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Waiting for Snow Wednesday Supermoms (Read 388 times)


    spike- i'll wrap and put ribbons and bows on the gifts, but nothing crazy. i'm definitely no martha stewart! i hope your run goes ok in the snow/ice. i have yet to make a pair of screw shoes, but i'd probably use older ones. sorry about the fussy R- that stinks.


    rocky- thinking of you and the baby this week, and hoping all of the results turn out fine! yikes, that's scary about the power steering going in your car!

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      Rocky- I hope you survive the MIL visit ok. Knowing your MIL you won't need to go shopping because she will want to go out :P  Its probably the power steering pump. That happened in my old car in HS, but it was such a POS that I kept driving it that way. My car cost $600 dollars and I only ended up driving it for about 18 mos until it died. My parents almost didn't buy it for me because it was "too expensive" and they only bought me 2 snow tires for the front wheels on my car in the winter. It worked pretty well until one time in college I was going downhill on a steep hill and my car flipped around. Sorry for the hijack, I thought you might be entertained by another one of my hillbilly family tales.

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        Rocky - Thanks for taking the time to write that detailed post on the Kell antigen issue. I'm always interested to learn about things that, though I'm really sorry that your expertise comes from having to go through all this. Really hope you get that negative test result! Sucks about the power steering/car repairs. Having to spend money on car repairs always makes me angry even though it obviously can't be avoided.  


        Spike - Your baking sounds yummy, especially the salted caramels! The butter chicken lasagna is one of the award winners from a cooking contest the grocery store chain around here held. I like butter chicken and I like lasagna, but we'll see how well they go together as a fusion dish. 

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          Ok, back for personals!


          RG:  Case of sore glutes over here too, boo!  Awe, he's such a cutie pie!


          Zorbs:  Nice, C is that way with me sometimes too.  I am not cool enough for the boys club.


          Ernie:  Hmm, butter chicken lasagna sounds interesting.  Let us know how that one goes Smile


          Bermy:  Oooooh, I love shipwreck stories.  That sounds like fun!


          Jen:  Ack!!!!!  Feel better!  I'm afraid that I am going to get it before we leave so I am armed with hand sanitizer.


          CMG:  Good luck at your appointment today!  I loved popsicles when I was preggo.  It was the only thing that helped with the morning sickness.


          Simon:  You too?  I have a case of PF that just won't go away.  At least its not bothering me too bad right now.


          Cx2:  Ugh, I hate buffets.


          Mer:  2 Year molars were the worst for us.  Good luck!  Hope they come in quickly.


          MrsZM:  Boo on the microwave.


          ok, on to page 2


            Jen:  She's a single mom of 4 that only works part time so she was texting bosslady how her kids weren't going to have christmas unless they got extra money this year.  Oh and she got christmas card mailed to the office yesterday, when she opened it - she showed it to bosslady.  Someone felt sorry for her and sent her $100.  She's a trip.  C's preschool is out for the year and DH had plenty of leave he needed to use up. 


            Ernie:  Even worse, a paralegal Smile


            spike:  Ditto, I started working at 16 and paid for everything on my own since then.  Its amazing how much stress affects TTC, congrats to your friend!


            Zorbs:  LOL, I told bosslady your thoughts on the skirt and she agreed with you. 


            RG:  Yep, evil pink panda!  I was very cute with matching pink shirt and new pink socks too.


            Rocky:  boo on the car, I hope its a cheap fix.


              Rocky – Boo to your car! Ugh that is frustrating. Hoping you can get it fixed without it costing too much. Positive thoughts for your baby this week.


              Spike – Good luck getting your run in on the ice this afternoon. I give you credit for even attempting it. Congrats to your friend. Hopefully you can get to see the baby. Sorry R is being so whiney. Is it because he’s not feeling well?


              Becky – I am a germaphobe and very paranoid about getting sick. So I was religious with hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes…I basically wiped EVERYTHING and I got sick. UGH!! I just pray to god J does not get it…at least if he does, he needs to get it today or tomorrow so he is better for our trip. What a crazy lady you work with. I can’t believe she is telling a sob story to clients. UGH! So annoying.


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                Jen- yeah he started not feeling well last Thursday evening. He has been sick 3x in the past 5 weeks and its getting old. Thank goodness I get all of my sick and vacation days on January 1.  I have been sick 3x in 6 weeks and now DH is getting sick again. My allergies/rhinitis make me very susceptible to colds/sinus infections, and it looks like R is the same. Sad

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                  Spike - I have been sick more times in the past year (since J started daycare in January) then I ever have in my entire life.  The last time I had the stomach flu I was in 2nd grade.  It is so frustrating.  When J started daycare he was sick every 3 weeks.  AT LEAST.  Now I just wait until he gets my flu...UGH!  It gets old fast. Hopefully next year they will have stellar immune systems.


                    Is it smart to run the day after a stomach bug???  I am itching to run but don't want to push it??


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                      DH is being a grumpy ass. He doesn't feel well and took it out on me at lunch, totally snapped at me for playfully teasing him how we always do. Now I kind of don't want to go for a run after work because I don't want him to be grouchy with R for just being a toddler. Ugh, just getting all Mama-Bear because my stepdad used to yell at us constantly for playing and being happy because we were noisy.

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                        spike: Unfortunately, i think your DH would learn that if he's grouchy with the toddler - then the toddler is going to prefer momma over him.  I let my dh learn the hard way to lighten up a bit.  C wanted nothing to do with him for the longest time. 


                        Jen:  LOL, unless you need to keep a streak going - then no, I think I would rest today Smile  I am a germaphobe too but can never say no to DS when he is sick, which is how I caught my cold - he was feeding me parts of his cookie. 


                        Is it 5 yet?  I am le tired, I want a nap.


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                          Becky- the toddler already prefers me because of DH's work schedule.  I might not run or get R's godmother to come babysit so I can go to the gym while DH is at FD training tonight since the snow is blowing sideways right now anyways....

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                            becky- zen take a nap, zen fire ze missiles!

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                              Afternoon ladies... won't bother with personals since the sun is setting for everyone out east.


                              RR - met old RP at the gym and worked out - ran 1.5 mi warmup and then did weights.  Put the girls in the daycare at the gym for the first time and they both rocked it.  I'm stocked, it's only $3/girl and they can stay up to 2 hrs, M had a blast and didn't want to leave.  My back is suddenly really sore, I think my glutes and hammies are really tight, stretching and rolling (if I can find where M put my foam roller), and cutting back on runs this week.


                              TR - earned herself her first poop chart present yesterday, a puppet reindeer that she named Rudolph Smile  


                              TR2 - she fell down the last step yesterday and has a sore foot, is limping, but doesn't scream in pain when I wiggle things, so don't think anything is broke, hopefully it feels better in a day or two or I"ll take her in.


                              BR - did great at the daycare, fell asleep in their swing and was snoozing when i went to pick them up - it's the first time I've left her anywhere.


                              FR - Sheppard's pie from the freezer.


                              NRR - my parents get here today, I'm excited to see them and to have company/help for a couple weeks.  M is also totally stoked.


                              QOTD - screw shoes - I have never used them, I have these cheapo things that they sell at costco to slip over my shoes, but if I were to put screws in my shoes I'd do like zorbs and use an almost dead pair.


                              Jen - hand sanitizer doesn't kill viruses, that's why you still got sick. Hot water and soap and a good immune system are your only hope there. I'd try running something short and slow and quit if you feel like shit.

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                                DS slept for 40 mins today (when I posted about taking a nap) so my pesonals time was gone! But I am back after he nursed down to sleep early... 


                                Rg – it’s nice to hear you are sore now and again! Hope your glutes are ok and you can give them a good roll/massage or something. Thanks so much for your training advice as I go along. I very much appreciate it.


                                Zorbs – I agree, trees smell fantastic. Hope your ST was good.


                                Ernie – how was the chicken? What pace do you run your 400s?


                                Jen – hope you are feeling better. Banana sounds good for that. Big hugs xxx


                                Cm – it’s totally time to fall asleep on the couch if ever there was one. Nice pillow, snuggle under a blanket. Aahhhhh.


                                Simon – I read your late personals – thank you! Please be safe driving in those crappy conditions.


                                Cx2 – what do you like to eat? Why are buffets scary?


                                Mer – please be safe travelling with the snow storm. But yeah for your DH having lots of work! Mixed blessing I think. Tell me about your hair tomorrow and what you decide. I love talking about hair (I think that’s the most girlie thing I have ever typed).


                                Mrszm – boo on damaged microwave. Skirt with giraffe print sounds adorable. You are not selling a second child to me with that desc of nursing chaos/frenzy… Nice job on nursing your brood!


                                Becky – totally laughed at nerf thing as I know that will be us in 2 years.


                                Rocky – I’m here for you no matter what your results say and we’ll work through it and anything else they throw your way. Hope you are all clear and can sail through your last half!


                                Spike – thanks for your lovely detailed post. I enjoy sharing your life details. Absolutely cannot help you whatsoever with screw things. I m still running in shorts, t-shirts, sunscreen and visor covered in sweat on return. Thanks for asking though as I love learning about running in all conditions for one day. No idea on the poop. I phone my nurse with those questions if poop persists.


                                CA – nice job at the gym – wtg with that child care. Score! How is that cute advent mitten calendar thingy going?

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