA Runner Girl:i it's def a shorts morning! Supposed to start cooling as day goes on. can't wait to get outside Wink

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            Morning everyone.


            Canada - I saw your post that you're on a running restriction. Bummer! Can you walk a 5k in Dallas? Not as fun, but still participating?

            I would think light weights are ok, especially if you're just working your arms. At least it is a temporary thing.


            Monk - I saw your post about leaving the fridge open. Ooh. Sounds like something I would do. Happy anniversary at your job!


            Teri - Glad you had a good OB appt but sorry about work. 


            Trozy - I had more noticeable morning sickness this go around than with my first pregnancy, started around 6 weeks ish. I think it faded for me somewhere in the 9-10 week range, but if I wait too long to eat I get nauseous right away if I don't eat a little something asap. I didn't puke though, only strong nausea.


            MA - Good job on your run yesterday. Sadly it is no longer shorts weather over here. If we're lucky a high of 40. (I know, Canada's saying that's spring weather over there!)


            RR - 3.5 of intervals yesterday. Mostly walking only bc when I'd run I felt like I had to pee. Of course it stopped when I walked. Not sure what I'm doing today. Busy day today, so it might just end up being a rest day.


            PGR - Midwife appt today. I'm at a new office she's only at on Wednesdays so a new scale! Wink Hopefully this one isn't outrageously off. Have to bring DS along though, so I'm hoping DH can keep him contained.


            NGPR - Lots of running around today, so I'm hoping I can check in after my midwife appointment this afternoon. I read everyone's posts at least if I don't come back for personals.


              Good morning!




              PGR - 32w3d. Was feeling particularly "swelled up" 2 nights ago...I'm pretty sure it's something I ate - like all the cheese at a dinner party the night before as i haven't had that bloated sensation since the 23w mark...had doula appt yesterday which went well, discussed my "birth plan" ideas to take to the midwife (minimal intervention and a healthy baby are my key points!)...


              RR - On on set out to swim 3km but only got to 2.5km before my body started putting the brakes on, it just felt like it was hitting a fatigue/muscle/oxygen wall? Anyone else get that? But doing 20min water jog at the end instead wasn't an issue, go figure...yesterday almost overdid it at the gym with an hour cardio on the stepper and elliptical but I just felt really good so went with it, but this morning my leg muscles are asking me what I did! Just about to head off for an easy swim at this ridiculous hour of 6am, hoping for just 2.5km again.


              NRR - Real estate agent is coming at 9am to give us an appraisal, the house is looking good...at 10am I am meeting one of DHs workmates to discuss how best to work in my remaining leave with my maternity leave year at work (it can get complicated); then at 2pm I'll be catching up with a friend for coffee. yesterday i spent some time running around getting various ID photos (I'm currently doing 3 applications - one to renew my residency, one to get a new Aussie license with the new surname, and the other for Cdn citizenship)...only to find I was short one photo (for the PR) when getting home, doh! Back into town I go....


              back in a while for personals....


                Canada - Yum, Captain Crunch!  I'd think you'd be okay with light arm weights - I'm glad it's not bed rest for you!


                monk - I saw your fb post about the fridge - bummer! It's always so frustrating when something like that happens.  I hope you hae a good day today and get your workstation figured out - I need to do that too - my current chair just isn't cutting it.


                MA - Great job on the 4 miles! I really hope the burning pain goes away soon.


                E_rain - welcome!   Is this your first?  DH and I are expecting twins in May.


                schmett - Have a good m/w appt!


                Ozzy - Glad your doula appt went well - yuck to all the paperwork - I still haven't renewed my passport since DH and I got married - and getting the ID photo is the only thing holding me up right now.


                PGR: 16w1d. The bump is starting to become noticeable... My sciatica is still a pain in the butt, literally  - it hurts to bend and walk.  Anyone have any suggestions? I've never been to the chiro before but this might be a good time?


                RR: Planning on a few miles after work - although it might be at the mall as I may take DSD and do a bit of Christmas shopping.


                NPGR: Not much going on here.  DH has a work happy hour this evening, so I'll need to pick DSD up after her school bball practice and we'll probably head to the mall to get some quick Christmas shopping done - DSD can at least pick up a gift for DH. 


                  Ozzy: how do you aqua jog? there is a pool in Dallas where we are staying a few days, do you just go back and forth in the shallow end? I might have to resort to that! 


                  I ended up just going on the spin bike but taking it easy, and doing some arm weights. My husband HID my outdoor runners and disabled the treadmill.. !! guess he doesn't trust me! I thought it was funny, but told him tomorrow I Was going to do some incline walking to he better get that treadmill working again! 


                  TN: YES! CHIRO! seriously, mine was killing me and she fixed it in like 2 mins.. I wish I didn't wait till 24 w to start going. 

                    pool running is great!!!!!!!! get some floaties, hold em, and go in the deep end. move your legs like you are running. faster turnover=more resistance.

                    drink lots of water, easy to get dehydrated and not know it.


                    super boring, but it is a great workout.

                    KC born 7-14-13. RC born 7-21-15

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                     Working on a Comeback after baby #2


                      No no no - the page refreshed mid-typing and deleted everything!!!!


                      back from a great swim, now have to shorten my responses...


                      CJ - take it easy okay?? If you are like me then DH is right to be concerned - even incline walking can be taxing! go eat, rest and be merry in Texas Smile  oh but if you do pool jog...i go in the deep end sans float aids and just "run", not fast, big stride motions, arms used to keep you up. Or yes you can run slowly in the shallow end too but I do find I still feel "bounce"...


                      Monk - Bummer on the fridge door....happy one year anniversary at work!


                      MA - never fear, the movement will only get stronger so DH gets  a good kick when the opportunity next comes around...nice work on the run/walk - in shorts!! brrr.


                      E-rain - Welcome and congrats!!


                      Schmett - i hope the m/w appt goes well and the scales are better Smile


                      TN - is there such a thing as a "quick Christmas shop"?? When I was in town yesterday i stopped to get  a photo frame and the queue was 30mins long so i walked out again! Not sure what to say on the nerve pain but i think others here have found the chiro to be good.


                        Ozzy - sorry to hear about the swelling but it sounds like you've been getting some great workouts in. Hope you get all your paperwork straightened out.


                        E_rain - welcome! I'm now not last on the list anymore! Smile I'm expecting our 2nd in June.


                        TN - Get thee to the chiro! I caved at 36 weeks last time for sciatica and I wish I'd started going sooner. Now that my sciatic nerve is flaring up and I'm not even out of the 1st tri, they'll be seeing a lot of me. You will not regret going. And it can help with positioning. I'm not sure how well for twins, but it definitely helps singleton pregnancies.


                        Naptime for both of  us over here. What a morning.


                          TN - I had sciatic issues with my first but once the baby moved up and out of my pelvis it went away.  I did yoga stretches and mainly ignored it as much as I could.  But with twins you might want to get to a chiro sooner rather than later. 


                            Ok, I'm sorry I don't have time to check in with everyone but I hope all is well. I know some of you are getting close. I wanted to post my birth story since I finally wrote it up Wink I had terrible back labor but my labor was fast - was only at the hospital about 3 hours before M was born! Wishing you all the best Smile


                            On Saturday morning, November 24, I woke up with the intention of going to the gym before doing my annual Christmas shopping trip with my dad. My due date was November 28 and I was not feeling it was just quite time yet. However, the longer I was awake, the weirder I was feeling. I got dressed to leave and then had some very intense back pains. I laid down and decided to skip the gym. I had the intense urge to clean all the parts for my breast pump! I decided to go ahead with the shopping and got showered and dressed for that. The back pain had sort of gone away so I wasn’t sure what that was all about…

                            Dad and I left at about 9:30 am and shopped for about 2.5 hours. We got a lot done, but I was pretty anxious and not really in the mood like I usually am. I had some back pains while shopping, but was attributing it to the 25 lb basketball in front. We met DH for lunch around noon and that’s when it started to feel like maybe labor. I had some intense pains while eating and had to use the bathroom to go #2 twice… I finally told them to scarf the lunch down and we needed to leave! I was feeling a little panicky at that point.

                            We went home and I called the doula, who advised me to eat something (already done), take a warm bath, and take a nap. Well, the nap wasn’t happening. So we went for a walk. For a few hours I was having contractions, but all in my back – no pain in front at all. They were very irregular (10-30 min apart) and she was not of the impression it was going to be any time soon (good thing – she was in Chicago!). By about 4 pm, I was pretty sure it was the real deal. I called her back and she was on her way home. The contractions were closer and more intense, causing me to be on all fours for each one (they lasted about a minute each and were more like 10-15 apart now). I told DH it was almost time. By 6 pm, I called her and said it was time to hit the hospital – the contractions were 3-5 min apart for a good hour by then, and each one caused me to hit the floor again. I was so nervous about the drive to the hospital – it was only a 10 min drive but man that was uncomfortable! My back labor was horrible and I couldn’t get comfortable.

                            When we got to the hospital I practically ran in (after leaning over the hood of the car with a hard contraction in the parking lot Wink. The contractions were at most 3 min apart by then. The nurse checked me and I was already 4-5 cm. This was about 6:45 pm. I was a keeper! The doula arrived by 7 pm and I was ready to go! By 7:30 or 8 I was a good 7-8 cm and almost fully thinned. Things were very painful for me and I was questioning my decision to go natural. The pain was horrible and there was very little relief (contractions were almost constant – about 1 min apart). I had DH put on my music at this point. Things moved very fast for a FTM. By 8:30 the doctor was on her way but it seemed to take forever. By 9 I was ready to push but the doctor wasn’t there yet. Those 10 contractions or so were the WORST thing I’ve ever experienced – when you feel the need to push and you can’t it’s a hard thing to get through! By 9:15 the doctor was there and getting ready. Thankfully I was able to start pushing around 9:25. I took a few times to get the hang of it, but I started to push and felt such a relief. It was painful but nothing like those contractions right before. I still never felt a pain in my abdomen – my back was taking all the heat! I pushed sort of on my side. Baby was in a weird position but eventually he straightened himself out. I only pushed for 20 minutes and M was born at 9:45 pm – to a Notre Dame win (undefeated season!) and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” playing on my playlist. I had a 3rd degree tear, but once he was out, I felt nothing but relief and an immense sense of happiness. M has a good size hematoma on the right side of his head, but we were healthy and I did it WITHOUT any drugs. The sense of pride I felt and amazement was incredible – I couldn’t believe my body was able to do that!

                            We spent about 2 hours bonding before they took M for a bath and weight and some other tests. He scored an 8 on the Apgar and he was 6 lbs 6 oz (EXACTLY the same weight I was!). DH was an amazing labor partner, and the doula was amazing too. I would definitely do that again. I stayed 2 nights PP and we went home on Monday. We are getting the hang of things. Breastfeeding is hard, but I know it’s worth it. DH is working from home so I’ve had a lot of help, which I’m so grateful for.

                            I can’t wait for you to meet your LO’s if you haven’t yet, and to those who have LO’s, thanks for your support and guidance in this journey. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, but I am trying to just do my best and rely on instinct. M is gaining weight and seems happy, so I guess we’re on the right track. I know that I will always remember the look on DH’s face when he saw him for the first time. I am so in love!


                              PG:18w3d.  I finally popped!  I have a baby bump.  DH came home from work and asked how did I get so big overnight.


                              RR: nothing yesterday.  Weights/elliptical at the gym tonight.


                              NPGR: had an unexpected fun day yesterday.  Took the afternoon off at the last minute and lunch lunch/shopping date with two girlfriends followed by a yummy enchilada dinner at my mom’s house. 


                              Canada: Sorry to hear about no running.  Keep walking its better than nothing and enjoy Texas.


                              Monk:  If it makes you feel better, its happen to me too, the same reason stupid pizza box! L


                              MA:  Keep us posted on how run/walk is working out.


                              E-Rainrun: Welcome to the forum and congrats!


                              Schm: enjoy your MW appt.  It’s such a great feeling to hear the baby’s HB.


                              Ozz: good job on all the swimming


                              Swim: sound like you had an amazing experience that went very well.  CONGRATS!!!!


                                36 weeks and 5 days


                                PGR: Slept like a champ last night, thank you benadryl!  Feeling very emotional on/off yesterday, I am hopeful that the good sleep I got last night will help me make it through the next 2 nights at work.


                                RR: It's almost 50 outside today so I am hopeful for a nice run in a bit and then a little yoga.


                                NPGR: I can't think about anything other the pregnancy, getting ready for, or meeting the new little one.  Obsessed, I tell youSmile



                                Jazz: Sorry you couldn't sleep today and the modified bedrest.  Funny how your dh disabled the treadmill, he knows you too well.  Have fun getting ready for Texas...only 2 more days.


                                Monk: Boo to the frig incidentSad  My dh does that to the freezer from time to time...


                                MArunner: Great job on the run.  I did the run/walk thing for awhile but now just run slower. 


                                E_rainrun: Congratulations, enjoy your run.


                                schmetterling: Have fun at your OB today. 


                                Ozzyoi: Wow, you sound like you have a lot on your plate today!  Glad the house looks good for sellingSmile


                                TNesq: Yeah for your cute bump.


                                Swim: What a great birth story!  I'm glad you were able to have a healthy birth and no Drugs too! 


                                Mannluna: Yeah to the bump, how cuteSmile