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    Good Morning, Ladies!


    I'm getting ready to head down to a 10k with my friend, gonna be another cold one here Smile  My BF is transporting the kids to their soccer games this morning, I have the itemized list out so hopefully they get where they need to be lol.


    Really out of the loop, but hope everyone is doing well.  I am counting the days until Spring.....Big grin



    Bad Ass

      Morning!  Sorry for not posting yesterday but between work, the chiro, grocery shopping, solving an issue with my dad, and running, all I did that night was cook, eat, and relax with my husband.


      Today will be a 5 miler shakeout run.  I have a marathon tomorrow and for the first time in a while (read that EVER), Winter is coming and it's going to be freezing cold for it.


      LC Runs, enjoy the 10K.



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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      Fire Jumper

        Good morning ladies!


        Just got back from a business trip.  It was my first crack at chairing the meeting as President of my statewide association (Council on Addiction of New York State).  It was a bit intimidating, but all went well!  They're a great group of committed and smart folks!   I enjoy their company.


        Today is training with core-meister.  I always look forward to seeing him.  I may have the gumption to go for a run after that.  I really need to get 4 miles in to make my goal for the week.  Business travel and hip issues have made it hard for me to make my goals as of late.


        Thanks Lisa - Empowered is a great word for how I feel.    And .... all I can think of is   duck.. Duck..... GOOSE!!!  LOL

        I 100% agree with you on your read of the young people!  In teaching college juniors and seniors, I find that there is still some optimism about the ability to impact the world in a big way.   I have a 20-something working for me in my agency and she is just full of hope that she can make a positive difference.  On the other hand, the group of adults I met with yesterday (my peers), there is a new turn in overall optimism and morale... for the worse.  Most of us NEVER thought that we would have to contend with local, state, and federal politics, understand it AND try to influence it, just for the survival of our field.  We have always been the bright eyed optimists that would change the world, if only one addict or potential addict at a time.  Now, the term is "addiction" is simply being re-labeled on the federal level (as if changing the name it is called somehow changes the fact that it exists).  Issues are big, resources are scarce.  sigh. 


        Camille - thanks.


        Karen - cool story about the UPS guy.  It always flabbergasts me when someone tells me that they "notice" the fitness work I am doing... even people who NEVER saw me obese.  It's neat to get the props!


        Marjorie rockin' the half plus a tenth!  Nice!


        Ginny... cool on the 5K.... I am still looking for an early spring race to shoot for!


        Tessa - had to laugh at Gatsby's take on your loss of paragraphs.  You know... technology was SUPPOSED to be our friend... lol


        Carolyn - hooray on the six!


        Okay... off to hit the shower so that I can head to the gym, smelling like a daisy.  Wink


        Good morning, Damaris and LC!!


        Have a great day..... happy runs!


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          Tessa:  I think that your race is, today.  Good luck!  I would drive up to see you, but my kids have a big track meet, today.


          My kids are in 4th and 6th grade, and they are going to be running a track meet a high school JV team.  My assumption is that they will be running against, mainly, 9th graders and a few 10th graders.  I hope everything goes smoothly.


          LC:  Good luck on your 10K.  I know you like 10Ks, and, around here, there are a lot fewer 10Ks than 5Ks.  Also, the 10Ks, here, always have a hilly couse.


          Oh Damaris.  That is terrible.  If you aren't used to running in the cold, it might do a number on your asthma.  Be careful.  Goodluck.


          Julie:  My hip has been bothering me for about a year, and about 2 weeks ago it just magically stopped hurting.  Very weird.  After it stopped hurting, I've started doing this routine:  http://www.coachjayjohnson.com/2011/11/eight-week-general-strength-progression/  It hink it is helping.

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            LCruns - Good luck on the 10k!!!  Hope it isn't too "Icey" for you Wink

            Damarais - What marathon are you running tomorrow???  Hope you enjoy your 5 mile shakeout today.

            Julie - Enjoy your coremeister w/o!  Hope you get your 4 miles in as well.


            I am planning on going to track to run and swim some laps.




            Run to live; live to run

              I did 11.1 miles earlier.  Sitting under the dryer now at the hair salon right now.  Then errands.  Dh is taking the pups to the pool.


              Julie we have to deal with all the crappy legislation too!.  A fight to get paid and for people to get access to the treatment they need.



              Laura good luck on the race!


              Linda hope the track meet goes well.


              Damaris boo to dad issues.  Hope the winds aren't too bad.


              Hi Carol.


                Good luck weekend racers!  Laura, Tessa, Damaris, Linda's kids... any others?  Have fun out there and fleet feet.


                Carol, enjoy your workout.


                Marjorie and JulieD, bless you for getting out there and fighting the bureaucracy and naysayers so that others can get the help and resources they need.


                Going for a walk with DH later then cleaning the house since Dad's coming for a visit.  My birds generate a lot of mess and do not help at all with the clean up!


                Hi to everyone.


                  Oh boy, couldn't resist the beautiful fluffy snow so went for run/slip/slide outside....Almost busted my arse many times....LCruns 10k is about 20 miles away from here....hope they had dry pavement....Anyhow, it was beautiful, did 5 miles....


                  Marjorie - Yeah for your 11+ miles!!!




                    Hello ladies-


                    I got out for 11.1 miles this morning, the last 3 or so in the snow. I felt really good - it was one of those runs I will file away for the next time I have one that feels like a slogfest.


                    I haven't had time to read posts yet - I have to get the boys fed so we can head to the Wake Forest basketball game. Then DH and I are going to the symphony tonight. They are doing a concert of music from the movies - one of their "Plugged-In Pops" series. We've been to a few others and really enjoyed them.


                    Hope to BBL for personals. Have a great day everyone-



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                    Anonymous Guest

                      Woke up this morning feeling migraine-y again. Do not like. Went back to sleep until about 10, then had some coffee and cereal and am starting to feel human again. I'm on the pill because a few years back my doctor and I figured out that I would tend to get migraines once a month, therefore if we take away that time of month, we may take away the migraine. So I only have a period every three months. Which is fabulous in many ways. However, I think my body may have figured out our plan and thrown a wrench into it. The last time I was "supposed" to have one, I didn't, and then I forgot to take a pill ONE DAY when we were in Arizona. Guess what started today, right after this latest migraine from hell?


                      Anyway, 8 easy miles on my training plan today. Then DH's cycling team is having their annual party tonight. I'm planning to go assuming I feel okay, otherwise will send him on his own.


                      Laura, hope the 10K went well!


                      Damaris, good luck tomorrow! A1A or Donna?


                      Julie, enjoy(?) the coremeister and hope you get your run in.


                      Linda, good luck to your boys. When I was in high school I played soccer. This was before high schools had girls soccer teams. So I played on a club team and we often played college teams. I thought I was pretty BA to be playing against college kids, hope your boys feel the same way about running against high school kids. Even if they finish in the back, they are good enough to be there.


                      Carol and Cindy, sounds like you both had great runs! You are giving me motivation to get out there and get my run done.


                      Marjorie, good run for you too.


                      Gatsby, good luck with the cleaning! My sister told me yesterday she has a week off in June and is going to try to get my parents to drive out here with her and the kids (her husband can't take off an entire week from work). I was excited, but immediately thought of all the cleaning I'll have to do! Maybe once we get through all our big early in the year expenses I'll hire a cleaning service. I had one years ago and it was so nice.


                      Okay, time to get moving.


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                      LC Runs

                        Hey Everyone!


                        Julie - I meant to tell you I LOVED your Warrior Dash pics, great job!!


                        Carol - nice run!  We did have dry pavement though part of the course was on gravel so there were icey spots.  Glad I wore my Trax.


                        Damaris - good luck tomorrow!  Hate when the weather doesn't cooperate.


                        Linda - good luck to your kids!  I do like 10k's and yes, they're  hard to find.  Today's race had a 5k, 10k and Half.


                        Marjorie - wonderful 11+  - Enjoy your day!


                        Hi Gatsby - glad you are feeling better, enjoy the walk!


                        Hi Cindy - you and Marjorie are virtual running partners today lol, great job!


                        Well, I had quite the morning.  As soon as I posted, my friend texted me to say her daughter was sick and she wasn't going to be able to make it Cry.  So, I made the executive decision to go by myself.  Snow was forecasted but my area and the race area was clear so I wasn't really worried.  Well, guess I should have checked the forecast for the middle 50 miles of the drive, yikes.  Little dicey, but I made it and had time to spare.  Race is in Mt. Pleasant and starts right by the Central Mich Univ campus (series of 3 winter races and I think they're all the same route).  I'm glad I didn't run the Half, a lot of icey spots and this way I was done quickly and had time to get home for part of my son's soccer game  Smile.  Garmin time was 54:44:05,  not my fastest but pretty consistent with my 10k times.  It was fun, I may do the March race, as well.  Let's hope it's at least 30 degrees by that time.

                        LC Runs

                          Hi Karen, we must have cross posted!  Nice 8 miles.  I would LOVE a cleaning service, if just for the deep cleaning stuff.  Oh well, a girl can dream....Smile




                            Well I did my WT DVD last night and ran 3.5 miles this morning.  Still not a great run, but better than the time before, still had that brain freeze feeling in my upper body though.


                            It is freakin' snowing here again gosh darn it!  It was 18 degrees when I left for my run this morning, but no wind, so the cold was really not that bad!


                            Went to watch 10 year old GD play basketball this morning at the YMCA, she was the only girl on either team.  She does really well.  I heard one of the refs comment "man that girl is strong against all these boys".  I am very proud of her, she really looks good out there.


                            Karen...thanks for the info on the Hatfield and McCoy.  Sorry about ythe migraine again.


                            Damaris....I saw on the news how cold it is supposed to get down there!  Be careful with not being used to the cold and good running!


                            Laura....glad you made it okay with the bad weather and good time for your 10K too, and you made it to a soccer game???  What a woman!  Do you think this winter will ever go away?  It really hasn't been that bad, I am just so tired of it.





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                            LC Runs

                              Hey Ginny!


                              I know, I am sooooo ready for spring.  I am having a heck of a time with motivation during the week, weekends not so bad since I can run in the daylight.  I was glad to catch his game, though I only saw the last half n hour (they are indoor, one hour games), wasn't sure with the snowy roads lol

                                My house was all spic and span today, thanks to super awesome DH who always does more than his share of the cleaning.   Not  quite a cleaning service but pretty great nonetheless.


                                Karen, sorry to hear that the migraine from hell is still plaguing you.  I'm amazed at how much you manage to do with your days even with the migraines.


                                Carol, Cindy, Ginny, hang in there with the snow... spring will come, it always does, but never soon enough I'm sure.


                                Laura -- Nice job on the 10K.  And good for you for going to the race on your own.


                                Baking brownies now for a running club potluck tomorrow.  I've been told that I'm being nominated for the running club board, and while I'm flattered to be asked, I'm not sure whether I'll do it.  I enjoy the group but I don't really have much time for "extra stuff" these days.  Need to find out more about the time commitment and what exactly the board does.


                                So glad today is only Saturday!