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(Over 40) Spring Clean Weekend (Read 20 times)


Run to live; live to run




    Run to live; live to run

      Our bedroom is all spring cleaned.  Since they took everything out just about it made it easy since I was not putting stuff back in that needed to go to a new home or to "it doesn't fit and no one wants it cuz it looks bad" heaven.  Got dh to even clean out his cloths drawers as I wouldn't let them back in the room until he did.  He even finally, got rid of his old uniforms from the fire dept that don't fit and or they don't wear anymore (they change styles all the time).


      New bedding and a nice area rug and the room and closet look great.  I even had time to trim back several of the bushes outside for spring.


      Now off to run then puppy pool.



        Marjorie....it so nice to redo a room like that.  Macy's is having a big comforter sale today, I am going to check it out, our room needs a makeover and since my youngest moved out a couple of months ago I get to redo his room too!


        Sitting here debating whether to go out for a run or not.  Both yesterday and today I feel pretty good, just wondering if I should wait and feel "pretty good" for a few days before I resume exercise.  I am so afraid to push it.  I don't want to set myself back.


        Really cold here today (what else is new)


        Hope everyone has a good weekend.





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        Fire Jumper

          Good morning, all!


          Didn't make it back last night to do personal.  My poor Jazzie dog needed my attention.  She was having a hard night as she is mending from whatever tummy bug has gotten hold of her.   Bless her heart.   Today we start very small servings of chicken and rice.


          LC - I guess we're "sleep in" buds again!   This morning, I slept to almost 7am.   That's a little piece of heaven for me!!


          Camille - lol on the gym story.  You know - I'm sure your looked beautifully healthy with rosy pink cheeks and a nice glisten going on!


          Karen - Hooray for co-workers that are willing to "hedge" just a bit Smile


          GInny - LOVED the post card photo.... and the photo of your GD is priceless.


          Marjorie - it's amazing what happens to family members when "stuff" is involved.   There are still hard feelings between my two sisters from things that happened when were dealing with my Mom's "stuff."


          Gatsby - wow.... I never even considered that someone could/would run in Antarctica.  What kind of race is there?


          Damaris - goodness, sick puppy week.   I hope your precious Trixie is doing well today.   My Jazzie has to start two oral medications today.  Thankfully she runs out her doggie door when she has diarrhea or has to vomit.   (I think she wants her privacy!)


          Lisa - Did you call me Julia?  lol... I only got called that when I was in trouble and Mom had her hands on her hips... haha!    I got shudders up my spine!!   Anywhooo.... yes, I had a major computer hiccup and suddenly there were several of the same post.  ugh.  love technology sometimes.


          TODAY - I hope to do 5.5 miles at the indoor track.   This will be my last long run before my 2013 premier 5K next weekend.  I'm so hoping that my long runs will make the 3.1 miles feel a little shorter.  Looks like the temps are finally going up into the 50's for that weekend!  YAY!!


          Be well.


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            Morning all,

            Running 10 easy this morning, then loading up a load of junk in the car and taking it to the county dump before heading into DC to pick up my packet for tomorrow's 5K.  Weather looks beautiful today, not so much tomorrow. I fear we're going to skip spring and one day it will just suddenly be 90 and hot.


            Gatsby, I miss your consistently awesome weather! Love your 7 continents goal. I read a book a couple years ago by Cami Ostman about her experience doing that. It's a little "girly", with feelings and therapy and life changes, but I really liked it. She is also a Maniac so I friended her on facebook after reading it. She is now trying to do the 50 states by age 50 - turns out she's the same age as me, so we've kept in touch about that.


            Marjorie, that must feel awesome. Clean, "new", clutter-free room. I might be a little bit jealous!


            Damaris, hope your kitty is doing okay. 50K today or is it tomorrow?


            Ginny, maybe start out with a brisk walk and see how it goes - pick it up if you're feeling good?


            Julie, poor Jazzie. Hope she's feeling better today. And these longer runs you're doing will definitely help in the 5K next weekend.


            Lisa, hope you're having fun this morning? Have you run around the world yet?



            Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
            Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

            Bad Ass

              Hi, girls.  I DNSd the race (Karen, it was today) because I had to take Trixie back to the vet.  She has now been hospitalized.  Better that way so they can monitor her.  They still think is dehydration but they might do an ultra sound to make sure she has no blockages.  Hoping for no surgery.  Poor girl.  Some miles tonight to retain my sanity and off to look for another ultra.


              Marjorie, nice 10.  Good luck at the pool.


              Ginny, hope you still feel good and hoping you ran.


              Julie, sorry to hear about the doggie.  Mine is a kitty so whenever she is she vomits.  Which happened to be atop us or in bed, ugh.  LOL.


              Karen, hope the 10 went well.


              Thinking of lots of things so I don't have to think of Trixie crying at the vet because I left her there (she cried when I said goodbye).  Silly kitty.



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


              Run to live; live to run

                I did 10.1.  Much warmer than it was supposed to be as it was 48 when I left.  Was supposed to be in the 30's.


                Julie hope the 44 laps or so go well.


                Karen  I'm loving the new room.  Just cleaned out my running stuff and all of the gross work t shirts dh hadn't gotten to.  They may magically end up missing.  The'd been in a space bag for years so I opened it to make sure there wasn't anything important and dumped it. 

                Lisa they've pretty much decided they will get married in the chapel at my dad's church.  She isn't Catholic but dad is okay with it and she isn't divorced so they shouldn't have a problem.  I'm not really wanting to be the planner.


                Gatsby twin is just weird.  Where my dad lives he has only lived there since 1989 so not where we grew up.  He has no attachments to that home.  I think he was more worried on the tons of wood working equipment that my dad has because he wants it.



                  Good morning!  My mom told me yesterday the blooming trees I thought were dogwoods are actually Bradford pear trees.  Very showy and pretty! (Still just in the lower areas.)  I thought of posting a pic as a sign of spring, then remembered my mother sent me a pic of her blooming pear tree my first year in Fairbanks. It was mid April, the snow had mostly melted, then we had another cold snap with more snow.  I opened her letter with the pic and just cried I was so sick of winter.


                  Lisa, good luck on the race!  If you want to wait to plan with your sis-in-law, that's fine.  I'm a pretty flexible type myself.  I may invite a hiking friend to go along, but I'll just tell her it's tentative.   She doesn't run (yet), but is in good shape.


                  Laura, glad you had time to run!  I'm glad the Saturday work won't start for a while.


                  Docket, glad your pet is ok! Good luck on the race!


                  Karen and Tessa, wow on your stars!  I need the dancing elephant emoticon for you.   Chasing stars isn't something for me, but I've always been fascinated by people who  accomplish hard feats. Adventure memoirs are favorite reads.   I hadn't looked at the Maniac site in a long time and was surprised they'd added  levels.  Wow!  After I qualified with 3 in 3 months, I didn't do another for 2 years because I didn't enjoy them as much as I expected. I'd done 2 in 6 weeks the year before and loved both.  That's why I'm  kind of picky about the ones I do now and think you're right to choose ones that appeal to you. I looked at the Dust Bowl Series...amazing that people do it....but not my type thing. . I think I may have shared this in the past.  My goal started as a joke several years ago after our first destination race (Iowa half). We were in a small building trying to stay warm and had our first encounter with 50 staters. One guy was trying to BQ in every state, another was doing back to back fulls.   We had no idea people were so into it and were just trying to keep our jaws from dropping. We thought they were crazy!   I joked later that I could maybe do 25 halfs in 25 states...that became a goal. : ) I now also count fulls (my game/my rules) and now have 19 states.  Smile


                  Ginny, meant to comment on your GD's photo. Great pic!

                  Marjorie, sounds like you have a great contractor.  Good job getting spring clenaing done.  I have to do some next week before company gets here.

                  Gatsby, wow on your goal of Antartica.  I lived in the Fairbanks cold too long for that to sound remotely appealing, but will eagerly await your tale of adventure.

                  Julie, good luck to poor doggie.  You are clearly developing mental toughness to do 44 laps!

                  Have a great day!  I had 13 on schedule, but am going to switch and do that tomorrow and 3 today.

                  LC Runs

                    Good Saturday Morning Big grin


                    Just back from 7 miles, last mile in a headwind (why is that always the way it works?), but decent 9:14/mile pace.  No kids activities today, at least I don't think so lol.  It's my boyfriend's birthday, so I need to make his cake and wrap presents; thankfully, he works today so I have time to get it done.


                    Marjorie - I love a freshly cleaned room, I need to clean all of my rooms ha ha


                    Ginny - I say go out and do a couple of miles, it will make you feel better and not overdo it.


                    Julie - what breed of dog is Jazzie?  I have a shih tzu puppy.  And, you're right, I slept in until 7 am Smile


                    Hi Karen - enjoy the 10 today and 5k tomorrow!


                    Damaris - oh no, sorry about your kitty hope she is okay


                    Hi Camille - wow, 19 states is awesome!!


                      Hi Girls!  Smile  I haven't posted much here or in runanago b/c honestly, I haven't been much of a runner lately & I now have 2 kids on the track team at their respective schools, plus 1 that plays rugby, I still teach faith formation on Tues nights & my DH is still overseas long term.  Honestly, I'm just exhausted.   Anyway, got a gem of a run in late yesterday - kinda snuck it in & because

                      it's going to be chilly and rainy all weekend here,  I slipped out & got it in.  Wasn't easy b/c I had people coming to give a painting estimate at 5:15, and I left at almost 4pm - but it was the only day of the week that I didn't have to drive my older 3 kids all over hell's half acre for sports.
                      Nice & sunny, a bit cool & breezy - but it beats the heck out of running now - it's 38 & lightly raining.  Got in 8 solid miles in 1:20 & then did another easy 2 in 23 mins while they walked around the house.  (It's a friend of mine & her painter friend - so she had already been thru the house once & they really didn't need me - thank God)
                      A wee bit sore this am b/c it's my first double digit run in a looooooong time, but I'm gorging on pancakes, raspberry yogurt & coffee, so I suspect I'll be just fine.  ;-)

                      I do think of you all & I still hope to come up to WV & at least do that 1/2.  I think that I could train for & do the full if I don't have any training snafu's between now & then.  It'd be a mighty slow marathon,  but I'm okay with that.  I really just want to get back to longer runs & then maybe bust out a PR at Thunder Rd this November.  But...shhhhhh...that's a super secret goal.


                        oh Marjorie - come spring clean my house - - I'll feed you!  Smile  I get so overwhelmed sometimes!  I'm trying to talk MrDel into a long Chas'ton weekend, so if so - let's meet up! You'll have to go easy on me b/c I'm just starting out - again - Roll eyes


                        Ginny - how is it when the youngest leaves the nest?  My oldest is 2 yrs away from college & I'm already getting butterflies when I think of it.  You and I are in similar places-  I'm afriad to push my body too hard b/c I don't want to go all the way back to the start - - I'm trying to work up slowly & not get hurt again.  Frustrating sometimes, huh?


                        Julie - hope your baby is better.  Have a good run  Smile


                        Karen - that's what NC does - we have Spring for, like, a day & then we basically go from running the heater to running the a/c.  Joking  I so hope I get to meet you at H/M!


                        Damaris - hope Trixie is better soon & that you get in some sanity miles later on.


                        Camille - I can't wait for blooming trees!  We had a great run of weather last week & now this week it's Winter again.  Ugh.


                        LC - nice pace!!!  I hope I can get back to that.  I'm still feeling large & unwieldy - galumphing.  9:14 for 7 miles sounds like Heaven!!!

                        LC Runs

                          Hi Amy!  I am exhausted just reading your post ha ha!  I had a rough Jan/Feb with weather, kids schedules and a knee problem, so I am with you on trying to get in some double digit runs - I have a Half to run in ohhh, 3 weeks lol

                            Happy Saturday!  DH and I ran 10.7 with RC today.  The goal was 12 but we just weren't feeling it and turned back early.   On Thursday we tried a tempo run (not sure if tempo is the right word, almost 3 at a faster than normal pace) and I think my legs are still tired two days later!  Did that happen to you speedsters when first starting out with speedwork?


                            Marjorie and Ginny, room makeovers sound like a great idea, especially now that spring here.   Have fun with it.


                            JulieD and Damaris, very sorry to hear that your fur-babies aren't well.  Hopefully they are on the road to recovery soon.


                            Karen, I will look for Cami Ostman's book, maybe find her on FB as well.  I don't know if our 7 continents goal will happen before I'm 50 (and too late for DH, he turned 50 this year, haha)  but possibly.  Someone asked about the Antarctica run -- it's on dirt roads (which could be dirt or mud or snow, depending on the weather) that run between different outposts down there.  They said trail running shoes are usually okay for it.   Of course, I've never even run on snow before so might need to practice just in case...


                            Camille, "your game/your rules" is a great philosophy when it comes to running.  After all, it's just running... do what you enjoy!   Sounds like your 25 state goal is well within reach.


                            LC, that's a fast pace for 7, especially with a headwind at the end!  Nice.


                            Hi Amy.  That's pretty awesome that you can bust out a double digit run like that after not running much lately.  Nothing wrong with galumphing!  


                            Who's racing this weekend?  Is Lisa out there today?  Karen tomorrow?  (Damaris, better to DNS sometimes when life issues come up. There will be other races).


                            Enjoy the rest of the day!


                            Run to live; live to run

                              Waves  to Gatsby.


                              Amy of course we have to get together!  Just let me know.


                              went shopping and spent money on new curtains for the master bath, new pillows for our bed, new throw pillows for the couch, a new blanket for dh for work, a bunch of odds and ends, new towels etc.  Just dropped off a ridiculous amount of stuff to goodwill from what we sorted yesterday.  My car was packed.  Had to take all the sleeve patches off dh's old uniform tops so they could be donated.  Some were easy, some the stitch was tighter so it was hard to get my thread cutter under them  Two big patches each sleeve.  Took forever with 15 uniform tops!  But can't donate them with the fireman patch and department on the. Kinda frowned on.



                                Hi all,


                                Marjorie - Wood floors and a cleaned out bedroom - NICE!!!!  Last week-end I did new shower curtain/rugs, 2 new comforters and took a load of stuff to Salvation Army - 'tis the season must be!

                                Ginny - Hope if you get out to run it goes good!

                                Julie - Awwww, hope your Jazzie  feels better soon....

                                Karen AG - How fun that you are close enough to DC to go there for a 5k!  Good luck tomorrow.

                                Damarias - Hope your Trixie gets better soon too!  Sorry about your DNS today...but sometimes it just happens.

                                Camille - I love your my game/my rules!  I say that when I golf....

                                LCruns - What half do you have coming up?  I did MudDog 10 k only, today - I looked around for you, I had thought you had mentioned doing it.

                                Amy - Sounds really busy at your house!  I admire those of you with kids at home getting in your runs.....

                                Gatsby - It is nice that you and DH run together!  I'm not a speedster so no advice from me on sore legs Wink


                                Went with a friend to a nearby race today - I was signed for the half, but decided last week to do the 10k instead.  had a fun time!  Ended with 57:20...PR for me....It is not "chipped" time so everyone just starts at the same time and pull your name off your # when you come across finish - on my Garmin  56:54, my goal was to get in under 57 - so I will use Camille's "my game/my rules" and call it sub 57:00 Big grin