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beskirted & manicured

    I chose the thread title because that's what Bermy will be doing today.. Wink


    ER - SRD.  Originally was going to be an upper body heavy ST day, but I have 3 hours between clients, so I'm going to come home and sleep.


    TR - In my mind, I call him B, Destroyer of Pants, because some days he pees/muddies 3+ pairs of pants.


    FR - noodles, tofu, veggies.


    NRR - bought metallic pink stripper heels and a dark purple wrap to wear to SIL's wedding.

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      RR - 10 x 400 intervals.


      TR - Put one of my shirts over her head, so it was covering her eyes, and then ran blindly up and down the hall shrieking and laughing for a good 20 minutes. I love when the smallest things provide such amusement.


      FR - Chicken caesar salad for lunch, fish tacos for dinner


      NRR - Going to visit my sister and her kids. Bringing lunch over.




      Zorbs - Ah, a three hour nap break sounds great! Love the description of your new shoes. I hardly ever wear heels anymore, so whenever I do wear them now, I feel like I have to re-train myself to walk in them.

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        Zorbs: I saw the title of the thread ad thought, maybe Bermy started it?! Pink stripper heels?! Nice! I'd definitely go for the nap too, enjoy it!! R went thru 3 outfits the other day- peed thru at nap time, dumped water all over himself later, then was so messy at dinner it wasn't funny.


        Ernie: speed work on a Friday, whoop!! Have fun with your sister. How many kids does she have, an how old? S sounds like such a little happy girl!! I love how toddlers find amusement in the simplest of things.


        RR: an easy 5 today, along with a core workout. LR of 22 tomorrow, then taper starts!!!


        TR: woke up in a much happier mood today. Was fascinated by a little boy riding a bike at the park yesterday. Bought him a light up bouncy ball from Target yesterday, and he had to take it to bed with him last night.


        NRR: went to Target yesterday for diapers and a few other things. Grocery shopping this morning during nap time, a little cleaning before DHs aunts arrive. And of course a trip to the park Smile

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          RR - 20 minutes on the elliptical, some core


          BR - why do babies/toddlers fight sleep so much??  C barely napped yesterday, and by 730pm was clearly tired so we put her in the crib and she rolled around/faked sleeping for awhile, then at 815 was standing up and crying... ugh... anyways.... she knows when we're asking her a question now, and answers everything by shaking her head... it's really cute..


          NRR - sat through another hour long meeting yesterday... I followed along for about a half hour and then it got really technical and I was totally clueless...



          zorbs - sleeping sounds good... i need to sleep more... hope you can squeeze in a decent nap..


          ernie - ha, yea, i love that a little thing like that can amuse a child for so long... C is the same way... if she gets a hold of her coat or a blanket, she'll put it over her head or stretch it behind her neck for 15-20 minutes and have so much fun..




            RR:  5 after work.  It rained the last leg of my run  yesterday which wasn't fun.  I was happy with the pace and snuck in an extra .25....then found out my meeting was cancelled.


            TR:  It was just the two of us last night and for the most part he was okay.  I find it easier to handle his tantrums when DH isn't around.  I don't worry that DH is getting mad.  I just ignore him until he is done.  Must have been tired because he sat in the recliner watching Clifford with me for a good 20 minutes before requesting to have his teeth brushed and then laid perfectly while changing into his overnight diaper.


            NRR:  I feel really tired today.  Slept well last night.  For some reason I wake up before my alarm (from 5-5:30) and then get really tired once my alarm goes off.  Odd.


            FR:  Went to a local greasy spoon for dinner and it was delicious.  DH and I had the same wrap.  I ate the whole thing, he ate half.  Yeah.


            PGR:  Had a dream that we had a boy, on a Saturday and we were calling him Baby B.  I didn't try nursing until the day after he was born and I was out in regular clothes doing things.  Then realized I hadn't told anyone that the baby was born and no one answered when I called.  Odd.  All decked out in maternity clothes for the first time.  I just felt silly in what i had on so I changed it all.



            zorbs - Pink Stripper Heels...I hope they are comfy!  I wish I could sleep during  my breaks in the day...jealous.


            ernie - I hope you have a good interval workout.  Thats nice of you to take lunch to your sisters.


            rg - Sounds like you have an awesome day planned.  Enjoy!


            cx2 - I hope your day flies by today and you can get some extra rest this weekend.


            mrszm - Good luck with your relay tomorrow.  I am sure you will do great and will have a ton of fun.  You will have awesome weather, too!  I decided this morning, after my wardrobe change, that I really need to see you soon!

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              RR: 5-6m today with the stroller.

              TR: Woke up at 5am this morning. I kept him up a little later last night because he was been waking up really early but it backfired.

              NRR: So excited for the race tomorrow. Now I am just hoping I can run 10 miles with the stroller...haha. It has been a while! 

              QOTD: Yesterday's convo about race attire got me wondering about what to wear. All along I have been planning on wearing my lulu run inspire crop's because I like to wear crops for a race. Also, it will be really cold when I start (30s) at 6:30 but will probably warm up to the low 60s. They are pretty breathable. Guess I will test it out this weekend....  Thoughts?  I know most of you like to wear shorts/skirts.


              bermy - Is the race tomorrow or Sunday?  I am so excited for you!!  Also, what was your mileage your last 2 weeks of training?  Our plans were pretty similar mileage wise I think, but I feel like mine has too many miles these last 2 weeks.


              zorbs - Your title made me very curious.  I was wondering why you were freaking out Smile  Ha, I am sure the metallic stripper heels will look great.  


              ernie -Good luck with the speedwork.  Ha on the t-shirt game.  Sounds like fun!

              RG - Yay for taper!  I am guessing you aren't a big taper fan since you run so many miles.  Enjoy the park!


              cx2 - I probably would have fallen asleep in that meeting!


              mer- ANother wierd dream!  Great job on getting the run in.  I have been having the same issues with sleep lately.  So annoying.

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                ugh I just lost my whole post!!!!!!


                rr: srd. 55-mile 6-person relay tomorrow. i'm running the last 2 legs back to back for 8.85 total miles. despite our team starting at 8am, I won't run until about 3:30pm.


                rr2: boyfriend stealer asked me to run a marathon relay with her and her BIL (who I know and love). but it's the same day as dd2's birthday party and logistically I just can't make it work. I could if I ran the first leg and left, but then I wouldn't get to run through lambeau field which is pretty much why people do this marathon.


                tr: rp brought the girls pink soccer sweaty bands to the bus stop this morning. dd1 insisted on wearing hers to school and dd2 is also sporting hers (rp brought me a silver sequin one!).


                nrr: got my second stitch fix yesterday. i liked my first box better. instead of sending me jeans (like i asked for 100 times) they sent me knit black stretchy pants, in other words they sent me $78 pajama jeans.


                fr: just made coffee for the first time since I had the stomach flu and one little drink sent me straight into the bathroom. not cool.


                qotd: 2 friends are coming up tonight to stay before our relay tomorrow. what do you guys usually eat the night before a race?


                zorbs: cute heels! i bought my first ever pair of heels (plain black) for dh's work party last week. i was not very graceful in them and the tops of my feet hurt almost all week from walking in them.


                ernie: does your dd get her free spirit from you or your husband? dd1 is so much like dh and dd2 is exactly like me. i think c will be a good mix of both of us.


                rg: have fun with dh's aunts this weekend! glad r was in a better mood today!


                cx2: bummer about c fighting sleep. the other morning when i went to get c he was sitting in his crib with each of his legs dangling through slats of his crib. just sitting there.


                mer: does your dh say how he handles the tantrums when you're not around? mmmm i could go for a really good wrap! i was going through clothes for c and kept going into the basement and walking by the bin of maternity clothes sitting out for you. funny about the dream. dd1 asked me how babies get out of bellies. um, they just do, well, at least i wished they just did.


                stroller: i read yesterday that you don't like wearing shorts/skirts for races. at lulu the other day my friend bought the run inspire crops and LOVES them. i told her i knew someone who loved them Wink she needs up for the anti rubbing factor. i say wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. good luck tomorrow!


                beskirted & manicured

                  oh, before I forget, the orange chicken last night was DELISH! marmalade > orange juice


                  ernie - I remember once Beth (old RP) and I went to dinner and a show in Toronto, we were both mincing down the street in heels, and she said to me, "don't you just want to kick off the heels and run instead?"


                  rg - do you ST during taper?


                  cx2 - I forget, what do you do?


                  mer - the pink heels are more comfy than the silver shoes, I can't even stand in those without pain. I hate when I eat more than DH, that shouldn't be happening, he's got 80 pounds on me.


                  stroller - I wore a skirt + compression sleeves when it was -10C out. For temps like what you described, I'd wear a throwaway to the start, and then s/s if it's sunny, l/s if it is cloudy, windy, or wet.


                  mrszm - either pasta or authentic chinese food (lots of white carbs and not much of anything else)

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                    zorbs - Good call on the sleep!  Love the heels!


                    Ernie - LOL to S...it is so amazing what kids find so funny.  I wish it took so little to entertain us all.  Have a great visit with your sister today.


                    rg - Have a great weekend with DH's aunts.  Too cute about R and his bouncy ball in bed.  I am glad he was in a better mood.  I hope your 22 goes well tomorrow...I dream of the day I can do that again.


                    CTimes - Sorry C is fighting sleep so much.  Just another phase I guess.  Hopefully she starts to enjoy it soon so you can too!


                    Mer - Hope your 5 goes well today...hopefully the weather is nicer.  Glad J was decent for you last night.  I seriously had a pg dream about you last night.  You and I were doing something, don't remember what, and you kept yelling at me about something.  LOL!  I think because you were the last person I communicated with last night you snuck into my dreams!


                    Stroller - For my 1/2 the other weekend when it was 30 at the start I wore tights and l/s and a pullover.  It was windy so I needed the extra layer.  It will warm into the 60s but probably not until you're done racing.  I always check the hourly forecast for the hours I will be out there.  I think you will be fine in crops and then layers that you can toss.  I hope you have fun...so cool you won a free entry.


                    mrszm - Have a great race tomorrow.  I think I would insist on running the first leg...lol...I hate sitting around waiting to run.  How to you plan what to eat, drink, etc?  That's tough.  Glad DD1 and 2 got their sweaty bands...too cute that they are both wearing them.  Have fun with your guests tonight.  Sounds like a fun weekend.  Ugh to coffee and your tummy...don't be drinking that tomorrowSmile


                    RR - Didn't get my run in yesterday...grrr...stupid guy I was supposed to meet with called me as I was leaving to talk.  Ended up on the phone with him until 3:30ish and then DH texted that he was #31 in line for take off putting him an hour late getting home so he wouldn't be able to help pick up the slack if I ran.  Anywho...got 12 in this morning!  Will do 5 tomorrow.


                    TR - Consistently wakes up at 5:15 every day and it's driving me nuts...sleep kid.  DH and I both took today off but J still woke up.


                    NRR - A huge list of things to do today...not fun stuff either.  I took my personal day as we have to use them before May 1...so I thought I would get my run done with, clean, grocery shop, get my eyebrows waxed, go to the chiro, etc.  We'll see how much I actually get done.


                      zorbs; i had planned on make spaghetti tonight and then our friend that is coming up texted and said that his trainer said that carb loading is bs, so he wants to grill out brats and hamburgers...um okay.


                      jen: lame about the guy calling instead of showing up. yah, i will probably eat like normal since i won't run until the afternoon. good for you for taking a personal day and with dh nonetheless. hope you get all your stuff done that you want to! nice 12 miler already today!


                        zorbs - i'm a business analyst at a software company.. a desk job.. i'm on the 2nd floor of our building so I get extra cardio by walking up and down the stairs 100x a day...


                        rg - do you go to the same park every day, or are there other parks around?


                        jen - hope you're able to get everything done!  I've never had my eyebrows waxed professionally... i've done them myself in the past but I find it easier to pluck..


                        mer - I'm the same with tantrums... I just let C cry and get it out of her system, whereas my mom and the nanny will do all they can to soothe her... DH is in between.. last night C had a tantrum b/c we wouldn't let her go outside (it was too cold).  She stood in the living room for 5-6 minutes crying, with crocodile tears rolling down her face, and she stamped her foot a couple times... I had to laugh...


                        stroller - in those temps, i'd probably go with shorts and short sleeve tech shirt... and throwaway gloves!


                        mrsz - good luck in your relay!  hope your stomach holds up... i usually eat pizza or a big sub the night before a race... familiar, but maybe not carb-y enough?  i've also eaten greasy foods and pasta... my stomach seems to like everything i eat!


                        Bad Ass Mother Runner



                          RR - didn't run yesterday.  I think I might try to run outside today when DH gets home from work.  Do you usually do some sort of strides or RP something or other right before a race?


                          RR2 - going to the expo with RP today.  We're taking our kids to Jugo Juice for lunch, then to the expo to see what kind of deals there are.


                          TR - found a leotard for her at a second hand store yesterday.  Now I just need some slippers.


                          BR - randomly woke up at 9pm last night, was screaming so I went and got her, she had a big divot on her forehead like she had been sleeping against a crib rail.  She went right back to sleep after a snuggle and some milk.


                          FR - I think shrimp and scallops with pasta.

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                            RR: 2m. Just did it with stroller - you know, since I've done the rest of my training with it, I thought "what's another 2m pushing 50lbs".


                            NRR: cleaning up a bit and cooking. Trying not to freak about freaking out. I am so excited to have a supermom and her family stay at my house - welcome BeckyKay! And i am very excited to meet Arm, RockyRunner7 and JungleGirl all in one place. And meet becky's DH and Arm's DH.


                            NRR2: bermy2 is here and I am about to have a completely luxurious uninterrupted shower. OOOOOOHHHH YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH.


                            TR: woke at 1.45am. Dude, mama needs some pre-mara sleep. I slept in his king bed though from then until 6am so it didn't really interrupt my rest plan.


                            FR: well, any excuse with people at my house right... I tried to keep the menu simple as I don't want anyone to have an upset tummy for racing plus I have no idea what people like so I chose to make 3 clean courses for tonight: endive bites with crumbled goats cheese and honey drizzle to start, meatballs and ww pasta with homemade sauce and freshly grated parmesan, and finish with oat date berry crumble. I am also going to steam some broccoli adn carrots plus make some grilled cheese toast to give people options. And not mix anything together. I am also going to make pizza dough for tomorrow and make some amoeba cheese pizzas for anyone who is still around/pops in. Can you tell how I am spending my non-running time?

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                            Honorary Old

                              RR: SRD yesterday, so nada. Long run today since I'm busy tomorrow. 7-8 miles


                              TR: There are certain things in movies he gets really excited about and repeats. He's watching Rescuers down under right now, and he yells  "Keys!!!" and points at the TV when Cody tries to escape. He also yells "DAD!" at the TV at the scene in Finding Nemo at the end where Nemo and Dory are looking for Marlin.


                              FR: Vietnamese last night at the place in my town. I stopped going there because they had terrible service, unfortunately its just as bad as ever. My sister wanted to go out to dinner. We had to ask the waitress to bring us water, then go find her when we got tired of waiting for her to take our order. There were 3 workers and 4 tables of patrons, ridiculous. My pho was only just OK.


                              NRR: Going to VintageFaire tomorrow with R, my sister, and my BFF.

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                              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                                zorbs - enjoy the nap! Hope the stripper heals are comfy.


                                ernie - your DD sounds like such a character!! YUM I love fish tacos!


                                RG - YAY for R being in a happier mood! Hope the 22 goes well tomorrow.


                                cx2 - ugh on the nap fighting. I hope she naps better today.


                                mer - ignoring tantrums has always worked the best for us too. Weird on the dream! Preggo dreams can really be strange!


                                stroller - crops sound like a good plan, with a tank and longsleeve over top maybe that you could take off and tie around your waist. Or arm warmers.


                                mzm - ugh I hate when I lose my post! Have a great race this weekend, sounds really fun. LOL on pajama jeans!


                                Jen - wow 12 this morning! Awesome job. Enjoy your day off, hope it's productive!


                                bermy - you are just the best host, Becky is a lucky girl! I would have never thought of Nashville as a destination race city, but I am now Smile

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