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Wah Winter Weekend (Over 40) (Read 24 times)

    Happy St Pat's Day everyone.  Being of Irish ancestry, this is one of my favorite holidays.  Also because no presents or cards or gatherings are required, just lots of good cheer.


    DH and I had fun this morning at our 12K.  Very well organized, great scenery, perfect weather, good finish festival.   We weren't breaking any speed records today, finishing at 1:10, and that's fine.   Pic of my special St. Patrick's Day outfit is below.


    Karen, that sounds like a pretty awful morning.  Thank goodness for your canine burglar alarm.   Hopefully the police catch that idiot.


    Cindy, nice job on the AG award!  Glad your 10k went well and was well supported.  Schools need all the help they can get these days.


    Carol, hope you had a fun festive 5k and saw lots of leprechauns.


    JulieD, nice job on the "manly" push-ups!


    Lisa, love the snowy pics.  Yes, we can run across the bridge or anywhere else your heart desires when you're out here in June.  But we might have to dodge tourists since the bridge gets a little busy on summer weekends.


    Ginny, I was never too fond of corned beef either when I was a kid but always loved my mom's soda bread.


    Marjorie, way to go on the non-stop 23 miler.  I think it's all about finding a strategy that works for each of us when it comes to long runs.  Everyone will have things that work and things that don't work, and those things will not be the same for each of us, that's for sure.


    Hoping things went well for Demaris today at LAM!




    Run to live; live to run

      Karen, Damaris finished  Not exactly what she wanted but with all those hills she did fine.


      Gatsby that is a good time and great pic.



        I don't do anything anymore without stopping!  I feel good if I can do 5 without stopping, and that even doesn't happen very often!


        Karen....how scary!  I can't believe he was still trying to break in with the dog barking and you at home....how weird.  Good running today too!


        Great pic Gatsby, love the outfit and you look wonderful!.  My first 10K ever was on St. Patrick's Day in Kansas City.


        Lisa...yes you do make people smile, I can vouch for that!  An 8 minute mile or a 16 minute mile...a mile is still a mile (love that quote) makes me feel better in my slowness...





        6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


          Gatsby:  I love the pic.  You look great.

          Julie:  congratulations on your pushups.

          Cindy:  Congratulations on your race& good luck on your 10 miler.

          Karen:  I’m so sorry.  That sounds scary and awful.


          I spent my day at the first track meet of the season.  My boys did great.  They are celebrating with pizza.

          2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

          Over 45 PR's:

          5K - 21:21

          Half - 1:39:49

          Full - 3:33.47


            Karen-LOL at the stupid burglar comment.  Wow on the "easy" pace run.  I've always heard that Hanson is pretty intense. WTG!!


            Carol-sounds like you had a good time no matter the pace.  those kind of events are made to be enjoyed.  Costumes, beads, I'm sure that there was much to go around.


            Marjorie-that is impressive and I can't say that I know any other runners that can go that long/far without fuel/liquids of some sort. You are most certainly one of a kind. The ultra runners that go light still carry at least some fluids on anything over 10 miles it seems. I most certainly couldn't do it... well at least not comfortably but then again I don't know since I've never tried. Viva la difference!


            Damaris-wtg on LAM!  She posted on FB a 5:29 time.


            Gatsby-love the pic!  Hmm.. dodging tourists.. sounds like just another convenient Lisa excuse for going slow.  Works for me. :-)  And since technically I would BE a tourist myself it seems redundant. When it gets closer we'll strategize. I will have a rental car so that helps quite a bit.. although I imagine that finding a parking spot is a feat.


            Ginny-I asked coworker if people are more likely to ask her how much she walked when she did a race or what her finishing time was. In ultra land Forward Relentless Motion is what it's all about. Beats just plain stopping.





              Lisa, the scenery looks pretty! And good for you for reminding coworker that stops are not a bad thing. Sometimes stopping is a very good thing (i.e. at a traffic light when it is red and there are cars coming). Running should be fun.


              Damaris did not do badly considering the conditions -- hot weather, lots of people, lots of students who tend to run fast, stop, run fast, stop. Not devastated that I did not run the race.


              Karen, how scary! Sounds like Jake earned his Milk-Bones for sounding the alarm. So the guy didn't run off even when you yelled?


              Marjorie, glad your dad is not scheduling a wedding on a day you already have a race.


              Running neighbour just texted and wants to run tomorrow morning. She did 3:49 today...tough woman!


              20 yesterday, 4.1 this morning before church, 5.9 in the afternoon.