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Honorary Old

    RR: DIdn't go last night, had to go get my allergy shot since I missed it last week. Running with RP after work.  I think I'm going to start uploading my GPS directly onto here instead of Garmin Connect. Does anyone know if my Forerunner 210 deletes info after I upload it, or can I upload my last 99 workouts or whatever is saved in my watch to this site too?


    BR: 18 mos today, growing up so fast. He had a growth spurt, his footie PJs are getting really tight on him, so I'll have to dig the 18-24 mos ones out of the bin. Was a troublemaker at daycare yesterday and got multiple time outs. Last night we read "Green Hat, Blue Hat" by Sandra Boynton and he would break out in a fit of giggles every time we got to the turkey doing something wrong. Screamfest at 2:30 am- bad dreams maybe?


    FR: Intended to make chickpeas with spinach last night, but wasn't feeling it so I made veggie yakisoba. Talked to my high maintenance friend from Denver on the phone and she has gone vegan.


    NRR: Not much in the way of plans this weekend. DH mentioned wanting to take me on a date on Sunday night. Put in a job application. It would require a move to Richland, but as long as it happened before we break ground on the house, I could deal with that. I doubt they will consider my application though since they are looking for an electrical dispatcher and I need a trainee/apprentice program.


    runnergirl- glad your friend had a successful surgery, hoping the best for him.  So now that you're a per diem employee- are you basically doing the same job with no benefits?


    zorbs- I'm going to play with the RA goodies today- maybe that will help motivate me to pick a race and train.


    Ernie- before we had kids we were going to do our entire upstairs laminate/hardwood, but never got around to it and I'm glad. Yeah, carpet gets gross and needs to be cleaned, but its more fun to play on. I loved the hunger games, I read all 3 books in about a week.


    Bermy- glad the pie turned out well, kale goes in everything. I bought a giant bag of Baby Kale at costco and it was awesome- more like spinach kinda. Virus playgroup?


    cx2- We have a "smart tv" but we don't use those features on it, we got a Roku player and for the most part, its awesome- we haven't had "real" tv for a year.


    Mer- I'm really glad its Friday too. Glad that your mornings with J are getting easier.


    mzm- my favorite jeans are a pair of Guess jeans that I bought in 2009 and are getting really hammered. I will be watching your QOTD. I'm cheap so I have never owned a pair of jeans that cost me more than $60.


    armama- I put all my christmas stuff away and it feels really nice. I need to tackle organizing my office next...


    Jen- we are kinda having the same problem with Reid. Daycare is doing timeouts, so I guess that it can work for kids this young. When he pulls hair, I pull his back, when he hits me with toys, I give him a little rap on the hand to show him that it doesn't feel good, if he pinches I pinch him back and tell him its ouchy. Not hard or anything, but just enough to understand.


    Shelbyjo- have you ever showed your DS Skype? R loooves skyping with grandma and grandpa.


    Erin- THat is weird that a recipe that is like meatloaf was called fake filet mignon- not the same thing!

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    Honorary Old

      CA- M sounds like such a character! Wow, I can't belive O is getting teeth already! R was like 8 mos old when he finally busted out a tooth.

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        spike - Skype is great.  We used tp skype with Grandma and Grandpa a lot but DS doesn't like to hold still.  I downloaded it on my phone so I can just follow him.  We also have iphones now so we have been using facetime with DH.  We will have to try skype soon so he can see his daddy on the big screen.  And from yesterday, we definitely should all meet up when you come to Denver!

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          Ear specialist says I have benign positional vertigo (which I knew) and to see him when I have my next bout and he will fix it. He was awesome and had loads of cool gadgets which I got to explore. We had a really good chat. I am not having any further CAT/MRI etc as it is just ear crystals coming loose and that is it. I am glad there is nothing else wrong. I didn’t think so but it’s nice to hear it.


          OOHHH my coach is back today so I am hoping to get MAJORLY worked next week when we train. I am so excited it’s hard to contain it.


          Shelby – we have a book and a phone that DH recorded his voice into and DS carries it around when DH is not here. It is adorable and I really think it helps with some of the longing.


          Spike – ha ha – yes, it was the virus playgroup. DS spent most of the time eating. And riding around on this. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hippychick-WBMSS-Wheelybug-Mouse-Ride-on/dp/B000QDCGPS that growth spurt sounds like it was from all that eating and sleeping you posted about last week!


          Rg – is full time good for you or not? Yey on your friend’s surgery and outcome. I love hearing about your runs and the details. Thanks for taking the time to type them up and share. You inspire me to run harder and faster.


          Ernie – what ST do you do?


          Cx2 – yeah for validation that your DD is doing well. But you knew that right?! I love the tartness of greek yog. You get used to it!


          Mer – enjoy your run and foam rollering. Runnergirl does 9 weeks of straight running. I am not in her league and we all know it. Do you cook?


          Mrszm – lucky brand jeans. I love them. I have straight legs, bootcut, etc etc. Ok ok. Promise not to get an ankle biter.


          Arm – enjoy your taper. I am very excited for your race. It’s for your daughter’s charity right?


          Jen – yeah, I think it is high 60s at the moment. I have jeans on. 80s would be tiny shorts. Tell me what ST you will do. I will do some just cos you are doing some!


          Erinleigh – see my top bit about vertigo. Thanks for sharing. I feel very marginalized as I try to talk to people and they have no idea what I am saying. And because you can’t see it when I have it, people think I am normal when I can’t even bend down to tie my shoes laces.


          CA – I am very excited for you and your plan. Looks great. Thanks so much for sharing. Please don’t say you are like a broken record about the sleep. Just vent, and if everyday you do, then that is exactly what I am here for, listening to you. You are being a great mom and tending to your DDs needs. Feel proud of that!!

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            ER: Did my first mat pilates class for runners at the local running store.  It kicked my ass!!  I need some serious work on my core.


            RR:  Maybe 5 later if I can get it in before DS's OT.


            NRR:  Happy its Friday but both DH and I have to work this weekend.  Trial prep.  Good times.


            TR/BR:  Still up way too early.  5:20am this morning. I'm hoping its just the end of the cold that is waking them up early.


            Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be back for personals when I get to the office!

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            Honorary Old

              Bermy- Reid would love that toy. He has one of these http://www.amazon.com/Little-Tikes-Pillow-Racers-Turtle/dp/B006YMO5JA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1357319539&sr=8-3&keywords=pillow+rider  But it still a bit too big for him.

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                Copied from the FB dailies (aka Carly watch 2013).


                ER - walk with dogs last night.


                FR - well, my midnight carb loading and leftovers last night. Something with shredded chicken & mushrooms tonight. Dh is supposed to go to a beer club meeting, but he may be home. I told him if he comes home, then dinner is grilled cheese and tomato soup since I got nothing else planned! (Only enough chicken and mushrooms for one of us).


                PGR - insomnia last night. Baby kicked from 8pm-1am. Wow.


                TR - 15 month appointment today for Emily. 22.2lb and 31" long. I forget the head measurement. She took her shots like a champ and was frankly more interested in the bandaids than being fussy.


                NRR - putting away xmas decorations this weekend. Might do dinner with friends, we'll see how DH is feeling.


                  spike - too cute on the ride around. the mouse at playgroup is all ripped and covered in who-knows-what germs. We also made a paper plate bird for national bird day tomorrow or something like that. why did you apply for the Richland job? good for you though!


                  jm - boo on working all weekend. who looks after your kids?


                  rocky - your baby boy is preparing you for all night wake-ups when he is on the outside! how many weeks are you now?

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                  beskirted & manicured

                    ernie - that's what I said, and I made sure this car had them.


                    bermy - piano teaching is the surefire way I drink enough water.


                    cx2 - my DH sells TVs and home theatre systems and he says none of the "smart" features work properly, and it is the first thing he turns off when installing a TV.  Greek yogurt can be substituted for mayo or sour cream.


                    mer - my only requirement for tomorrow's long run is that I get to drive home from it, so I can have the pleasure of defrosting my ass afterwards.


                    mrszm - I love a brand called Brody. They are sexy but not pube-showing low rise.  They are also cheap.


                    arm - my spring season is done in the 1st week of May and then no races planned all summer.


                    jen - I'm running all local races.


                    shelby - I did not turn the email option on..I do not want to be nagged like a husband.


                    ErinL - not sure how that recipe is at all like filet mignon, even with a good imagination?


                    CA - I had so much fun moving the workouts around instead of scribbling on my paper calendar printout.


                    spike - when your garmin memory gets close to full, it tells you to upload, then you manually clear the memory.


                    jmm - I'm weirdly meh about Pilates.


                    rocky - can you take melatonin? or gravol?

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                      Bermy - he must be!  But if he's up for 5 hrs straight and then sleeps for the next 7-8 hrs (going by his quiet times now), then I'm a-ok with that!


                      Zorbs - not sure, I can look into it.  I rarely (knock on wood) have insomnia or sleep issues so I'm not really worried about it, like less than 1-2x a year if that.  I think I was actually just hungry since once I ate and ate and ate and ate I finally felt full - even though I hadn't actually felt hungry - and then I started to feel sleepy.  I don't think I had enough for dinner, and plus DH was in bed a 8pm - I should've stayed up for another hr or so instead of laying in bed for 2 hrs "trying" to sleep, but just getting pissed.  If it becomes a trend, then I'll look into preggo safe sleep aids.


                        Bermy - I'm glad you got some answers on your vertigo! I wish your coach could whip me into shape, too. I don't push my speed workouts nearly as hard as I should. For ST, I have weights, medicine balls and kettle balls at home and just try to do  20 minutes 2x/week. I change the workout up every month, sometimes workouts from women's health magazine, sometimes I get my personal trainer friend to design workouts for me and sometimes I just do basic stuff like curls, rows, etc.


                        Mrszm - For your QOTD, my favourite pair of jeans are Miss Sixty. Lately I've just been buying cheap, colourful skinnies from places like Forever 21, which are good for now but probably won't last long. I've heard a lot of people say they hated the ending of the third Hunger Games book. Then I always have to shout "Stop! Don't give away the ending!"


                        Arm - Sorry about the snotty baby. Sounds like he was cheerful in his crib this morning though, so hopefully it'll be one of those colds that doesn't bother him.


                        cx2 - Baby clapping is so cute! Have you tried putting some honey in the plain greek yogurt to sweeten it up a bit?


                        Mer - I hope you get to have a nice, relaxing night on the couch!


                        Jen - Aw, sorry your DS is so angry these days. He's probably frustrated about something he's not able to do yet. I have no experience with toddler discipline but maybe if you are very consistent with sternly telling him no he'll start obeying.


                        Shelby - Those early days of bfing would have been a great time to read the Hunger Games books. I think I was reading running magazines all the time then because I couldn't wait to get back out there. I hope DS takes a nice nap for you today and those molars pop soon so he starts sleeping better at night!


                        ErinL - That orzo recipe looks delicious!


                        CAR - So funny about M up singing in the middle of the night. Did she get teeth really early, too?


                        Spike - If you got the job, how far would the move be from where you are now?


                        Jmmiller - Even when I think my core is in good shape, pilates always kicks my ass! Do you and DH work together?


                        Rocky - That's some serious baby kicking! I think you have a soccer player on your hands

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                        Honorary Old

                          Re: job- Its in Richland, about 90 minutes south. DH could still commute to his same job since he drives an hour south anyways. My dad lives down in that area too, so I could him come babysit and stuff. I've been at my current job 7.5 years as an Admin Assistant. I took this job with the thought that it was temporary until I found something better, and well.. you know how that goes. So despite having a Bachelor's degree and quite a bit of experience, I got tired of interviewing for admin jobs and never getting selected, so I went back to school online in summer of 2010 and got a techinical degree in Electrical Transmission Systems technology hoping that I could get into a trainee program to be a Power Systems Dispatcher or Real Time Marketer. We live in a big Hydropower area and there are 4+ different utilities I could work for within an hours drive. Anyways, I finished last December with a second AAS degree and have applied for some jobs since then, most notably one in Kentucky that I accidentally texted my boss about instead of my husband. Bossman had no idea that I had even gone back to school (Yeah, I was that good that I could juggle pregnancy/newborn/full time job/full load of technical classes and nobody knew) and was pretty upset. There is a Real Time Marketing trainee job in Denver that I will put an app in for tonight. If I were to get that one, I could move me and R down to live with my in-laws until DH could sell the house/land and join us.   Soo.. we aren't putting our eggs in one basket, if I don't see anything for a job out of the area before we break ground on the house we will proceed, otherwise we will just put it on hold for now and see what happens. The reason I would even consider this is that those positions pay more like $70k+ whereas I only make less than $45k a year. If we moved to Denver, DH could possibly pursue a firefighting career or get on with an electric utility down there too (he is a powerplant operator). Sorry for the novel.

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                            Spike - Thanks for sharing. Love the novel. Thanks for the details. I'd happily help you if you want an extra eye with your application letters etc or interviewing questions if you want it. Just let me know. Fingers crossed for you. You are such a lovely person and deserve the job of your dreams.

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                              Spike - you better apply asap for that job in denver!  Denver is where it's at!


                                spike - I definitely support the Denver plan!

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