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Nutella Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 24 times)



    No bucket list per se. I am working slowly on the 50 state marathons.


    I can take Nutella or leave it, but I don't buy it because DS will snarf the whole jar in one sitting if he gets a chance. If I do buy it it's for a bake sale and I make sandwich cookies.


    Julie, California has many, many beautiful runs. We're a large state with a whole lot of varied territory.


    And I have met Susan before, she was a very gracious hostess last January -- including driving this unknown person from California to two marathons on successive days!


    4 this morning, now heading to the gym.

    LC Runs

      Hey Gang!


      Just back fro 4.1 outside miles, got home a bit early from work and decided to squeeze in a run since I didn't get up this morning.  Chilly, but quite pretty outside, the 'calm before the storm' as we're supposed to get 4-8 inches by Friday ugh.


      Hi Lisa, Marjorie, Judy, Julie, Karen (enjoy AZ!), Sue, Ginny, Linda (LOVE the pic!), Cindy, Damaris, Carol, Tessa.....Big grin

        Nothing wrong with having a bucket list.  I tried to think of what would be on mine and nothing overwhelmingly stands out.  Would like to get to Harry Potter Land with DD while she still is into it. Would like to have all dd's up north at my sister's place one summer. Would like to someday have entire family really be supportive over some big running event as opposed to the feeling of "can't you just run faster?" that I get now.


        I know the cold weather tips sound funny (I had to laugh even when writing them) but we'll be using them this Saturday. 4 inches of snow coming tomorrow, another 2 on Friday. Saturday will be clear, 11 in morning, high of 25 with feels like of 15.  Should be pretty though!



        Bad Ass

          Hi, girls.  Another busy day at work.  I almost got run over by a bus (a huge bus!) crossing to work and the experience was so close I have been sad since them.  Then, after my allergy shot, the run did not go as well, so I shut it down at 6.  Still, I'm alive and the run will be better tomorrow! It better!





          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!