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running eh

    mzm - hope your sicky is okay and I hope it doesn't get passed around!  Were you able to reschedule the ART?


    arm - how is the weather where you are right now?  I am trying to convince DH to take a trip to Alabama soon - the snow is beautiful but it can be difficult for running!  Hope you got the decorations away.  We hardly do any decorations, so it's easy to clean up!


    leela - mmm, pad thai!!  Glad DD is happy to be back at school - I was sad about it here - mainly b/c I dislike making lunches.  Would LOVE to see the coaches tips!


    cx2 - hope your day is going okay sans DH!


    jm - you are a machine aiming for 2014 miles!  In a typical day, when do you run - before work, after?  do you split up the runs?


    shelby - hope the first day at daycare goes well - I think it is often harder for mom than for child!


    CA - aren't MIL's awesome?!?  Mine does so much for us too!  Hope the gym was good.  Are you going to take your whole mat leave or will DH take some time?  Thanks for the Costco list! Smile


      Spike - wow on quilting shop. I absolutely can't wait to live in the US. My material comes from an upholstery shop and you buy a bag for 20 bucks and can cram is as full as possible with cut offs. It's great but there's not a great selection. I would love to lunch run with you and then go to the fabric shop!

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      running eh

        spike - I agree with Bermy - I love how excited you are about the running, and I love that you are getting out there even in all that snow!  I was thinking of you yesterday while I was running.  I wanted to quit because of the snow, and we hardly have any on the sidewalks right now.  I thought if you can do it, so can I!  I love Mexican too, mmmm!  Thanks for the Costco list.  We don't go often, so I want to make sure I get the good deals while we are there.  DH is the one with the membership (he shares it with his mom) so I never go on my own.


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          Bermy- My stepmom is a fabric wholesaler and made the curtains/bedding for R's room, and has a long arm quilting machine. If you google "Deep Deep sea Studio E" you can see it. She sells stuff for E. E. Shenck. The fabric store is actually our landlord and has a HUGE selection- the clearance and remnants section is right across from the bathroom so I keep an eye on the bits and pieces there.  It does suck though because of all the classes and foot traffic through the building, the shared bathroom is always nasty.

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            jm - Thanks for the advice.  I think my DH is like yours.  Although scheduling things isn't my idea of romance I definitely think it will help us both understand and have something to look forward tooSmile  Yes, my DH is much more attentive to me and my needs after DTD!  I think we need it moreWink


            Bermy - Thanks for the hugs.  TTC was VERY hard for us.  I went 7+ years without a period,  osteoporosis  etc.  I was underweight for awhile and told to cut down on running and gain weight.  Then I had numerous stress fractures.  We tried naturally for 6 months or so then went to the OB/GYN did Clomid for 2 cycles.  Finally switched to a infertility doctor and did 11 cycles there with Femara and an IUI.  I usually never had enough follicles for an IUI and was having periods every 14-22 days.  Finally we moved to a different state and worked with a fertility doctor here and did 1 cycle of injection drugs to get my to ovulate.  After 17 days of injections we were told to DTD and 13 days later I was pg!  It was hard and extremely emotional and I definitely do not want to go through that again. I have fairly normal cycles now so I want to try to get pg now while things are good.  Just need to get DH on board.


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              ernie - seriously, smartwools, you won't regret it. lmao if I see your ghetto car around Newmarket, I'll be sure to honk!


              bermy - this is what I did with my ass: did a few runner's lunges, pigeon pose and then mangled the eff out of it by sitting on a medicine ball.


              alison - it was totally dead at the gym until 9 am and then BOOM! the mob descended. Costco..running clothes, the Garden Fresh salsa and the Kirkland brand chips. :P oh and TP and the green bin liners.


              jen - B does still like Gangnam Style whenever we happen to hear it. leftovers - I'd still eat them if there was nothing else to eat and it smelled ok.


              simon - what do you do?


              mer - Magical Messes sounds best done somewhere not at home!


              arm - lol at the monkey noises.  Whenever I ask DH to massage my butt he either does it so hard I scream in pain, or he just doesn't get the right spot.


              leela - I think waking up hungry is good in a way, it means your metabolism is fired up.


              mrszm - dashi is basic soup base and napa is cabbage.


              shelby - if you count to 20, that should be about 100 m


              erinL - if she has healthy habits (eating and activity) then I wouldn't worry about it.


              spike - I ran out of the soup stock and couldn't find the brand I usually use, the one I ended up buying is made by Accent, so it's chock full of MSG, disgusting! I try to limit it.  Everything else I can buy at the regular store.

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                zorbs - your choice of words cracks me up.


                jen - incredible journey. you have both been through so much. I understand how now is a good time for you to ttc. how does DH feel about ttc #2?

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                  Bermy - DH says..."I can go either way." He is not enthusiastic and I think he just really doesn't want #2 but he knows I do.  He was sooooo excited for the first 1 that I miss that enthusiasm.  Have you guys decided to go for #2


                    bermy - ha, I do and I don't!  There is an informational meeting about a training program for the CMM tonight at our LRS, not sure I will go to it but I sort of want to.


                    eh - high of 55 and low of 35 is pretty typical right now.  Of course it can go up or down pretty frequently!  I think later this week we are supposed to get into the 70s, but then it's supposed to rain and get colder.


                      Costco Question


                      meat (chicken breasts, whole frier chickens, salmon, stew meat)

                      paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, kleenex)

                      cleaning products (toilet bowl cleaner, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, stain remover, clorox wipes, dusting stuff)


                      Freezer stuff (pizzas, raviolis, chicken pot pies)<-- we are getting away from this though and making and freezing our own


                      Canned goods if you use them


                      Olive Oil!


                      We always drop at least $400-$500 when we go to costco, so we have to budget for it in advance.


                        Bermy - EPIC stroller run! I can't even imagine ever being able to make it that far with my stroller, let alone in good time.


                        Running eh - Hi! I don't think we've "met" yet, but I see you must be a fellow Canadian! We don't have a Costco membership, but the ILs pick up diapers and wipes for us when they shop there.


                        Jen - So sorry that you are feeling bad about things with DH. I find that interacting with a kid takes so much out of you that it's easy to get into a habit of not interacting with your spouse the way you used to. Do you think DH is wishy washy about having the second kid or just about planning when it will happen? My DH never wants to plan anything and is always like "Oh, relax, lots of time". Which is obviously not true about TTC, unless we all start aging in reverse!


                        Simon - Hope you had a good first day back to work!


                        Mer - I hope DS is feeling better and you are able to make it magical messes. It sounds fun and wonderful, because you don't have to mess up your own house!


                        Mrszm - Yay on the baby talking! I hope DD1 feels better soon.


                        Arm - The stuffed peppers sound yummy!


                        Leela - It's definitely nice to get back to a routine. I felt like my house just kept getting messier and messier over the holidays.


                        Cx2 - Good job on waking up to run before DH went to work!


                        Jmmiller - I've never actually kept track of my mileage for a whole year before, but 2013 sounds like a lot to me. Boo on the Monday deadline that ate up your weekend, but sounds like you have some fun stuff coming up this week.


                        Shelby - I hope things went well at daycare! +1 to what Zorbs said about counting to 20 = 100m


                        CAR - Aw, the "married" toddlers sound so cute!


                        Spike - Good job with your mileage! Is Vegas this month? LOL at your high school/college car story. Luckily mine is not that bad...YET! I was leasing a perfectly good car until the lease expired last winter. FIL said "Don't spend money on a new car with a new baby coming, I'll give you my 1999 Grand Am." He had kept it in immaculate condition and the mileage was really low, but, I swear, the car hates me and started falling apart the second I got it!

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                          jen - we are "casually ttcing" but I only have 1 ovary and have no idea if it is working. So it's more like we are having unprotected sex. I am not charting or anything or stopping running or eating any differently. We decided on calling it quits in Aug (I will turn 35) no matter where we are cos if we didn't put an end on it we thought it would become all consuming and we are very happy with DS.


                          arm - what is LRS?

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                            LRS = local running store Smile


                              arm - duh to me! I thought it was  chain or something! Why did you want to train with your lrs?

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                                Ernie- Vegas is next week. Fire banquet that I've been referencing is Saturday.

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