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LAST WORKING MONDAY OF 2012, DIVAS! (Read 209 times)


    Hey Divas!  Today is the last Monday I have to work of 2012!!  


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Finished week 1 of my SmartCoach plan for my half in March, running 16 miles with a LR of 7.  It went really well!  Today is rest since I ran on Saturday  (3 mi) and Sunday (7 mi). 


      NRR: I think this will end up being another busy week at work [ and bringing work home ] but the project I'm working on is due 12-20, so I will thoroughly enjoy the holiday break this year.   We had such a good weekend.  Took G to see Santa on Saturday, had a WONDERFUL date with Big D for his birthday that night.  We had our first Christmas celebration yesterday with my dad and stepmom.  Since we saw them so much in November, Griffin actually remembered them! I can't say enough about how much I love that kid.  He claps and dances to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," gives everyone big hugs, and is officially cruising ("walking" while holding on to things).  Ok I'll stop gushing, I just had a really good weekend after a few busy and crappy weeks and I needed it!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Happy Monday! I still have a heavy heart today...


        RR: Taking today as a SRD. Will try to get in some mileage tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Then I have to find winter clothes for Chicago and Philly running!


        NRR: I had a great weekend. I've been trying to avoid the news, as I don't want to hear the same thing over and over. All I can think to do is to pray for families affected by the tragedy on Friday. Beyond that, we had a good weekend. We finally were unpacked enough to relax some. We have a ramp to the water at our house for kayaks and such... I went to grab a rake to get some of the seaweed raked back into the water, and there's algae on the ramp... I thought I was high enough up, but stepped on some and it took my feet from under me! I ended up landing on my right thigh and now have a monsterous bruise and am still super sore all over 2 days later! I told DH we need to figure out how to prevent that because I was lucky that I didn't break anything, and the next person may not be! Dumby me though...


        Sassy: Aww, G sounds so cute! It sounds like you've had lots of nice things going on!


        Have a great day ladies! It's my last week at this job!!!!

        MA runner girl

          Whoa, last Monday I'm working too! That's crazy...


          RR: 6 miles yesterday! It is taking me longer and longer to get them done each week, but I'm glad to still be doing it. Tonight is a swim.


          NRR: Had a good, but busy weekend. Friday night DH and I went out to dinner and then got a good amount of xmas shopping done. Saturday he worked all day and I spent the day in the kitchen baking cookies. I baked 5 different kinds, including a double batch of sugar cookies. I finished around 9pm, and was exhausted! I didn't frost any, so on Sunday while DH worked in the morning I ran and then frosted the italian cookies and started on the sugar. I figure I'll finish this week by doing a little each night. Yesterday afternoon we headed to my parents house for the afternoon and had a yummy pork roast dinner with them and my brother and his family. My nephew is 8 months and the cutest thing! It was good to spend time with him Smile


          This is the last week of my second trimester!! I can't beleive it. My Christmas present is the third tri! LOL Let the fun begin!


          Sassy - Yay for finishing your first week of training! Sounds like a fab weekend! So glad that G is having fun this season! So fun that he is remembering his grandparents. My nephew gushes over my parents, it's so cute!! Smile


          PO - Ouch! That sounds painful, definitely something I would do! I hope it feels better soon. I bet you are looking forward to a break from warm weather running, it's pretty mild up here for this time of year too! So it wont be too bad!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Happy Monday, DIVAs!


            Sassy, it does sound like a wonderful weekend for you, hurray!  G is adorbs to the absolute max, you're entitled to gush!!  Congrats on your first week of training! 


            PO, I'm not sure about Chicago, but here (an hour from Philly) we've got rain and 45 degrees...I ran in shorts and a long sleeved tech shirt last week and was completely fine!  I'm feeling the same way you are...I can't stop listening to the news, reading about the CT tragedy...and am having minor palpitations thinking about our boys, Farm's girls, my sister's kids....going to school today.  My heart is scared, quite frankly.  And I read more than one person status updates about home-schooling, but was reminded of what SUAR said after her cousin was killed - she was NOT going to live with the bad guys winning - she would not let fear dictate her life.  We have to do what we can and live with love as best we can, to honor those kids, and those educators.  Hope and love have to be how we carry on, they just have to be.  At least it's what I'm clinging to, still being cautious, still worrying.  And separately, OUCH about your thigh!!  I wonder if there's a special paint or coating that could help prevent that?


            MA, holy cookies, batman!  Sounds amazing!  You have my address, right?  ;-)  and woot woot for the 3rd tri for Christmas! 


            So, I ran on Friday and on Saturday, and today starts marathon training!  YAY!  I'm so excited...training virtually with Farm, then running this full together in Iowa  in April (I think I already posted this, sorry for the repeat!)  Got all the train sets down last night, I posted some pictures on Instagram and forgot to share to FB, but I will figure that out at some point...have a lovely day, DIVAs!


              Sassy-woo for last working Monday of the year! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I loved those pics of G with Santa!


              PO-so exciting it's your last week at the job!! Chicago hasn't been too bad lately with the weather, but I think on Thursday the temp is supposed to drop about 10 degrees and be in the 30s during the day (plus some snow hopefully, which we haven't seen here yet)


              MA-sounds like a fun weekend you had. 5 dozen cookies! Wow! What do you do with all of them, bring them to work?


              Nai-have a great first day of marathon training! So cool you will be running it with Farm


              RR: nothing this morning, and I will see how I feel this afternoon. I have a threshold run on my training plan, but may move that around


              RR2: ran a 5k this weekend and got 1st in my AG and 6th woman overall. 22:07. Not a PR, but the weather was not so fun out and I didn't warm up since packet pickup took forever, so I am ok with that time


              NRR: one more week of work then heading home to the suburbs for Christmas. Really looking forward to that. Also missing DBF a lot now. He is in London visiting some friends then will be in VA with his family until the 29th.


                hi ladies! I feel like its been forever! crazy week last week of travel.


                RR: kept the streak alive! still going strong and feeling good. did 3.66 miles this morning, 2.5 yesterday with strength and 4 on saturday.


                NRR: woo! feeling a little bit of pressure with this project I'm working on and it's deadline. just a bit stressed... otherwise, lunch with M today then he heads home. he'll be back friday for the weekend, and we leave for Indiana on sunday for christmas!! totally pumped about that.

                I got home from Hot Springs on friday night and went nuts with the house cleaning. I just cleaned floors though. I'm thinking I'll dust and clean the bathroom and maybe fridge this week. I'd like to leave the house clean when we leave for our trip. Also finally got the tree decorated and presents all wrapped. phew!


                back soon for personals!


                  taylor: way to go on the 5K and the winning in your AG! that's awesome!


                  Nai: I feel you about the fear of going to school and off into the world today. the events at CT were just wrong. wrong! wrong! kids?? Just thinking about it makes me want to cry all over again. what Iowa marathon are you doing? maybe I could join in??


                  MA: way to go on all the cookie baking! you rock! and way to go on the 6 miles!


                  po: ouch! sorry about the spill! you're right about being lucky it wasn't worse. hope you guys can figure out how to get rid of the algae.


                  sassy: yay for getting your deadline done before christmas! I totally can understand that relief! I love the pics you had on your christmas card!


                  back later I hope. have a great day ladies!


                    Last working Monday for me too! In fact, I'm only working five more days this year!


                    RR: Christmas shopping sufficed for my workout Saturday. Yesterday I made it 2 miles on the TM before giving up and then doing 20 minutes on the elliptical, then did a ton of stuff at home so today is a rest day.


                    NRR: Ugggh, so we've barely had an inch of snow so far this winter, and of course the first real storm is now predicted for Thursday when we were going to be traveling! So now DH and I are considering either leaving Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning/afternoon, or waiting until Friday. Either way has its inconveniences! We need to find out if we can extend our kennel reservation and if it will be OK with DH's parents if we get there a day early and we were planning on stopping to see my best friend on the way, so need to see if she can still do it. How annoying! If we go Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon, we're driving halfway and then getting a hotel. I'd prefer this because between me and A, its going to be better to break up the drive. Friday will have to be an all-day trip, which will take forever. Not to mention, I'm trying to work extra this week before we leave to conserve my vacation time for next year! Started a 7 this morning, an hour early, and working an hour to an hour and a half extra tonight.


                    Anyway, we did a majority of our Christmas shopping on Saturday and I wrapped presents yesterday. Then I made cookies and dinner, along with giving A a bath and putting her to bed, doing my laundry, yesterday was an active day! It was an active weekend! This week will be busy getting ready for our trip and working. Oy.


                      Morning girls.


                      Sassy, my last Monday too. Woot hoot. Glad you had a nice weekeno. G is adorably cute!


                      Po, I had to go buy a coat this weekend since mine is not warm enough. Safe travels. I'm same with the news. Heartbroken. 


                      Nai, I'm also heartbroken and at a loss for words. I feared being at mall yesterday, and got extremely emotional during our church service when our priest said a special prayer and then we all sang amazing grace. I was crying for everyonein CT.


                      Ma, send mecome cookies!Yummy!!!




                      TriR, 4-5 after work today.

                      NtriR, again devastated about Newtown, CT. It was a solemn weekend and I feel at a loss of words for the nation. Bless you all and your families girls.


                      Have a good day.




                        Excited also for NYC and DC Xmas trip next week! Hope to see some light snow!


                        Lizo yay for lunch w M. How have the premarital sessions been??


                        Monk, wow working earlier great job!!!!!! Good job w Xmas shopping!


                        Taylor, great job on your race!!!!!!


                          mel: the premarital sessions have been really really laid back! Smile but good. the first one was going over the survey/ inventory we both had to take. discovered that since we're both older, we have no extremes and we're both mature in our thinking. The second was the pastor (Pat) describing marriage - two halves coming together in short. It was pretty cool. good luck with the mileage today!


                            Morning Ladies!


                            It's so icy here this morning. I slipped on ice in my driveway. (I'm fine). Then I went to the gas station to get gas and my gas tank was frozen shut. I had to pry it open with my car key. Then it took me 90 minutes to get to work. UGH. Tomorrow is my last day of work--I'm going to Boston on Wednesday. Surgery is Friday. Smile


                            My heart is heavy this morning as I think about those children, teachers and families in Newtown, CT.


                            Have a great day, ladies.


                              Morning Ladies!!


                              Sassy- happy to hear that you had such a great weekend! The pictures of G with Santa were too cute! great job on your first week of your Smart coach plan. What race are you running?


                              Po- oh man, sounds like you took a rough fall! Sorry about the bruise, but glad you are okay other than that. I am sure you will be sore for a few days! I guess you are heading to Chicago for the holidays? That is exciting!


                              MA- sounds like you had quite a busy weekend! Way to go on the 6..I am sure it feels so good to be running still! I have a question for you actually.. how far in advance can you make cookies? I want to make some for the holidays, but don't know how long they will stay good for ...I know you are a cookie expert!


                              Nai- yay for marathon training starting! I love it that you are Farm are virtually training together. What race are you ladies doing?


                              Taylor- congrats on your race! Awesome job!! hope this week before heading home flies by for you


                              Lizo- I missed what streak you are doing? but reading about it makes me think that maybe I should start one up again for fun! Sounds like you were super busy (as always!!) good luck with your deadline


                              Monk- I hate when the weather this time of year ruins travel plans! I hope that you guys get everything sorted out for your trip!


                              Mel- are you training for another tri? also, i just remembered I have to email you your resume stuff! I keep forgetting because I don't want to do ti at work! Have you made any changes based on suggestions from the other girls? If so, maybe send me those so I am not doing the same thing!!


                              RLTW- sounds like a tough morning! glad you are okay after your fall. Thinking about you as you get ready for surgery


                              RR- had a great 9 miles on Saturday and I went to a spin class for the first time in a really long time yesterday. We went for a friend's birthday and then went to brunch. The class was awesome! I wish I could do it more often, but it is pricey. Today is a rest day and some walking.


                              NRR- had a great weekend. this time of year always goes by so quickly because I am so busy!! Looking forward to getting through the week and then heading home for the holidays.


                                Good morning, ladies!


                                RR: Got in 7 this morning, and I am officially over 1,000 miles for the year!!!  <insert dancing banana here>   I am excited, but I wish the run had been better. I felt stiff, and it was disgustingly warm out and I was overdressed. Yuck.  Yoga tonight.


                                NRR: Actually had a weekend this weekend, as opposed to working through it like last time. Slept a lot, volunteered at the shelter, then yesterday, DBF and I went on a hike, then ate at this awesome drive-in. The food was so salty but dang, it was good. So I'm feeling more back to normal now, and will work through Thursday. I hope to not have to get on the computer at all between Friday and January 2nd but who knows.