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MESSY MONDAY DIVAs (Read 23 times)


    Hello ladies!


    RR: Probably (hopefully) going to run a couple miles tonight. I need to get it in now because the next few days, the high temperatures are supposed to be in the low teens and single digits, brrrrrr.


    NRR: Neither CRF nor I have the day off for MLK Day, which is a bummer because my parents invited us over, along with my sister and BIL, for pizza and playing Wii, etc, and we can't go! Oh well, CRF has a bad cold, so it's probably better that he not infect my family. And I hope he doesn't infect me! He was in VT all weekend and started feeling sick yesterday, then was up coughing all night. Yuck. Work will probably be slow today because most of the places I would need to call to interview people are closed!


    Not much time for personals at the moment, but...


    Outwest: Awesome race report! I was honestly waiting to read that you were so hungry you ate Fay treats! LOL.


      Morning! Happy Service (MLK) and Inauguration Day! Hope you all are enjoying the 3 day weekend.


      Jewel-Great job on the 11! Hope the quiet time at work will be productive. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.


      Meli-Congrats to DF for being a godfather!


      Sassy-Yay for registering for a the ATR HM! I trained with many wonderful ladies you did that one and I've run that course too. A SAHM day sounds awesome.


      PO-I hope your appt goes well.


      MA-Great job on the mileage this week. Glad you enjoyed time with the family.


      Taylor-Ooh, your weekend sounds fun and fancy.


      Outwest-You did do a damn good job on that race! Congrats, you are my traill runnin' idol! Enjoy the much deserved yoga and rest day.


      liz-Sorry about the stress. Sending some progress and good vibes to you! I hope the weather warms up enough for you to run.


      gsd-Great job on the 2 extra miles! Hope you find something yummy for dinner tonight.



      RR-My 3 on the T.M. went well even though it was freaking' gorgeous that day and I wanted to run outside. Oh well. The PF is getting better. 2 miles when it warms up a little. Not to be whiney especially with our neg temp DIVAs, but 20's is too cold for me.


      NRR-Nothing exciting. Watching the inauguration and working this morning. Grocery and hopefully dropping by the local elementary school to see how their service day is going.


      Have a marvelous Monday!


        Hi ladies !

        Happy MLK Day! And Inauguration Day!


        RR. Well I've self-diagnosed my injury as a Grade 1 Calf Strain. Haha. At least that's wishful thinking, right? So I did a 50 min run/walk yesterday on a flat trail and it felt maybe 70% good. I'm going to not run until at least Thurs, maybe longer. I'm thinking that it's best to take extra time to heal since it's still early in marathon training. Also my running friend who's doing Big Sur with me, and the 30K trail run in 3 weeks, is having a issue with her ankle.... so we might have to bail on the trail run. Sad Super bummed but our Goal Race is the Marathon, so we need to get healthy so we can train for that!


        NRR. Well the big news around here is the 49ers are in the Super Bowl! People are pretty excited, esp since it's been 18 years!! Not much going on today, just working at home, running errands, etc. My phone interview is tomorrow. I'm actually not that excited about the job, but we'll see.

        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



        Half: 1:48

        Full: 4:34



          Hey ladies!

          Ended up doing 4 miles with the stroller. Longest stroller run yet! S and I decided to try and do them together more often. The kiddos were so cute together, babbling while we ran and flirting together at lunch. Can't handle it.

          Totally forgot it was Inauguration Day!

          Lizo - sorry about all the work stress, you seem to have a handle on it but definitely delegate some tasks to M for wedding planning! especially easy stuff like honeymoon prep and whatnot. Yikes, your weather sounds coooold!


          GSD - Ugh dinner. We do a menu plan every Saturday before the grocery store and it's my least favorite thing to do. I have about 10 easy meals that we can throw together and are adaptable for G, but we're kind of stuck in a rut! We're making tamale pie tonight so we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


          Lucy - sorry you guys have to work today! I hope you can get a run in tonight!


          Blu - I'm really excited for this race, I hear that it is flat and fast and I'm hoping to PR! Now that I live in NC, 20's is too cold for me too. When I lived in MI I was much more bada$$ about winter runnning.


          NC - I hope your diagnosis is correct, so please take time off and RICE that calf! I think bailing the trial run would be the smartest thing to do.


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!