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Mighty Mouse

    Run. Post...or Post. Run.  Big grin



    Mighty Mouse

      Monday I had a fun run for 45 minutes on the track. I was just warmed up and I saw Fast Buddy come into the gym. We had a good time catching up on various injuries. Big grin

      Track run today but lighter and easier.

      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::



      Fire Jumper

        [oh my... I looked and Judy and I started a thread at exactly the same minute! I see that my thread was locked (thank you), so I'll copy my post over here!]


        Good morning all!


        Today is a strength day.  Feeling a little sore from my run yesterday.... but it's a good kind of sore.  I know I worked.  I checked my "heart rate recovery" through my data yesterday and really liked what I saw. The relative risk of "all cause mortality" and especially of heart related death is strongly correlated to HR recovery.  Cool.  I can only imagine how through fitness and weight loss that has changed for me!


        I'll catch up again later!


        5K's and Obstacle Runs

        Goal for 2013:  10K


        Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


        Disney freak

          Good Morning everyone!


          Back to work/school went well for everyone yesterday.  Only glitch was my car battery decided to die.  So, we had to carpool - DH took me and DS to school (he goes to school where I teach), then took DD to school, then turned around and did it all after school again.  Then he went and picked up a new battery at Wal-Mart and installed it.  Such a good guy.


          Jazzercise was on the schedule, but I walked instead since it was too late by the time I got my new battery.  It was so weird walking for exercise. It seemed like a very inefficient way of getting around after all my running.  So, I just enjoyed being able to sing to my music.Smile


          Easy 2 miles scheduled today after work.


          Good morning, Judy and Julie!

          Lisa Marie

          • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
          • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
          • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
          • training for Big D half on 4/14

            Judy,talking about injuries...you must be a runner.  (grin)

            Julie, fresh tomatoes are worth dreaming about!

            Good morning Lisa Marie.

            Carol, I've done both MCM and Chicago, though it's been >5 years and things have prob changed. They are both great  large city races. Chicago was flat,  but was a bit crowded for a fast time-DD and I got separated on an early turn and I didn't see her again till after race.  Weather was great that year.  Crowds were unbelievable-as good as NYC (everywhere!) and logistics were easy with the train. It was fun to run thru the neighborhoods and city. Just a fun race.  MCM was also big, but less crowded. It had a few rolling hills, so my time was only about 5-10" faster.  Great crowd support, but not like NYC or Chicago.  I found it amazing to run thru all the monuments and history sites.  Personally, I found MCM  very inspiring... liked it so much my DD did it the following year and I was support crew. Part of the reason I liked it was because it was hard to wimp out and walk when there were Marines there  pushing their injured comrades and other Marines who were amputees-showed me what real toughness is...a marathon isn't that hard.  Then there was the marine who barked, "Take that hill, ma'am!"    I took the hill...though slower than he might have liked.  : )  Logistics were a little harder...took getting up a bit earlier...managable from recommended hotels-reserve early for either.   If I were to repeat one, I'd do MCM, but again, both are good choices.


            I'm looking for a late spring full...prefer flat,cool and cheap to get to from Atlanta.  I'd really wanted hike/run Bataan, but tough logistics made it too pricey for this year and a bit later would be better anyway. Ideas?

            LC Runs

              Hey Ladies!


              7 TM miles (tempo run) this morning.  SRD yesterday.  We're supposed to have pretty nice temps this week, whoo hoo!!


              Judy - enjoy the track!


              Julie - I like doing strength training and need to schedule it in more often


              Lisa- Marie - aww, your DH sounds like a great guy!   Glad you have a new battery!


              Hi Camille!!

              Bad Ass

                Morning!  Trying to post early before my day go to hell!  Off to my allergy/asthma doctor for my weekly shot.  I got one last week and had such a bad reaction the whole arm was red and swollen, so today they will try a lower dose.  Hoping it won't affect my races this weekend.  8 miles with strides tonight.


                judyruns, nice track workout.


                Julie, enjoy the strength training workout later.  I've always seen that HR recovery number and never thought about it.  If it gets lower it means you're getting healthier, right?


                Lisa-Marie, ugh at the car battery dying.  The nerve!  Hope the 2 miles go well tonight.


                camille, our latest marathon down here is the A1A Ft. Lauderdale but I'm not sure you consider February to be Spring, but our weather is like Summer by then.  Anyway, I love that race and it has one of the best medals in the country.  Sorry I am of no help.


                LC Runs, nice TM miles.


                Have a nice day!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                Run to live; live to run

                  Damaris I should know where I'm staying later today or tomorrow.  I do know I will be in Plantation Coral Springs and Lighthouse sometime during the week. I'm waiting on the girl for Miami visits


                  Laura nice 7



                  Lisa Marie boo to the car battery!


                  Camille why don't you do snickers in Albany GA?  Flat and a nice race even if the rain lat year sucked.  It is in March.



                  Julie I saw your post and Judy's at the same time  I locked yours so we won't get confused.  Good for you on the heart rate


                  11 for me today.  Great weather for shorts and long tee (40s).  We go back to 70s tomorrow I think so morning will be in the upper 50s



                    Wow! Just lost my post! I think I'll just say hi to everyone and try again later.



                    Anonymous Guest


                      Morning all,

                      Tired today, so a second cup of coffee is brewing. Jake woke up in the middle of the night and spent a long time pacing, shaking his head, and then whining because it's hard for him to jump back up on the bed with the cone. Woke me up and then couldn't go back to sleep. Still another week at least before his stitches come out. Ugh. I am kind of a baby with sleep and like to get my 8+ hours!


                      Damaris, Mohawk Hudson is October 13. What marathons do you have planned so far this year? I am struggling - I do better if I limit the amount of races I do, but DH works for the giant oil company and they are in the process of closing their Fairfax, VA offices and moving all their employees here to TX. We are slated to go 4th quarter 2014 or 1st quarter 2015. So I want to get as many fun and cool races on the east coast done while I don't have to fly. Plus I got a new bike for Christmas so want to do some duathlons, and if I can ever figure out swimming, a tri. I just want to do everything!


                      Julie, not a stupid question at all (from yesterday). Boston-qualifying time is based on age and gender. For me, my BQ time is 3:55. So I qualified at Detroit with a 3:52. But just because you qualify doesn't necessarily mean you get in. First they open registration to those that beat their qualifying time by 20 minutes or more (so BQ minus 20, or BQ-20), then they open to BQ minus 10 (BQ-10), then they open it to everyone that qualifies. I know I can run faster than I did in Detroit with proper training, so I am just using those numbers as goals.


                      And yes, I'll be driving or flying to Albany in October. Weekend of Oct. 12-13. Would be awesome to meet up with you somewhere then.


                      Morning Judy! Catching up on various injuries - ha!


                      Lisa-Marie, good for DH to take care of things! I hear you on the walking. I am trying to walk once a week (because I will be walking some of the uphills on my 40-miler in February). I walked 5 miles last night and it took forever!


                      camille, have you done Tobacco Road? That might be early spring though. How about NJ with me and Lisa? It's the first weekend in May, flat, but I can't guarantee cool. Could probably get cheap flights to either Newark or even Philly. Or fly to BWI and hitch a ride with me. There are a ton of marathons in April/May, but it seems like most of the flat ones I can think of are in March (B&A Trail here, Shamrock, Tobacco Road) or in the fall.


                      Laura, nice 7. We are supposed to get up to the 60s by the weekend.


                      Marjorie, wtg on the 11. It's nice to log on and see you so consistent every day!


                      I have 12 400s with 400 recoveries tonight. With w/u and c/d, should be about 9 miles. Will probably do it on the TM for the convenience of being able to regulate my speed.


                      Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                      Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                        Good Morning!  Slept in a little but still got out for a 6 mile run.  Just a little late for work Wink.


                        Camille--I usually do not run every day--I just feel so beat up after a few days in a row:

                        M/W Power Hour Class at the gym

                        T/Th run 6 miles and maybe do Centergy (yoga/pilates class) if I have time in the afternoon.

                        F Swim (right now the pool is closed--heater broken).  Will probably do spin instead.

                        Saturday I either ride or run, depending on if there is a race of a group ride

                        Sunday long run with buddies


                        I do not lift weights well by myself, and do much better if I am in a class.


                        Yes, I polished off the Ben and Jerry's during Biggest Loser last night.  It was calling me.....


                          I just got the race pics from the half Sat and had to laugh-I sure don't look like I was feeling good the whole time!  My finish line photo could compete with Mark's famous "race face" photo.  I saw the clock and wanted to be under 2:15-made it with chip.  Have a laugh on me.  Smilehttp://www.pbase.com/kennyk/image/148226590

                          The other is slightly better.  http://www.pbase.com/kennyk/image/148225935

                          At least, they are free.

                          The knitters might enjoy this woman's hat/beard. She wore it the entire race. http://www.pbase.com/kennyk/image/148225956

                          Marjorie, I haven't done one in Ga and Snickers would be perfect, except I'd like a little more time to  actually train-late April/early May would be first choice.  I might do it anyway.

                          Hi, Laura and Docket!


                            Good morning:

                            e 200's in yes

                            few personals--

                            Camille:  You look great in that second pic!  I like the beard lady, too.


                            Judy:  Yes, injuries are the first topics.


                            Julie:  Can you give us more about HR recovery?


                            Lisa-Marie:  What, usually, keeps me running through a hard run is knowing that if I I stop, it will take me twice as long to get home.


                            8 hills on the agenda, today.  I didn't get the 200's in yesterday.

                            2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

                            Over 45 PR's:

                            5K - 21:21

                            Half - 1:39:49

                            Full - 3:33.47


                            Anonymous Guest


                              Lisa-Marie:  What, usually, keeps me running through a hard run is knowing that if I I stop, it will take me twice as long to get home.



                              This cracks me up because it is so true. I can't tell you how many times in long races I argue with myself. It hurts to run, but then it hurts to walk. Might as well just run then and get it over with!

                              Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                              Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Karen poor Jake.  I bet he is sick of that cone and the stitches probably itch.  I'm trying to be very consistent.  My base now for the last 4 months is back over 70.  I'm pleased.


                                Camille I'd love to do Albany again since i had such a hard time last time with my stomach.  Maybe in a few years.


                                Linda enjoy the hills