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SO SORE MONDAY DIVAS! (Read 23 times)


    Sore legs are a sign of a great race, right?!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Ran my goal half marathon yesterday! My official time was 2:00:50 ... and I'm totally so proud of myself!  It was a true out and back course, incredibly flat and also on packed gravel so it was a very comfortable run. I ran the first half just a tad too quickly and so the second half was harder than I anticipated (I did not negative split) and I had to take two short little walk breaks. I'm really happy with the race. The other big accomplishment was that I didn't stop to go to the restroom the entire time! Haha ... I kept telling myself not to let my bladder ruin my chances of a 2:00 half.  anyway, I'll try to find time to write a real RR tonight and I'll post it tomorrow.


      NRR: It was a good weekend. A tad busy, and tiring, considering the race, but nice. I wish I had another day. Today is going to be one of those Mondays where I really miss G when I go to work. I had a hard time putting him to bed last night. Anyway, I tried to get lots of sleep last night and prepare for this week - lots of writing and experiments to finish for my grant and our family is all coming in to town starting on Friday for G's birthday party. Since having G, I've never really felt like a "mom," but I went to the bakery to order his birthday cake yesterday and it really hit me, I'm a parent now. Does that make sense? Ok gotta run!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Great job to all the racing DIVAs over the weekend! It looks like there were a lot of great times!


        RR: I'll just be hopeful to run 2-3x/wk until I can get through radiation and take my thyroid meds again.


        NRR: The baby shower was a success. It was a lot of fun and most everyone commented that they had a good time. I was completely exhausted and started feeling full effects of no thyroid hormones yesterday. I was really achy all over and had to pry myself up out of bed. I got a bunch of school stuff done and went to sleep early, but keep finding myself not sleeping through the night ever anymore (I think it's another side effect). Just hoping to make it through the work day and a school group meeting.


        Sassy: Way to go on your race time! That's a great PR!!!


        Have a great day ladies.




          sassy- congrats on your race, sounds like it was A great one! Cant wait to read your ful report! you should be really proud, thats a huge PR! What kind of cake did you get for G?


          congrats to all the racers this weekend, I think we had a few!


          RR- just got back from 5 miles. I'm going for a walk with my mom as well since I took the day off of work.


          NRR- just catching up on life stuff today. Laundry, breakfast with my mom, and returning my corolla to the dealership after I get it cleaned up.


          Have a great day!


            PO- glad the shower went well! I'm sorry about the side effects. That must be tough with all you have going on! Hugs to you.


              Sassy: Great job on the new PR! Sorry to hear about the busy week. I get it, I dont 'feel' like a 'mom' either. It hits me at random times that I am too. And I decided to stay home with her to care for her!



              RR: Not sure, probably some walking or an EZ 3 to 4. I am a little sore but very manageable. Race was nice nothing wonderful but it was a confident run.


              NRR: Weekend was great. Last night was horrid. M was up from 1 to 4, I tried everything to get her to sleep. I think she just passed out from being tired. She is still sleeping which is good. I am up to get things done while she is asleep and warm up the house. Its like 30 something here this morning. I am so out of the loop with everything! News, weather, etc!  Gotta do some work for my parent's office.


              Gotta get moving to get these items done!


                hi ladies!


                I've been AWOL for a few days. Was traveling for work last week.


                RR: Ran the St Patty's day irishman last saturday. It's a 5 miler at 9 a.m., then a 5K at 11.30 then a 1 miler at 2pm right before the city parade. It was tons of fun but cold and windy! ick. the legs and body felt great. Fortunately after every run, I came home, showered, warmed up and then had some down time before the next race. I did the 5 miler in 46.49, the 5k in 26.43, and the 1 mile in 8.36 though it was actually 8.03 by my garmin... their route was over by about .06... grrrrr. felt good about my times though! M ran 8 on his own, then watched me for the 5 k and picked me up after the 1 mile. kind of a convoluted day but nice.


                NRR: we got almost all the tiling on the shower done except one small area on the floor by the curb. We installed the shower faucet handles and the shower head. the shower head is leaky.... sigh. the handles are fine fortunately. We still need to tile around both and build a curb. Once those are done, then it's time for grouting... Almost done!! Tonight we have a premarital counseling session. the pastor that's marrying us is in town. It's icky weather out there right now, so I'm praying as M drives to work and as the pastor arrives in town that they both travel safe. I don't get it. Winter arrived all over again. Its blowing and icy out. grrrrrr.


                sassy: yay for your race! way to run it! way to nail your goal time!! you're inspiring me to really reach for that time myself. My PR for the half is 2 hours and 1 min and I think 19 sec.


                po: glad the shower went well. and I hope you can get some rest today! hang in there!


                OJ: enjoy b-fast with your mom! good luck with laundry! that was my life this past weekend. hope you don't have too much of it!


                back later!


                  gsd: missed you! sorry about the lack of sleep and M staying awake! hope she stays asleep for a while so you can get stuff done and hope you can get some shut eye yourself!

                  MA runner girl

                    Morning ladies... I'm still here!


                    RR: Ran my last pregnant miles yesterday... 5 miles! I felt awesome while I was actually running but I came home and took a nap only to wake up to some spotting and an extremely sore pelvis. I called the midwife on call and she said the spotting can happen after overexerting yourself. So I am going to stick to walking from here on out. I'm actually fine with that. Not many women can say they ran 5 miles at 39 weeks pregnant.


                    NRR: Had a good weekend. Friday we went out for SIL's birthday to dinner and then they went bowling and DH and I just hung out there for a bit. Saturday DH and I went out for breakfast (thanks Lucy for putting that in my head!) and then I worked for a few hours and we headed to my brother's house for SIL's surprise party. She was definitely surprised! It was a fun night Smile Yesterday I mostly relaxed, though I did work for a few more hours. Sleep has been getting a lot harder. I am having a hard time settling down at night and turning my brain off. Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight...


                    Be back for personals.

                    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                      Morning Ladies!


                      No time to chat, but I wanted to say that I ran a 10K race on Saturday. It went well! Smile I ran a 1:10. For me, at this point, that was AWESOME! I felt amazingly strong! The course was SO HILLY. I was so psyched to finished in a good time! I'm hoping that by the time the Boilermaker 15K rolls around in July to finish between 1:26-1:30 Smile Today I'm getting in 3-4 miles outside before the snowstorm hits. another 12 inches expected. UGH.


                        PO: Great job on the running. Glad to hear the baby shower went well.


                        OJ: Enjoy you time with your mom.


                        Lizo: the Irishman race sounds like fun. Sorry to hear about WInter being back.


                        MA: Glad to hear you had a great weekend. Yay for the final run that means C is on is way Smile


                        RLTW:  Congratulations girl! That's awesome. You are a rockstar!


                          Morning ladies


                          Sassy-awesome job on your race and new PR! Good luck with finishing up your grant proposal


                          PO-glad the shower was a success. Hope those side effects will abate some


                          Jewel-hope you have a great day


                          Gsd-great job on your race as well. Do you have another one planned or are you going to take a break for a little while?


                          Lizo-that’s a crazy amount of racing you did, but that’s great there was some down time between the races


                          MA-wow, you are truly an inspiration! Can’t believe you did 5 miles at 39 weeks


                          RLTW-congrats on the race! Wow 12 inches. Will spring ever come?


                          RR: got some new shoes yesterday so did a test run of 6.5 miles in them, and they are awesome. Today might be a rest day with just some ST because the weather is supposed to turn nasty


                          NRR: final interview for the PhD program in just a bit. Wish me luck!


                            Taylor - good luck on the interview today!


                            MA - Amazing job with 5 miles, and way to finish running during pregnancy on a high note. I only ran 2-3 miles at a time the last few weeks of pregnancy, so seriously great job!  Enjoy the last few days and seriously - rest up!!!!!  I'm so excited for you guys. Will you keep us posted if you go into labor?!


                            Meli - I just ordered a white cake with white buttercream with a dog picture on the cake, and that's for the party guests. I'm actually going to bake G a smash cake, out of his favorite banana muffin recipe. I am making a whipped cream from coconut milk to go along with it and make it messy Smile


                            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                              Good morning!


                              ER: I walked on the TM on Saturday, 30 minutes. It was tough to start since I had walked two days before but by the end I felt a lot stronger and my side stitch was going away. So thats gotta be a good sign! I should go to the gym today but I'm not sure I feel like it. We had a couple tough nights over the weekend so I'm really short on zzzzz's. Congrats to this weekend's racers... I was a little sad to not be one of them as there was a race I've done several times here yesterday... but I know I'll get back to it. I'll just live vicaiously through everyone else. And really it was super cold and windy here yesterday so it wasn't a huge loss.


                              NER: Yeah, so P is having fussy times and waking up in the middle of the night only to stay awake. The two aren't related really except that they're shortening sleep for Mama and Dada. I know this stage doesn't last forever, but it sure is lasting long enough and its only been a few days. On the other hand, he's really starting to develop some super cute facial expressions and interact with us when he's awake! He's going to be a month old on Wednesday, yikes!


                              Yesterday I went to Kohl's to take advantage of the awesome sale they were having and got so much stuff we really needed, some new picture frames so I can print pictures of the kids and hang them up, some new pajama pants and perhaps the most exciting thing... a keuirg coffee maker! I'm enjoying my first cup right now and its amazing!! I thought I picked one that I could brew into my travel coffee mug, but it doesn't fit unless I remove the drip tray. Other keurig users here... is there any reason I can't remove the drip tray to brew into my tall mug? This one is the same or similar to the one my parents have and I think they brew into taller mugs.


                              sassy: YAY for a great half! You sound so excited, thats great. I find it funny the times when the whole "being a mom" thing hits me. And I'm having them now with my second too... right now its seeing anything with P's name on it. We got new insurance cards on Friday with him added... so weird to see his name written anywhere that's not my blog! When is G's actual birthday? Have fun getting ready for the party!


                              PO: Hope you can run and get a little energy back. I think I did read about your treatment, but how much longer is it til you can take the meds again?


                              jewel: Have a great day off!


                              gsd: I'm glad you had a confident run even if it wasn't as good as you'd hoped for.


                              Lizo: WOW, three races in one day! And in that cold too... nice work!


                              MA: WOW, 5 miles at 39 weeks, nice. You have definitely earned a break!


                              rltw: Another inspiring diva here!! Nice job on the race!


                              taylor: Yay for new shoes! Good luck on the interview!


                                Good morning, ladies!


                                RR: Maybe I will be out for 7 later. I ran 9 trail yesterday on this technical trail that I was expecting to be hard, seeing as I hadn't run in it a long time, but I was just over 10:30 minutes/mile, which is great!


                                NRR: Not going into work today, I decided. There isn't much going on, and I wanted another day so why not? Weekend was okay. I drank too much on Friday night, so Saturday was a complete wash. Oh, and Fay injured one of her paws from allergies (licking too much) so we were at the vet for a bit yesterday. She has a bandage on it, and has to wear a plastic bag on it when we go outside, and she hates it! I keep telling her if she'd stop licking her feet, she wouldn't have to do this. Anyway, we started her on some meds that will hopefully keep the allergies in check. They were bad last year.



                                Sassy - AWESOME job on your race!!!


                                PO - Glad the shower was a success! Sorry about the side effects.. doesn't sound pleasant at all but at least it's only temporary.


                                Jewel - Enjoy your day off! Kind of doing the same myself, well, if you count reading as "life stuff".


                                GSD - Congrats on your race, too! Sorry M wasn't sleeping.. 1-4? Those are critical hours for me.


                                Lizo - That race series sounds crazy - nice work!!  So will you be able to fix the shower head leak?


                                MA - I thought about you on my run yesterday..I wondered if you'd be posting today or not!


                                Taylor - Good luck on your interview!