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    Morning Supermoms~


    RR: hill repeats today- yay! I actually really like to run hills, so this should be good. I've done a handful of hill repeat workouts in the past year, so I'm sure I will be feeling this later. 6-7 miles total.


    TR: had fun playing with my mom yesterday- she kept him very busy and entertained all day. We went to Target after I got out of work, and she bought him a little maraca, which he ran around shaking and chasing the dog, laughing like a wild man. Popped tooth #6 too, and I think the molars are almost through on the bottom.


    NRR: working until 9AM today, going for my run, then shopping/out to lunch with mom. We have a really nice downtown area that has cute local shops/boutiques on a mile-long street. So we'll stroll the shops, stop for lunch, and probably get some coffee.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - 4-5 miles with Sam.  Schedule calls for 4 miles, I want to do 5 to try to offset the 8 billion calories in greasy chinese and cinnamon hearts I ate yesterday.  Reality: I probably need to run an ultra to truly offset those calories.


      TR - very huggy & kissy lately.  Still nothing on the potty front.


      FR - frozen lasagna, salad



      rg - enjoy your day! I'd love to be done work at 9 am.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        zorbs- have a great run today- throw some fartleks in there- more calories burned! cute about the hugs and kisses from B. i'm sure he'll just "get it" one day with the potty. my niece was like that, she just decided one day that she no longer wanted to wear a diaper and that was it. no accidents or anything.


        spike- hope you're feeling better today!

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08


        running eh

          RR - didn't drag my butt out of bed early enough for 7 miles, but I got 6.4 in - oh well.


          NRR - cleaning and cooking type of day!  Need to do some reference checks for the rental too.


          KR- last week I forgot to take DS to Little Ninjas - it ended up it was cancelled b/c of flooding - but I really need to remember these things.


          FR - either at MIL or chick pea burgers and fries


          RG - sounds like you have a great day planned - I love those little downtowns - so fun!


          Zorbs - I have been eating more than my fair share in calories over the last while too!


            RR: recovery 4m easy later on. Legs feel good after LR. Up to just under 50mpw now.


            NRR: playgroup this morning and a few chores this afternoon.


            BR: up at 12, for no apparent reason. DH came in and snuggled him back to sleep. I did nothing except join everyone for the snuggle! Easy life for this mama! We are not nightweaning, but DH was there and then DS was asleep and it was just the way it happened. Tonight will be back to business as usual I am sure.


            FR: started making chili during nap yesterday so it wasn't ready by dinner time - we had salmon, quinoa and peas. Anyway, I left it on low all night and it looks pretty divine this morning. easy FR day for this mama. I made a huge batch of quinoa on Sunday so we will have it with that.

            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


              RR - Ended up doing ST and core work instead of running yesterday, so will be doing my 10k with strides this morning.


              BR - We went to the mall yesterday and she had fun looking around at everything and playing in the play area. Then she had way too much fun in the change room. She was pointing at herself in the mirror and shrieking at the top of her lungs. A little embarrassing, especially when the saleswoman came and asked if everything was okay. I was like "Oh yes, she's just crazy".


              FR - Penne with rapini, ground turkey, garlic and parmesan


              NRR - I finally started book 3 of the Hunger Games. I know some of you hated the third book, so I'll let you know how I liked it once I'm done


              NRR #2 - Another ghetto car story! When I came out of the mall yesterday, I noticed my driver's side mirror was partially hanging off. Did someone hit it or is it just falling off because it's ghetto? You be the judge!




              Rg - Have a good run! I like hill repeats, too. So hard, but such a satisfying workout. Your downtown area sounds really nice.


              Zorbs - Ooh, I forgot it was cinnamon heart time of year. Maybe it's for the best that I forget - those things are SO addictive!


              Eh - 6.4 miles is still a great weekday run! Is Little Ninjas a martial arts type class? Have a good day cleaning and cooking - the cooking part sounds fun, the cleaning part, not so much.


              Bermy - Your weekly mileage is great! Nice to have your dinner already made for today and I'm sure the chili will be amazing after simmering that long.

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                zorbs - your meal last night looks incredible! bet you got laid. you are a very good cook!


                rg - enjoy your hills workout - let us know how it goes. I am interested.


                eh -6.4 will do just nicely - the main point is that you did get out of bed no matter if it was 0.6 short or not. Good job!


                ernie - your dinner sounds lovely! and too cute about the mirror! what a sweetheart. She sounds like a very fun little one.

                5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31

                running eh

                  ernie - I was thinking of you on Sunday.  DH and I went through a carwash on Saturday night, and Sunday morning we loaded the kids in the van and one of the sliding doors wouldn't close again.  DH drove to church while I held the sliding door closed.  It was tough when we were accelerating and on corners.  It must have thawed out while we were in church, becuase after the service it was fine.  Funny that your child is embarrassing you already!


                  Bermy - sounds like a nice cozy sleep for the family last night!  50mpw - WOW!!!  Way to go.  Sounds like your legs are fine too, that is so great.


                    rg - Have a great hill workout!  Sounds like you have a fun day planned with your mom...enjoy.


                    zorbs - I am with you!!  I think I ate 1/2 a bag of cinnamon hearts yesterday...ugh.  I hope you get some good miles in today!


                    eh - Great job getting up and getting your run in...6.4 is still great this early!  Have fun cleaning and cooking...it is nice to get that stuff done!


                    Bermy - Sounds like a nice day planned for you too!  Enjoy your easy run and playgroup.  Glad that DH got a snuggle in with DS.  Yum to all your FR!!


                    ernie - LOL to DD in the changing room...too cute.  Your ghetto car stories are hilarious...I hope no one hit your car though.  Sounds like you don't care very much either.  As long as they didn't steal your spoonsSmile  Have a great 10K today!


                    RR - Hoping for 5 would love to do more but don't think I'll have time.


                    TR - Was such a cranky beast last night and this morning.  He would not stop crying last night so I finally just said forget it we are changing your diaper and getting your pjs on (he hates that cries) so I was changing him and realized he had pooped (it had only been an hour since his last diaper change) and had horrible diaper rash.  It still looks awful this morning.  Would not stop crying this morning either.  He just cries and throws a fit but we have no idea why he is upset...he will reach for something and I will give it to him and he runs away and cries?  No clue.

                    NRR - Went to the store this morning before dropping J at daycare (6:15 a.m.) hoping to get some stamps, a gift card, and mail a box.  Well the stupid service counter wasn't open so I couldn't get postage for the box or buy stamps.  So I got the gift card, stuck it in one of the envelopes to mail and then threw it in the mail slot with the rest of my mail only to realize that I had forgot stamps on that one because it needed to be weighed and the kick is I couldn't get it back.  Ugh....so now I have to wait for it to go through the post office and be sent back to me before I can actually mail it to the recipient.  BOO!  My day is off to a bad start...


                    FR - I think I need to not eat for the next year in order to offset the calories I have been eating lately and weight I have gained...I look gross and need to lose this weight before spring break.  Ugh...Diet starts today.  Any suggestions/recommendations on things to do?




                      RR - got in 7 on the TM yesterday but my right hammy is really sore so either RD or maybe elliptical today.... i find my hammys always get tight and sore when I run on the TM too much..


                      BR - we met with the nanny yesterday and DH and I both really like her.  She's experienced and lives in the area and is ok with just part time... per day she's more $$ than daycare but DH and I are ok with paying more to keep C at home as long as we can.... the nanny showed up just as C was screaming her head off in the crib (she didn't want to nap)...


                      NRR - i think the sale of one of our rentals went through... the buyers were waiting until 11:59pm to make a final decision.. they were hoping we'd crack and lower the price... DH was trying to tell me what happened but it was 2am and I was barely awake so I don't know what went on..


                      FR - in laws coming over... pulled pork and salad..



                      jen - sounds like you're having a rough day all around.. hope it gets better..


                      ernie - ha cute about your DD and the mirrors.... at that age, it's ok to be crazy right?


                      rg - i agree with zorbs, it'd be nice to be done work by 9am!


                      eh - we once had a potential tenant back out b/c she didn't want to provide us with references... said that was invasive.. uh, right..


                      zorbs - i always feel sluggish after eating chinese food with my family... maybe it's the MSG...


                      bermy - a lot of my friends feed their LO's quinoa,... i'm not a huge fan personally... but C loves salmon!




                        RR:  5 between work and a meeting.  Or after the meeting, which ever one works.  Hoping for the first option.


                        TR:  Had fun at art class last night.  Sometimes he is totally in to the projects, others not so much.  Last night was not so much.  Sat okay at dinner...we let him play with the sugar packets!


                        NRR:  Not feeling the best this morning.  Just feel crappy (almost literally) and just want to sleep.  I went to bed early last night and that didn't help.  I have been having crazy vivid dreams about horrible things (being shot, etc.).  Not too sure what is up with that.


                        NRR#2:  The job...no, I haven't heard anything.  Its all very political with positions around here.  Letters had to be submitted by a certain date, intent to hire comes out another date, we have to return letter by another, etc. etc.  Plus, they are still paying crazy guy his salary which makes me really mad.  I have heard that they are looking at options with my schedule for next year.  We shall see!


                        FR:  Eating my muffins hoping it makes me feel better.  Ravioli with cheesy garlic bread for dinner tonight.



                        runnergirl - Sounds like you have an awesome day planned, enjoy!


                        zorbs - Mmmmmm....cinnamon hearts!  Maybe all the sugar will help you run faster and burn more calories!


                        eh! - I LOL'd at your story to Ernie.  Have fun with the cooking!  Whaccha makin?


                        bermy - It was either last night or the night before, I went to bed and thought about snuggling with J.  I guess that is the one downfall to the crib.  I would love to crawl in bed with him and cuddle for a while.  I miss the cuddles I used to get.  Although, he move so much, I would just get kicked all night, but its a nice thought!  Enjoy your run.


                        ernie - I love your humor about the car.  J is crazy too...I'm glad there is someone else who has that loving sentiment about their child!  I enjoyed the third book a lot.


                        jen - Bummer about the start to your day.  You need to find something for you.  Mabye a Bigby Coffee or something.  Speaking of mail, DH put the trunks in the mail yesterday.  I can't believe you still have cinnamon hearts left....you have way more self control than I do!


                        cx2 - I hope the rental deal went through for you!  Gald things are coming together for you with childcare!


                        spike - How are you feeling today?  From yesterday, the blanket was crocheted (sp?) and then I weaved in yarn to get the pattern.

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                          r-eh: nice job on your run this morning! i know it may sound silly, but i love cooking and cleaning days, my DH calls it my "nesting." ha. what is little ninjas? sounds like fun! enjoy dinner tonight, wherever you end up!


                          Bermy- wow, way to go with your mileage! how many miles per week does your program peak at? enjoy the playgroup today. aw, snuggle time is so sweet. R cuddled with  me for a good 15 minutes after he woke from his nap yesterday, i love those moments. yay for so much make-ahead food! relax and enjyo the day. oh, and you asked yesterday about 5K, honestly i think i  improved by racing them more. it's a tricky race- go out hard and hang on! i think endurance helped too, as i dropped 1 minute off my 5K time after my first marathon, then another 1;15 from there to my current PR.


                          ernie- ahaha, i love your car stories!! sounds like the mall was fun. we have an indoor play area at the mall but it's soooooo dirty, i refuse to take R. hope you have a great run today! good job with the ST and core yesterday, too!


                          jen- aww, sorry for the rough start to the day. hugs mama. and i hope J is better tonight too! can you get a fwe minutes to yourself today, just for some "you time?" as for the FR- do you track food intake at all? i know a few of my training clients use My Fitness Pal and love it. you can scan food barcodes in, very simple! good luck. Smile


                          Cx2- yay on the rental going through!!! are you guys trying to sell another one? my hammies always get really tight when I run on the TM too. i'm soooo ready for warmer temps. so glad you guys liked the nanny, what a relief!


                          mer- aw, sorry you're not feeling the best. hope it passes and you're better soon! your art class with J sounds like it's alot of fun! good luck with the job, sounds like quite the process they are going through. enjoy your run later today!

                           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                            CTimes - Nice job on cranking 7 out on the TM.  So glad you like the nanny.  Did she interact with C at all?  I hope it works out for you guys.  Yay for the sale of the rental too.  That is a nice stress reliever.


                            Mer - Glad J had fun at Art Class even if he wasn't too into the project.  Ugh...school politics tick me off.  I am in a similar boat...I have not idea if I will have a job next year or not...there is chatter but no one tells me when a decision will be made for sure.  Even then, though, I still have to re-interview for the position if it is actually available which is annoying.  I hope you get your run in before the meeting.  I only have cinnamon hearts left because I had 2 other bags in my cupboardSad


                              rg - I do use MyFitness Pal but I struggle sometimes with calorie counting...I used to be overly obsessive and don't want to get like that again.  I guess I should use it as a starting point to know what things, and how much I can eat and stay on track and then loosen the reins a bit.  Thanks for the advice!!




                                RR - have tennis clinic this morning, actually soon so I need to get my butt moving.  Then plan to run 5 afterwards.


                                BR - was loving red bell pepper last night.  Sometimes I don't think to have him try stuff because peppers were something I didn't start liking until a couple years ago.  I was a super picky eater as a kid.


                                FR - leftovers tonight.  Looking forward to cleaning out the fridge a little.


                                NRR - pretty sure we are going to the beach over Spring Break and I think my mom may come with us.  I'm excited!  My dad is driving down with her in a couple weeks but then we may fly her back so she can stay longer.  Sounds like she's willing to stay for a few weeks which would be awesome!


                                rg - it's crazy how these kids get teeth and such different times.  L has had all his molars for a couple months now.  Enjoy your hill run!  I'll have to start doing hill repeats to prepare for Nashville I guess!  Shopping, lunch and coffee sounds really really nice.


                                zorbs - I was bummed I gained a couple pounds over Christmas even though I kept running but now that I'm keeping track of calories I realize I needed to be running marathons every day to offset some of those calories.  How old is B?  My girls were late potty trainers so I'm not expecting L to do it at the typical time either.


                                eh - yesterday was supposed to be my cleaning and cooking type of day but I didn't get much done.  6.4 is close enough to 7 in my book!


                                bermy - that is some good miles you are putting in!  What does your plan peak at?  That's great you aren't sore, I don't think my body could handle marathon training right now.  Sounds like you'll have a nice relaxing day with a short run and your dinner prepared already!


                                ernie - the visual I get of your car cracks me up.  L likes to shriek loudly when he throws the ball, which he's always doing.  It's the most hilarious thing in the world to him apparently.


                                jen - oh no, so sorry for the bad start to your day!  I finally weighed myself last week and was so disgusted with myself I started keeping track on My Fitness Pal the next day.  I have been looking up "clean" meals in order to get more produce in my diet.  DH started keeping track on MFP too over the weekend which makes it much easier for me since I feel like he can't be the only one losing weight so it motivates me to stick to my daily calories.  I've only been doing it since last Thursday and I'm down 4 pounds (which i know is water weight) but I feel so much better about myself already.


                                cx2 - my hamstrings have been really tight lately too.  I guess I need to be better about stretching.  So glad the nanny is going to work out!


                                mer - I'm sorry you aren't feeling well!  Sorry you haven't heard anything about the job either - hopefully soon!