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Moaning and Groaning Monday - Preggos (Read 27 times)

MA runner girl

    Feeling pretty crabby this morning...

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 6 miles yesterday and as I posted on FB, I had some cramping at the end and then my pelvis ached the rest of the day. It still aches a bit this morning. Pretty sure I won't be doing anymore 6 mile runs, it's not really worth it if I'm going to be immobile the rest of the day... hopefully I feel fine still after 3 mile runs. Planning on a swim after work tonight.


      PGR: 33w1d. Very uncomfortable. I've been at work for 20 min and I already am done, actually I was done with the belly burning started on my drive in. Sigh. DH got a lot done in the nursery this weekend. The painting is done and it looks awesome! Trim is almost done and then we will be ready to pick up the crib and dresser one night this week. Yay!


      NPGR: Nothing much here. Just work. Fun.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning all. A very snowy morning over here actually.


        RR - Nada for the past 3 days. I kind of wish I'd gone to the gym yesterday but I was tired again like last Sunday, so maybe it's better I just don't push myself so hard. I did take DS out into our first real snowfall of this entire winter, so maybe that counts? lol, I know, barely.

        Going to get out today!


        PGR - U/S tomorrow! I picked up a Best Big Bro shirt from Old Navy on clearance for 2.99. I was hoping to find a little infant onesie that said I love my brother or something but they didn't have it in store, only online. So I figure our FB reveal pic will be DS wearing his shirt with a little sign next to him that says "to a little brother/sister June 2013". Hope all goes well. I'm so excited the halfway point is almost here and the u/s is here. It's like the halfway point of a race, now everything's going to go much faster and you know the next milestone is the finish line.


        NPGR - Oh, the usual. Clean the house of yesterday's messes, run around doing errands, etc.


        MA - Sorry you're feeling uncomfortable. I think 6 mile runs that far into pregnancy are amazing (running 5k distances make me an achy mess and I'm not quite 20w) so I think you should feel proud of what you've been able to accomplish. Yay for getting the nursery close to done. I'm sure it will be exciting to see the furniture in there.


          Good Monday morning!


          ER: Nope, between staying up way too late last night and having to leave early for work this morning, not in the cards.


          PGR: 36w3d. My doctor's appointment got canceled on Friday so I'm going this afternoon instead. As upset as I was about this Friday, I think today will be better because its with my doctor so I'll feel better discussing with her what we'll do if P is still breach. Got really hormonal on Friday and Saturday, glad thats over! I'm to a point where I'd say I'm ready enough if P decided he wanted to come out today (though we still haven't gotten his bed or car seat set up, but those won't take super long as his bed for now is a pack 'n' play). Took some stuff to Goodwill this weekend and finished the baby laundry I had, until my sister gave me more stuff last night. A got P a present yesterday and we're going to wrap it together tonight. We also got a going home from the hospital outfit. I couldn't decide which I liked best, there were three, so DH let me get two of them, lol. I've been trying to think about packing a hospital bag, but I can't decide what to put in it that I can actually pack now. I need to find a list to get myself started.


          PGR2: We've been getting snow every night the last few and we have a snowy week on tap... great, so now I can get all nervous about going into labor in a snowstorm after having almost no winter to speak of so far!


          NPGR: So sad its Monday already. Went to my brother's house an hour away for the Super Bowl last night. It was fun, A really liked playing with her cousins and DH and I sure love going somewhere where we don't have to watch her super close. But with the game going late then we didn't leave until about 10:20 and then it was snowing so we didn't get home until after 11:30, bed at midnight and ended up with less than six hours of sleep... this is going to be a long day! DH was supposed to get his severance money Friday and didn't, so now we're trying to get to the bottom of that (Friday was a bad day). This company has been so inept through the whole layoff process. A got a toddler bed on Saturday and its been so entertaining to see her excitement, which only increased when we got her My Little Pony bedding for it yesterday. We're starting to let her play in her room by herself more, which we're all really enjoying. We're giving up on soccer... Saturday she decided she didn't want to go again, but I got her to go. And she liked watching the other kids and kicking the ball before class but then decided she didn't want to do it. She said she was scared and I also think this might be partly stubborn toddler since I'm sure she realizes how much Dh and I wanted her to do it. So we'll try something else some other time, its just not worth the fight now.


          OK, I think I've been long-winded enough and I need to get to work. Have a great day!


            Morning Ladies!


            MA: I can't tell you how impressed I continue to be that you have run for so long and such long distances in your pregnancy. Hope you can continue the 3 mile runs. I enjoy my walks still, but seriously could not run at this point. I can run short distances when needed (crossing the street) but that's about it. Sorry about your discomfort at work. Yuck! I'm looking forward to being done with that part of my life!


            Schmett: I like your idea for revealing the baby on facebook! Sounds adorable! Real snow! So great. We haven't had enough snow to count a real snowfall at all this winter. My sis really wishes it would snow nice for once so she could take her kids out in it.


            Monk: I totally bet you are completely ready for that baby to come! I'm pretty comfortable most of the time, but when I'm at work I occasionally have those feelings of, "Anytime would be great!" A's new bed set sounds adorable! I remember always loving getting new bedding at any age. I still do!


            ER: Bunch of nothing this weekend. I did do 40 minutes of yoga after work yesterday (which I had missed for a couple days) and felt super wonderful afterwards. Planning a cardio circuit workout at home this morning. I do miss the gym quite a bit. I would totally use an eliptical on days like this, but I don't have access to one anymore.


            PGR: 34w4d. I felt enormous yesterday for some reason! I fluctuate between days when I am concerned that I'm not growing at all, and days when I feel huge. I'll be happy to get my midwife appointment on Wed and get some real answers, like a measurement. LO has not been very active (in my opinion) and it's gotten me worried. I try to tell myself that I've been working a lot of days in a row (true) and that LO never is excitable when I'm working a lot. It's not really helping. I can't wait for some reassurance.


            PGR2: Bought an exercise ball at TJ Maxx for $13. The doula suggested getting one for encouraging baby to get into the right position (facing towards the tailbone instead of away) and also for encouraging good posture. I can also use it for core workouts after I have the baby, so I think it was worth getting.


            NPGR: I am really disliking my work schedule these days. I have had three weeks in a row where my days off have been split up. Makes it difficult to feel like I'm getting any rest, or have an opportunity to get any housework or cooking done. On the positive side, DH got offered the job with the childhood education center. The hours, however, overlapped with the tutoring hours he has been doing (which pay significantly more) so he was going to talk to the center about getting off an hour earlier so that he could keep the tutoring job. However, he also had to warn the family he was working for that he might have to stop tutoring for them because he got a full time job offer. The family likes him so much that they offered to match whatever the pay was at the center so that he could stay with them! We are blown away! They are very generous! So that is what he is going to do because he's been getting substitute calls from schools now. So between the two things we should be set. We are so thankful and feel incredibly blessed!


              MA- I think it's awesome that you have made it to 33w doing 6-mile LRs, and I would agree that it might not be worth the immobility later - I'm currently experiencing the same issues again, although not from a 6-mile run, sadly.


              schmett - Love the FB post idea.  I'd agree that after the halfway point, time certainly seems to speed up!


              monk - Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I hope the severance issue gets sorted out.


              sasha - Your post reminded me that I want to find an exercise ball since baby A is currently head down I want to continue that behavior and hopefully be able to deliver vaginally.  I know she can still flip but I want to keep her head down until she runs out of room Smile Boo on the lack of consecutive days off.


              PGR: 24w6d. Time is flying. OB appts tomorrow.  Lots of SI/pelvic pain and tons of sharp RLP last night when I was trying to sleep.  I'm also having a really hard time keeping hydrated.  I'm trying to focus on my water intake, but I still always seem to be dehydrated.  Also, the scale somehow jumped 3 lbs since yesterday! Argh! It always goes up right before my dr. visits, I swear.


              RR: Lots of standing up and sitting down at the game yesterday.  Not sure about today, I'm exhausted from the weekend, so probably nothing again.


              NPGR: hosting my mom for the weekend was exhausting.  She can be so controlling.  Apparently she believes she is a superior painter, and seemed to, at least for a while, forget that I was pg - I was painting along the baseboards, and she ask me to get her something, or move the ladder, or move out of her way so she could move the ladder - I think I had to get up off the floor and get back down to the floor like 30 times.  She is also a night owl and does not take hints well that I was preggo, exhausted, and wanted to sleep - I had to be up early for the bball tournament on Sunday (6:45 am) and I finally had to just tell I was going to bed at midnight and leave her to her own devices because she didn't seem to be taking any hints that I wanted to go to sleep.  My baby shower is at her house, even though it will be incredibly cramped for the number of people, and she has totally taken over the planning from my SILs and is doing everything over the top, and adding guests here and there.  Sigh. Love the woman, but man, she drives me crazy.


              NPGR2: bball tournament Sunday - my girls finally won a game! Granted, it was the "friendship" game after they lost their first two, but you would've thought they won the superbowl for how excited they were - they needed a win, they were getting pretty discouraged.

              Laura G in Idaho

                MA:  So sorry about the discomfort you have been having.  I am truly amazed by the long runs you've managed to keep up this long.  I hope your swim feels great and that you can run 3 miles without trouble.  I am looking forward to the day you no longer have to work.  It seems to be very stressful.


                schmett:  I love the shirt idea.  Enjoy your late winter!


                monk:  You've inspired me to have all my children get a gift for the new baby.  Sweet idea.  Enjoy your late winter, too!


                sasha:  It is nicer to have off days together so you can get rest and accomplish something at home.  I hope your upcoming schedule is better.  How wonderful a family your husband tutors, and congratulations to him on the job offer.  That's great!


                TN:  Start the day by drinking 16 oz water, then drink 8 oz or more every time you use the bathroom throughout the day.  That's what I've been doing and it seems to work to keep me well-hydrated (but then, I go to the bathroom about every 30-45 minutes all day long).  How aggravating and exhausting it must have been to host your mom.  When you aren't terribly huge yet, I think people do tend to forget that you are pregnant.  Even my husband forgets before I get enormous.  I think, too, that if people know how physically active you are (running, workouts), they assume you must have endless energy, and should be able to keep going indefinitely.




                PGR:  28w3d.  On Friday, I got the results back from my hemoglobin A1C.  I chose to take this test rather than the GTT or post-prandial test, because it tests what the blood sugar has been doing over the last 3 to 4 months.  Well, I'm still in the normal range, but on the borderline.  So, more than likely, I have developed GD, and I worry that I will have type 2 diabetes even after the baby comes.  I have family history for type 2 diabetes.  I always thought the reason all my mom's side of the family had diabetes was because they were fat, sedentary, and ate crap.  I thought I could keep my weight down, exercise, and eat well, and dodge this.  Guess not.  All this exercise, for what?  I'm eager for my next appointment with the midwife, and hope she'll give me a referral to a registered dietician so I can go over my diet.  I log everything I eat, so I have an accurate record of my intake, and my exercise.  I just hate all these really stupid answers I see online about controlling diabetes:  just exercise a little, go for a walk, eat whole grains, vegetables, etc.  I DO ALL OF THAT AND MORE ALREADY!  I looked at my total carbohydrate intake.  I average about 200 grams of carbs per day, which is about 1.3 grams per pound of body weight.  Mainstream nutritionists recommend between 2-3 grams per pound of body weight.  I'm well below that.  Endurance athletes are recommended to get 3-4 grams per pound, but the average intake of most endurance athletes is 2 grams per pound of body weight.  I did a little research on the minimum number of carbs a person needs, and while the actual answer is, we don't need any carbs to survive, but the practical minimum to keep from going into ketosis is about 100-120 grams per day, no matter what your body weight.  I looked at my protein intake.  I usually eat about 90 grams protein every day.  My fat intake: about 80 grams a day.  How this stacks up in terms of percentages of my caloric intake - 40% fat, 40% carb, and 20% protein.  I don't know how I should change it, if at all.  Before getting the test results back, I have taken a recent interest in the Glycemic Index, and learned that two of my favorite carbs, whole wheat bread and potatoes, are really high on the index.  Maybe paying attention to the GI and my total number of carbs, and my calories, protein, and fat intake will make a difference.  Ugh!  Seems like so much work!  Since getting these results back, I seriously want every carb known to mankind, and I want to fill up on them until I can't breathe.  Why?  Because I feel they are restricted now, and I don't like feeling restricted about anything.


                ER:  I didn't do anything on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  I was on my feet a lot, in the kitchen, using up as many eggs as I can, and doing dishes nonstop (I still haven't caught up!).  My chickens have been laying really well, and I have stacked up about 24 dozen eggs in my fridge.  I have been trying to sell them, but can't find customers right now.  Winter is always slow for milk and egg customers.  I made deviled eggs, quiche, egg salad, and custard on Saturday.  We ate "egg-something" all of Saturday and Sunday.  The kids really like my egg custard, so I'll be making more of that, since I can use about 14 eggs at a time with it.


                RR:  Today I'm going to run 4 miles, or maybe it'll be a run/walk.  My last 4 mile run was not easy for me, and VERY slow.  We'll see how today's run goes.




                  Hi Ladies!


                  Just wanted to post for LauraG - your protein intake seems quite low for a person who exercises AND is pregnant? I was having around 120g protein per day, sometimes more? perhaps add in an extra egg a day, add protein to carb meals for satiety (also reduces blood sugar effect if you eat protein with carbs) see if that helps to curb the carb cravings...? normal protein needs are around 1.5g protein per kilogram of bodyweight for people who aren't sedentary...good luck!


                  haven't been lurking too much sorry, been prioritising sleep over all else! C is going well, slight concern that she is struggling to breathe at night for some periods so will be calling the m/w shortly. Breastfeeding has improved after an initial round the clock feeding frenzy which left me shattered...the m/w helped with the latch and gave me fenugreek and blessed thistle and that seems to have done the trick...


                  best wishes all, I might start meandering over to RW new mums...




                    So it turns out the severance issue isn't with DH, its with a document the local office was supposed to send to corporate. Luckily corporate seems on top of it and we're hoping to get a check this week but it has to go through their legal department. At least its nothing wrong on DHs part and they're going to get him his money.


                    MA: I responded to your FB post... I'm still so impressed with how you've kept up running! Just do whatever feels good. I'd bet just slowing down and cutting distance will get you a few more good weeks of running. Sorry you're so uncomfortable.


                    schmett: I didn't end up working out this weekend either and not this morning. I'm getting so tired now that just going up the stairs in my house is a challenge. So excited for your ultrasound!


                    sashanna: Anytime would be great... I've been feeling a bit burned out at work maybe just because I'm so close to having a long vacation! I don't think I'll get much motivation back until after leave. I've been a bit more productive lately but I swear so much stuff here is annoying to me now I just want to leave. Sorry about the work schedule and I hope you can get some reassurance from your next appointment.


                    TN: Sorry about the SI and pelvic pain... I deal with both of these but my SI has actually been a lot better lately. But I think I'm making up for it with more pelvic pain, but I think its feeling more like getting ready for delivery pain. YAY for your bball girls!


                    laura: Having A buy a present for P was one of the suggestions I read in an article about helping prepare for a new sibling. She was so excited to buy the present, but also played with it like it was her own yesterday, so we need to get that wrapped up today so she doesn't think its hers! We've been talking to her a lot about giving her old dresser and bed to P so she doesn't feel like we're taking things away from her for him. Sorry to hear about the diabetes concerns. Some of the schools of thought on that really drive me nuts. In my first pregnancy when I did the glucose test I actually had the nurse tell me they'll call me no matter what because I can't possibly pass the test since I was gaining so much weight... I ended up passing the test, not once but twice (had to take it twice because I was borderline the first time). I hated that nurse and luckily she's no longer at the clinic. But yeah, it doesn't have to do solely with diet, how much weight your gaining, whatever. I hope you can get something figured out to deal with it.


                      Will catch up for more personals after I get back from the gym, but I came home from errands to eat a snack and saw Ergobaby is on  the Babysteals website (at the moment, they usually sell out fast) for 75 bucks. Ergos usually run around 110 dollars. I really recommend this carrier since it is versatile for mom or dad and can accommodate toddler sizes. I know we were talking about this with carrier options and just wanted to throw that out there.


                        PG: 27weeks. My phone app welcomed me to the third trimester day! I don’t believe it. Where is the time going? DH finally felt the LO move! It was exciting. Ordered a wall decal from Esty for the nursery.


                        ER: Gym sat, bodypump tonight.


                        RR: I'm only listing it separate because its related to a HM.  I still have hopes of walking a HM in March. Yesterday I walked 6 miles at 17min pace. Slower than I hoped but I never paced myself on a walk before. I started out walking faster but would slow down to normal walking pace without realizing it. The HM is walker friend with a 4hr time limit so right now it still looks doable. 3:59 is my goal considering I’ll be 32weeks at the time. Double what my average HM time


                        NPGR: Weekend was nice but unproductive. I really need to get on cleaning out the office and spare closets.


                        MA: Maybe try scaling back to 4-5 miles at a slower pace. You’re doing amazing this far along! Just listen to your body.


                        Sch: You can make your own onsie. At target I bought a pack of iron on paper (maybe $5) that I used on my home printer and ironed “I love my grandma and grandpa” on to a white onsie. I made them to reveal to our parents that we were expecting. I’m not very crafty and it was pretty easy. The hardest part was trying to figure out the printer setting to print “mirror” image. I have some left over paper that I want to use for another one “Ladies I Have Arrived” I saw it on Etsy for $15 and thought I can totally make that myself!


                        Monk: hope you get some answers both at the dr appt and about DH’s pay


                        Sash: That’s great DH has some options. Bummer about your work schedule


                        TN: Sounds like an exhausting weekend but I’m sure she has good intentions.


                        Laura: your health live style is great so keep it up. I’m sure its protecting you against other ailments and has plenty of benefits that will last a lifetime. WOW that’s a lot of eggs!


                        Ozzy: Good news that BF has improved!


                          TN: Sorry your weekend with your mom was so exhausting. You'd think that all moms would be really understanding since they've been through pregnancy too, but I guess that's not the case. Hope you get some rest in the next few days. Also, I really hope your placenta situation sorts itself out.


                          Laura: Sorry about the GB thing. Paying attention to glycemic index should help. And I agree with Ozzy; make sure to get the protein with the carbs. Helps to keep your blood sugar level stable. Egg custard is the BEST!!! My parents have had chickens since before I was born. They always get Red Stars, which lay really well even through the winter (and my parents don't even insulate the chicken house). My mom will always make the best custard pie when we have lots of eggs. Love it so much!


                          Ozzy: Glad you got assistance with the breastfeeding. I think that has to be the most challenging part of new motherhood!


                          Mann: So great that DH got to feel the baby! It's really great if you get your healthcare provider (not sure if you have, Dr. OB or midwife) to show you what parts of the baby you can feel from the outside and then move DH's hand around and show him where LO is. I did that for my DH and he totally flipped out. Thought it was so crazy that you can feel all that from outside!


                            Ok, finally back. Had an ok time at the gym but I had to pee in the middle of my run (naturally) and by the time I made it back to the treadmill the timer had reset. Darn it.


                            Monk - Sounds like A had an eventful weekend. I still remember picking out my big bed and the headboard and wall color and stuff when I got my own room (I have 2 brothers). Sounds like you're moving right along towards having everything in place to meet P.


                            Sasha - I think you'll find the exercise ball comes in handy for bouncing the baby to sleep and doubling as a great lower body workout. Congrats to your DH, that sounds great!


                            TN - Sorry to hear about your mom drama. I kind of had that with my wedding shower with people taking over. Luckily she doesn't live with you all the time, right? Wink Congrats to your girls with their win.


                            Laura - I hope after this baby you don't have type 2 diabetes. At least you are taking all the right steps to minimize any effects, though I can understand the frustation of doing all the right things and still having that possibility.


                            Ozzy - Glad to hear you're settling in well and breastfeeding is going well.


                            Mann - That's so great DH got to feel the baby finally. Saw your pic on FB, you look great!


                            Reading Ozzy's post brought up a good question. Are the graduates from this thread going back to posting on RW? Are we just posting on FB? I don't know how much time/energy I'll have to post with 2 kids running around, but I'd like to be able to still check on how everyone's doing.


                              Schmett: I still post in my FB groups from my last pregnancy (one is a bit more active than the other but that changes from time to time). Our kids are growing up together, so to speak. I think lets definitely still keep in touch on the FB group! Its been helpful to continue the groups as our kids are the same age so we're experiencing the same issues just like in pregnancy. I even ran a marathon relay with some mamas from one of my other groups a few years ago. They're . There are two moms groups, super moms who post here and the new mamas who still post on RW. Post where ever you want if you want to keep posting on the forum, but lets all keep in touch on FB too!


                              I'm considering the ergo carrier, but haven't really done any research and don't know what DH will say if I ask him about it. Is it better to wait until baby is here to get a carrier?


                                Hi everyone!  I have been out of the loop a bit so I feel a little behind.  Slept horribly last night, waking about every hour.  Finally at five a.m. I just called it and just got out of bed.  Hoping to possibly catch a quick nap when I get home from work.


                                MA – Nice job on the run.  I definitely remember when the uncomfortable after effects of the run kind of took away from the experience.  I had to just totally make the no more running call to keep myself from toying with the notion, regardless of the distance.  It just was not fun anymore.  Luckily I know that the running can pick up again after LO arrives and the doc gives the okay.


                                Monk – We have our hospital bags packed for the most part as well.  This is our first so DH is trying to stay as far ahead of the game as well.  I will still need to add a few things (hair brush, etc.) but figure I will have time to grab those things.  If not, then someone will just have to make a local drug store run I guess after LO arrives.  You can probably google hospital labor bag and get about a thousand different lists.


                                Sasha – I can relate to the mix of feelings when it comes to my little baby bump.  There are days when I wonder how I can bend over then there are times when I worry that my LO is too small.  I guess as long as the doc is saying that my measurements are within range then all is well.  That is nice to hear about things working out for DH. 


                                Laura – Good luck with the whole GD thing.  Hopefully the dietician can help out a bit but I have known some very healthy people who are just genetically pre-disposed to the situation regardless of the lifestyle they have led.  Your egg situation makes me laugh a bit.  I barely scramble eggs much and do not have even the slightest clue as to what making an egg custard would involve.


                                ER – Walked just over 6 miles this morning with my four-legged cardio buddy.  I guess when you find yourself awake at 5 a.m. you have some extra work-out time on your hands.  We are definitely getting to know our neighborhood fairly well.  Missed yoga this evening due to a meeting running lateL  Even if I can’t do a whole lot I love the stretching.


                                PGR – 37w1d.  Doc appt last Thursday went really well.  Mentioned previous appt experience and nurse had no idea what I was talking about regarding movement numbers.  Doc confirmed that LO is pretty much in position but doing an u/s next week just to mix it up.  Really excited as we have not seen LO since our gender u/s at 20 weeks.


                                NPGR – Kitchen cabinets still need to be cleaned out but desire to nap kept getting in the way.  Nursery is ready.  I figure we have clothes, diapers, and a place for it to sleep so we are covered should LO decide on an early appearance.