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What it's Wednesday Preggos! (Read 282 times)


    PGR - 34w2d.  Had a good night's sleep last night, yay! Am too scared to step on the scales anymore, next m/w appt is Monday so we'll see what their "nice" scales have to say.


    ER - Yesterday felt guilty for eating waaay too many chocolates at work (self control - what self-control??) so walked up and down the stairs (we have 80 stairs internally in our building, the elevator is SO slow that most people use them actually) for 2 sets of 10mins and found myself puffing a bit and with sore calves this morning (ah-ha so that extra 20lbs MUST be making my legs stronger right??). Today I think I will actually do elliptical and weights or mix it up circuit/cardio style (3mins elliptical, 3mins strength work repeatedly). Back to the pool tomorrow.


    NPGR - Our quieter week is turning into a non-stop round of dinners with friends. Last night was a last minute "double date" with a friend at an Indian restaurant (it was good! I had to give myself credit for stopping eating earlier than I usually do, and I felt much better for it). Then our friends who were meant to come over Monday are having us over for dinner tonight (turns out she just had a 24hr bug, not the flu but I'm taking my hand sanitiser with me anyway!), then our neighbours are having us over for dinner tomorrow night - they will be quite excited we are not moving (i don't think they know yet).


    NPGR2 - I have the weekend off and was hoping to attempt a flat snowshoe somewhere just to get out...i initially signed up to just join a group for the snowshoe but DH was not happy about it as he doesn't trust my ability to control myself  especially if there are hills involved and other people (hmmm, no self control when eating and none when exercising, do I have a problem that only others know about???  Wink    ). I did realise after my swim yesterday that my body IS becoming more limited in its endurance so told DH I'd cancelled the sign-up snowshoe. Doesn't mean I don't want to get out though.


    NPGR3 - First real day of driving on very snowy roads for us, it is my pleasure to report that everyone was driving very responsibly on their way to work this morning! ha.  Actually it's be nice if it was still snowing (due to change to rain) when I get home from work as I always love my first snow trample walk of the year....


      Cross posted because I am such a slow typist (and even then - if you haven't noticed - don't edit my work)...


      YJPM - I've yet to get an idea of what BH feels like, I'm kind of interested to find out! As far as the birthing process, trust in the doula and ask her about relaxation techniques/birthing tools/positions, what she has observed at her most successful birth experiences, how DH can be involved, it'll make it more reassuring. I am very very glad to be having a doula at my birth as I've read some good statistics on birthing experiences with a doula or birth coach vs without; it seems the biggest thing is to trust in your body - it has grown a baby and will know how to get it out! The doula will help you to "ground yourself" and not get to carried away with fears of your own making.... (ha ha listen to me, I haven't even gone through it...! I'm just choosing to push fear aside and focus on good things I've read or heard I guess).


      Schmett - pretty freaky on knowing there are 2 crims on the loose, I hope they catch them soon. yay for "good sore"!


        Ozzy - BH always felt like my stomach got as hard as a basketball for a minute or two before relaxing again. 


          Ozzy: Thanks for that! We've been going through 'coping mechanisms' in the class, which is held in a nice, dimly lit room. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes! Good call on cancelling the snow shoeing. I'm like you - no self control with exercise. That's probably why I still have this pulled muscle pain. ha! Enjoy the snow! We're basking in 8 degree weather over here. Smile  As for BH, to me it feels like twinges of cramps. Not all women feel them so maybe you'll be lucky!


            Man if BH is just tightening, I've been getting them since 20w! haha. 


            Thanks for the coconut suggestion everyone, i'll go hunt some out at the grocery store. I just got back and found pumpkin spice pringles!!?!? yum


            Tiny: In some ways I would kinda like to be induced, you know it's coming! I love planning so maybe it's just me. I'm sure everything will  be fine. Also, living with the MIL.. eek! I hope she remembers what it aws like when she had kids and will give you lots of room...


            It sounds like all of us are having issues running now! I kinda am glad I'm not alone haha. Since i'm allowed to run again at 37w I'll give it a shot, but i'm guessing it will be too uncomfortable.


            Liz: I had some serious pelvic pain  and the chiro fixed it. It hurts again every now and then so I keep going  back to get put back in place.


            Monk: hope the drive goes well, I've (obviously) driven in plenty a blizzard and as long as you go slow it's doable! Or wait a few hours til the plows have gone by.. 


            We're going out for INDIAN FOOD.. can't believe they got a restaurant here in Texas.. love it. The only problem is my hubby's mom and bro ask us what EVERYTHING is.. I'm just like eat it and see haha. 


              monk - Safe travels! I hope the snow holds off for your drive.  You have done GREAT with your running - I'm so jealous.


              sasha - I hope your mw appt goes well, and your last day of work before vacation flies by!  Enjoy the time with your family.


              yjpm - Oh, if someone else would make the cookies, I would definitely eat them!! Exciting about the room conversion - I bet it's fun to see it come together.


              Ozzy - We are going to find out the sex, unless babies don't cooperate again - she took a look-see at the last u/s, but neither would show off their parts.  With two, I just feel like I will be better prepared if I know.  I want to snowshoe!  Our babymoon is going to be in a snowy destination, so I'm hoping we'll be able to snowshoe.


              schmett - scary about the fugitives! The first dozen or so roll-out cookies at our house usually are very creative - then DSD and I get bored with frosting and just start slopping it on Smile.  DSD's favorite are the Santa butts - we take a heart-shaped cookie and turn it upside down and decorate it - juvenile, I know. Smile


              I can't believe it's less than a week until Christmas.  Where did the time go? 


                PG: u/s tomorrow!!!


                RR: went out for 4.5 miles yesterday.  I was feeling sluggish and my friend had a root canal yesterday morning so we broke away from the group to walk/run but it was nice to chat and checkout the light displays. Tonight body pump class.


                NPGR: Spent hours yesterday trying to put my kitchen back together.  Lining shelves and washing everything before it put it back.  Almost done.  DH is not happy that I hired a housekeeper to come on sat for a deep clean.  I feel lazy not cleaning the house myself but everything is so dang dusty from the construction and dog.  I don’t feel like spending the whole weekend scrubbing the house floor to ceiling to get ready for hosting xmas.   He said he'll help me clean but his idea of cleaning is vacuuming and wiping the counters off. I'd have to go behind him to get it done right.  Caused a bit of a fight but I'm PG so that’s how I justified.


                Tiny: As long as you and to dr. are comfortable with you decision you don’t have to justify it others.  I can’t imagine living with in-laws especially after a new baby.  I love my in-laws very much but I can’t even imagine living with my mom again.  I also value privacy.  I wish you the best.


                 MA: I'm still not done with xmas shopping and I still have to wrap.  And no tree up.  I think I'm just going to put up my ill cheap fake tree that will take about 10 mines to decorate.


                 Liz: I love boot camp classes.  I took one on sat but I have to modify because there is too much jumping.  I really miss jumping jacks.


                 Canada: I can find alot of other foods to eat to gain weight.  Cake, cookies, Mexican food, pasta


                TN: I made mini pretzel square, with a melted peppermint kiss and red/green M&M on top.  Super quick to make.  Looks festive and tasty yummy.  Got the recipe of pinterest.  Gave them as gifts to my coworkers.


                 Monk: Be safe in the horrible weather conditions.  Stay warm too.


                  work so quiet today...


                  TN - when is your babymoon?


                  Manna - nice work on bringing in a cleaner esp since once you have stuff squared away you are unlikely to pull it all out and clean it again til well and truly after LO is born! Enjoy your Bodypump class, it's been ages since I did one of those but I used to like the "good sore" a day later... Smile


                  Tayraes - No see this week but I hope your family is easing up on you (ha, as if) and everything is going okay.

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    Good afternoon, fellow preggos!


                    RR:  Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles, slowly, with my husband trailing behind me the entire time.  He had knee surgery for a torn meniscus a few months back and is recovering very slowly.  It took us 45 minutes, me running laps all around him.  He completed 3 miles to my 3.5 in that time.  Slow, but he did it, and I was proud of him for not quitting!  For the last two weeks, I've been running with a maternity support belt, and it has helped a lot with my near-constant need to use the bathroom while running.  Another thing that has helped is hydrating well after my runs and on rest days so that I am not thirsty (and consequently tanking up) right before my runs. 


                    This morning it was 19 degrees outside.  I would have enjoyed running, it was so clear and crisp outside, but decided to rest as planned.  I hope tomorrow is a nice morning, too. 


                    PGR:  It is so hard to eat everything I'm supposed to eat everyday according to the Brewer Pregnancy Diet.  From keeping all those healthy foods stocked in my kitchen to making the time to prepare and eat the food, it's no easy task.  Yesterday, I ate ALL of it.  Everything I was supposed to ingest was eaten, including my supplements.  Yay!  So far today, I'm right on target for eating everything I'm supposed to eat.


                    NPGR:  Hubby has the week off this week, and it's been so much fun to have him home.  I love spending time together.  We celebrated our 18th anniversary on Monday, the 17th.  I've been married exactly half of my life now.  Wink


                      Late post for me:


                      Mann - Yay for u/s!  I can't remember, are you finding out sex? 


                      Ozzy - we're planning the last full weekend of February - I don't have a bball tournament that weekend, and it's the last weekend I'm allowed to fly, although we're not actually flying there - we decided to take DSD with us, sort of a last "family of 3" trip, and it's too complicated working out scheduling with her mom and getting extra days to take a trip, so we decided to just drive to a resort sort of over monk's way.  We had hoped to go someplace warm, but we're going to conserve cash for babies.


                      Laura - Happy anniversary! I'll be in my 60s before I've been married half my life Smile


                      QOTD (which I'll probably repost tomorrow, since it's so late) Who is planning on cloth diapering? Or who has cloth diapered before?  I'm trying to decide if I'm interested enough to keep pushing DH - he is NOT all for it - he is grossed out by the thought of poop in the washing machine.  I'm not sure if it's worth the battle if he's not totally on board.


                        TN: Yes I find out the sex tomorrow.  I good at keeping other people's secrets but its going to be hard to keep my own secret.  I'm going to do gender reveal on Christmas since I'm hosting.  I thought it would be fun way to tell all the grandparents for their first grandchild.  I really wanted to do cupcakes with a pink or blue center but my favorite bakery will only do a cake.


                          laura - nice work on running with DH and on the good diet day (tough at this time of year).


                          TN - I will be cloth diapering - because before disposables that is how our mothers did it! And I hate the thought of excess crud in landfills...plus you can buy those hoses that attach to the toilet to "rinse off" the poo if your DH has issues with it...

                          Laura G in Idaho

                            TN:  I have used cloth diapers for all of my babies.  When you properly wash the diapers, the inside of your machine gets sanitized every time.  I highly recommend the site www.greenmountaindiapers.com for buying diapers and as a guide for care.