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      Morning all!


      PGR: 35w4d Had a great prenatal massage yesterday. My hips were tight! I'll be going back again in the new year for sure. Had to cancel last night's doula appointment as I ran out of time as the day went on, and the construction on the bedroom was particularly sawdusty as they put in the door. Tonight is the last night of our prenatal classes. Ultrasound in an hour!


      PGR2: Bought a brest friend pillow yesterday and got the car seat adapter for my stroller - both at 25% off. Woot!


      ER: Was up at 6am so I did the DVD this morning, ate breakfast, walked the dog and now for some green tea. I'm going to be tired today.


      NPGR: Kinda PGR related still - I had to turn down more work for the new year due to giving birth. I would have been set financially! Hopefully people continue to reach out when I'm ready to return to work. In the meantime, I'll watch my pennies and chase down a few overdue invoices today. Why is it, as a freelancer, it's always the biggest companies that fail to pay you on time? Argh


        Youjust: Are you a writer? hopefully the work keeps on coming after the birth, try not to stress too much, I know I do stress too often, and it always works out anyway..  Nice job on the pillow and adapter online, did you get a bob adaptor? I got mine on amazon, not an amazing deal but better than stores. 


        ER: having some CRAZY winds here in Texas, and below freezing again! good thing I brought my ear warmers for my 1.7 mile waddle, haha. I (unfortunately) could get used to this slacking off.. 


        PR: acid was gone yesterday! yay! LO is moving a ton, which is good since I'm missing all my OB appoints I'm supposed to be having at home.. and my belly is HUGE  ( to me). Inlaws are planning on coming in March still, I am wondering if I should still ask about them staying ni a hotel after th drama when the grandparents asked them to stay in one ( ie they didn't come over for christmas because of it.. ) Hmm, that could work! haha. We'll see. 


        Ok I am off to wake up DH, he wanted to be woken up to work on his paper, but I doubt he actually will get up! 

        MA runner girl



          RR: Ran 3 miles this morning. Felt good, probably since it was my first run since Sunday. Hoping to run tomorrow and Sunday to keep up with at least 12 mpw.


          PGR: 26w4d. Ummm nothing new really. Went to bed before 10 and slept until 7 this morning. So I am not tired for once, yay! I bought myself 2 maternity shirts last night because I don't have enough clothes to wear to all the Christmas parties this weekend, got them at target and they weren't too bad ($15-$20 each).


          NPGR: I got almost all my Christmas shopping done in 3 hours last night. Felt good and I feel much less stressed about Christmas now. I'm working at home today and tonight I plan on frosting cookies, hopefully I can get most of it done.


          ETA: I'm so sorry for my lack of personals! Work is always insane the end of the year, and we had a reorganization so reports are being restructured and have to be done ASAP. So stressful...


          YJPM - Prenatal massage sounds lovely, I should find somewhere that does them. It's funny that you say that about companies paying you.. my dad owned his own electrical contracting business for years and he was talking to DH about it the other day because DH is interested in possibly starting his own business someday, he said the same thing that the big companies took the longest to pay him. Must be SO frustrating!!! Things like that make me feel better having a stable paycheck..

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

          MA runner girl

            Canada - I'm glad LO is moving a lot, must be reassuring since you aren't going to the OB. What a bummer that it's been so cold down there! Figures that you'd bring the cold with you Wink

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Good morning! Quick stop in before I talk myself out of a swim again...


              YJPM - A massage sounds great, I would love for someone to work on my hips! I hope the u/s is looking good, enjoy your prenatal class.


              CJazz - Hmmm on the ILs staying with you. I'm sure you'll have a sense of where you'll be at as it's a couple of months after LOs arrival. Perhaps mentioning they could "hep with night feedings" wold get them booking a hotel?? I hope the Texas weather warms up  - although relatively I'm guessing it is kind of warm for you Smile


              MA - no worries on the personals! Good work on the running; I am jealous of your 10-7 sleeping marathon (because to me at the moment, that is a marathon); outstanding work on the christmas shopping, I am waaay too chicken to go to the shops now.


              Okay, okay, off for a swim back later...


                yjpm - A massage sounds heavenly...I think I'll start dropping hints to DH and my mom that one of those would be a nice treat...boo to the client not paying.


                Canada - Brr on the below freezing temps in TX. I think it's reasonable to ask the ILs to stay in a hotel - we're hoping to limit any "help" in the first few weeks so we can get the hang of things and bond, and even then I don't expect anyone will actually be staying with us.


                MA - Great job on the Christmas shopping - no worries on the lack of personals - especially at holiday time!


                Ozzy - Have a great swim!


                PGR: 18w2d. Felt a baby kick/punch on the outside last night - craziness! I'm so excited for DH and DSD to be able to feel.  DH picked up cute little Christmas stockings with "A" and "B" on them, so we both did an impromptu announcement on FB last night. 


                RR: 3 hours of shopping?  I wore terrible shoes and was unsure I was even going to make it back to my car by the end of the night.


                NPGR: Still a few things to pick up for Christmas, but I couldn't take my aching feet anymore last night. Happy hour after work for DH's work, then bball practice tonight.  Didn't get to bed until about 11 last night, so I'm tired today. I really want some free time so I can clean...our house seems so disheveled.


                QOTD (reposted from late yesterday afternoon): Who is planning on cloth diapering? Or who has cloth diapered before?  I'm trying to decide if I'm interested enough to keep pushing DH - he is NOT all for it - he is grossed out by the thought of poop in the washing machine.  I'm not sure if it's worth the battle if he's not totally on board. He's said he's not into it unless we are getting a second washing machine for dipes, which is not happening, as that negates any savings by using cloth dipes. 




                  RR - Wanted to make it to the gym yesterday for upper body weight workout but life got in the way. Going to do the Pinterest workout at home since I don't know when DH will be back today and the weather is rain til the afternoon then snow. 


                  PGR - Up at 4 for awhile. Luckily I didn't sleep in too late because of it. 


                  NPGR - DS seems to have a teething runny nose/eye. He has what looks like 4 molars coming in. Poor kid. He was all sniffly in his sleep last night but during the day seems no worse for wear. Yesterday he had me worn out with only a 35 minute nap. Hoping today is better on all counts.


                  YJPM - Hope you can reschedule your doula appt and work out everything with your freelancing. Awesome deals on the baby stuff and massage.


                  Canada - Hooray for an acid free day. Enjoy your walk.


                  MA - Good job on the run. Parties sound fun this weekend.


                  Ozzy - Enjoy your swim.

                  TN - We cloth diaper. Not exclusively, especially if we go on trips, but at home. We have a diaper sprayer hooked up to the water intake in the wall to the toilet and you spray off the muckiest muck before it goes in the washer. Honestly without the diaper sprayer I would have a hard time cloth diapering. But it's rather simple once you get a routine going.


                    YJPM: It's not just freelancers that have the problem with big companies. My dad has a small manufacturing company and the other smaller companies he does work for have to pay in 30 days, but some of the larger ones have 60-90 day deals! Sometimes sucks being the little guy waiting around on their enormous invoices! And even with all that time, he still has to hound them for money! Sorry about getting more requests for work at such an inopportune time. Hopefully there will be plenty when you do go back. Your massage sounds like it was wonderful!


                    Canada: hahaha! Oh, family is such a hassle sometimes! You could totally do the hotel thing and see what happens. If they give in without a fuss, then it might be a good thing for them to come. Smile I assume my parents will get a hotel when they come out. They've seen our apartment... SO cold for Texas! Sorry for you. Yesterday was gorgeous here in VA. 68! But I'm not holding my breath for it staying nice for vacation.


                    MA: great job with the run! Sounds like you're doing awesome in that department. Jealous of your sleep. I did not sleep well last night. I have too much on my mind with packing for the trip and all. Hopefully I can get a nap today since we'll be driving all day tomorrow. Working at home sounds great! I always tried to get that type of job. No luck!


                    Ozzy: Have fun with your swim. Don't be too scared of the scale. Your last pic looked super awesome! I'm pretty sure you're still on the low end of things!


                    RR: Might try for a short walk (2 miles) today. Did 3 mile walk yesterday with only a few BH, so I felt like it was a wise choice. I'm going to tone down my running (maybe try run/walks) so that I am running shorter distances overall. I also may go to the eliptical more. I hate it, but it's better than stopping altogether!


                    PGR: Midwife appointment yesterday was great! I asked about the BH and thankfully the midwife told me that BH are pretty normal during pregnant exercise especially when the baby is head down (mine is and has been for 2 weeks at least). She encouraged me to run more frequently, but shorter distances, or to alternate with walking, or use the eliptical instead. Also she told me to get electrolyte water to drink throughout the day, instead of just gatorade during workouts. So I guess I have to go to whole foods and get some. Smile I also got the "basic" ultrasound yesterday and it was SO awesome! It's funny b/c the midwife stressed that it was very basic and that they could not determine gender or much else. She just wanted me to do it to determine the position of the placenta. Well, it turns out it was a pretty normal ultrasound machine, just the lady who runs it is not a certified tech. She's taught herself, so she can't tell the gender at this point. However, she could point out the spine, the heart (so crazy to see it beating), the eyes, umbilical cord. It was so incredible! DH was there and he was looking pretty overwhelmed. It was so much fun to watch it kicking around!


                    NPGR: Got to get the tags renewed and the car inspected before the trip. Also have all the packing still to do and the house to clean. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and didn't sleep well because of it. I'm going to try to get it all done in enough time to maybe get my walk and a brief nap. I may or may not get back for more personals. Have a great day ladies.




                      TN - 3hrs of Christmas shopping too? you ladies are hardcore Smile That is so neat you are feeling the babies move...it can be particularly pronounced after eating something sugary I've found....just sayin'....oh, and I'm with Schmett, hooking a sparyer up to the toilet is my plan too. Also, i thought you could throw diapers into a tub to soak before putting them in the washing machine; and even then they will be there on their own loads I would think at hot water/sanitary settings....I think your DH is being overly squeamish, get him to ask what his mother did when she raised him! pretty sure disposables may not have been around as much then? They certainly weren't for me. Plus, cloth diapers have come a long way it appears!


                      Schmett - fingers crossed on DS napping well today so you get a chance to do more of your "things to do"!


                      Sasha - your u/s experience sounded awesome; I remember our 12 week one was our "awestruck" moment, to see a real live growing, moving baby inside. That is neat your m/w is on board with your activity - and a smart suggestion from her on increasing frequency/decreasing distance so you can still do some running, very cool. Thanks for the compliment re FB pic, I am thinking of posting another one this weekend as an update depending on my self esteem (haha, you ladies are great for making me/everyone else feel good!)




                      PGR - 34w3d. Feeling fairly good, though my swim again had me "hit a wall" at around 2.5km, almost like there is a major oxygen deficit and I have to choose between moving my legs or my arms but not both. So i think my 3km swim days are coming to a close - or I have lots of 50-100m repeats at turtle speed in my immediate future!! But that's okay. Have found myself having the occasional doze in work breaks the last few days so maybe LO is going through a growth spurt...as soon as I got back from my swim I had some banana/nut butter and honey on ricecake and LO is happily moving so I find that reassuring.


                      ER - Yep, got to 2.5km of my set (pyramid style this morning - 100, 200-, 300, 400, 500, 5x100, then back down) then hit the wall and reduced to a snail's pace so the last 600m was all done as 100s at slow speed. Meh, I got there! perhaps I'll reduce to 2.5km swims now with a water jog for 10mins at the end (as it seems i just need more oxygen to get in and reduce the effort). Really enjoyed my circuit style elliptical/strength workout yesterday, it felt great!


                      NPGR - Have started crocheting a floppy eared bunny rabbit for LO as my "personalised" gift. Am thinking of stuffing it with just a little bit of rice just to weight it better (already have other stuffing), am pretty pleased with how it's going so far given my lack of talent for crafts. Speaking of (PGR), just 200m up the road is a Fine Arts school which would be great to get LO into as it is so close but as I said to DH - we both (me more so) lack creative genes, how will LO go at a Fine Arts school??? ha, amusing but he's right. Around here you need to get onto school enrolments at conception so...guess I'd better get on it to keep our options open!


                      NPGR2.  Bought a second hand iPhone 4 yesterday off CL; am going to get it hooked up pre-paid today and am excited to perhaps talk to my sister and Mum back in Oz on Mac Facetime (which is actually the primary reason I have a cell-phone, so i can text Mum back in Oz)...oh, and since I have it, may as well check out some apps...right??


                        TN: totally forgot - we are planning on cloth diapers. We live iin an appt so got a portable machine just for those - otherwise dh was refusing. Also got some flushable liners for the poop so you can just dump it - but will have to let you know how it goes in a month or two lol. So cute about the announcement - I'll friend you so I can see!


                        Yesterday I tagged Zeb in a photo, and we were wondering if we should just make him a fb profile ( private one) for photos etc so people arn't overrun from baby photos on my wall etc, but can friend him.. is that weird? We also thought he could look atit when he's older and see all hte comments haha. Thoughts?


                          Canada - I ended up making an album on my page for DS pics, I labeled it "hi I'm DS" and I just throw in a memorable pic or two as time goes by. I'm not one of those people who puts 60 pics of one event on FB. I know sometimes people make a separate profile for pets or kids but it just seems so much more hassle than it's worth. If I was going to put that much effort in, I'd create an invite-only blog to keep out creeps.


                          Sasha - Glad your appt went well and you got to see your baby. Yay on both counts!


                            Hey, I can post from my phone! Never could on rwol! Quick check in, we've started the second half of our trip. Meeting my best friend for an early lunch in about a half hr then on our way to the in laws. The trips been good so far, have had to pee a lot so we've been stopping! The hotel bed was super comfy but I unfortunately wasn't asleep the whole night! Also didnt have time to work out this morning, oh well. Probably won't do more than walk the mall sometime this weekend, oh well. Sounds like things are pretty bad at home, glad we left when we did. Its windy and rainy where we are, which isnt great for gas mileage, but that beats snow! Have a great day all! I may or may not check in again on this trip! Have a great holiday if I don't stop in again! Oh and TN, i saw your fb post announcement, super cute!

                              Good morning ladies, I haven't quite gotten my morning routine down to include adequate time to post, but I'm working on it!


                              yjpm - enjoy the ultrasound today, will this be a 3D/4D ultrasound?  Glad you enjoyed the massage, did you do anything special to look for someone that you felt comfortable with their prenatal experience?


                              CJ - glad you seem to be enjoying your TX trip, seems like they've have quite the extremes with weather lately; ugh, family drama, hope you're able to come to a decision that makes you all happy


                              MA - nice work on the Christmas shopping!  I think I have just a few more gifts on the shopping list, better get on that!


                              TNesq - so exciting that you can feel the babies move that distinctly, I think that's what I'm most looking forward to next


                              schmett - sorry DS gave you a run for your money yesterday


                              sashannadelina - that sounds like a fantastic midwife appointment, glad you get to keep up with the exercise and got to see the heartbeat, etc on the ultrasound


                              ozzy - aw, I like the idea of making LO a personalized gift, even if you're not crafty!  


                              monk - glad to hear to made it past the weather, enjoy the trip!



                              RR: summary of the week: little bit of dog walking and yoga, 2.5-ish mile run on Tuesday and 45 minutes of circuit training this morning.  It all felt good, I'm definitely getting my energy back!


                              PGR: 15wks, not a whole lot right now, still just kind of thick around the middle, I warned my mom that she's going to be disappointed when they come to visit because I haven't 'popped' yet, but as far as I can tell everything is going well and I'm grateful.  I tried reading to the baby for the first time this morning to start the bonding process, felt a little strange, but I liked it.


                              NRR:  just trying to get through the next two days of work before a full 11 days off!  I'm really looking forward to the break, one more holiday party to go to tomorrow night, then it's just relaxing with my family, DH's family wasn't able to make it this year. Sad  But we'll get to see them in the spring not long after we (presumably) find out the sex of the baby, so that will be special too.


                                PG:  U/s this afternoon!  So excited.  Also, going to place order for gender reveal cake.


                                RR: skipped my workout last night.  But I was productive at home, wrapped presents and got together 3 garbage bags full of clothes and 1 box household items to take to goodwill.


                                Sorry a quick one today.  I'm only working 4hrs, u/s, and finish up xmas shopping this afternoon.