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    Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Just did 3 on the TM. I've done all my runs inside this week, so I'm really looking forward to my Saturday 10 miler so I can be outside!


      NRR: Have you seen the news about Oskar Pretorius being arrested for murdering his girlfriend? I'm shocked.


      NRR2: We're keeping G home today because he's had a fever the past two afternoons, and I'm taking him to the doctor later this morning. It's his first sick visit to the doctor. I'm working this afternoon and Big D will watch him then. I feel bad for the little guy Sad Not muchelse going on around here...


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


      MA runner girl

        Morning! Happy valentines day <3


        RR: 3 miles last night on the dreadmill. Gosh I hate running on there! It's not safe outside though with snow banks as tall as me! Brought my gym back to work for another 3 tonight.


        NRR: I was a little less uncomfortable yesterday, which made for a better day. Also, my coworkers were actually in the office, so I took more breaks, which I think helped too. Must do that more! DH made dinner for the third night in a row. Maybe I will have enough energy to make him something tonight, being valentines day and all. We'll see! No plans really, his birthday is Saturday, so that usually gets the focus for us. Fine with me!


        Sassy - I hope G feels beter, poor little guy! I hope it's nothing too serious. I bet you can't wait for that run outside. I'm itching for all this snow to melt!


        Have a happy valentines day ladies!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Happy Valentine's Day ladies!


          Sassy- way to go on getting all your runs in outside this week! it is still too dark in the mornings for me to get my runs in outside! sorry to hear about G! and the Pretorius news is CRAZY!


          MA- glad to hear that you are feeling a little better! You must be so happy that DH is making you all these dinners lately!


          RR- last night I got home from work at around 8 and wanted to go to the gym...it ended up being the worst.run.ever. I forgot my headphones, my pants were falling off the whole time and my armband wouldn't that was holding my iphone (to keep track of my miles) wouldn't stay on. Then I felt a weird twinge, almost like a cramp, in my hamstring I got so frustrated after a mile that I bagged it and did weights and abs instead! I really needed a run after yesterday too.Hopefully tonight will be  better run...


          NRR- DH and I are planning on making a nice dinner for Valentine's Day tonight which I am looking forward to. He got a nice bottle of wine this past weekend so we are planning the meal around that!


            Morning Ladies!


            RR: did 3 on the treadmill last night. My goal tonight is 4--it will be my longest since August Smile


            NRR: I never did get around to cleaning the bathroom last night. Instead, I made pink and red heart shaped chocolates for my students. Smile I shall clean my bathroom tonight!


            Sparky: I'm so sorry G is sick. I hope he feels better!


            MA: The huge snow banks are CRAZY!..and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!


            KLM: I lauged when I read that your pants were falling down while running. That happened to me the other night. It certainly made for a terrible run!

            c a s s i e

              Hi ladies! Happy Valentine's!


              Sassy- Poor little G. I hope the appointment goes well and the little dude is back to normal soon.


              MA - Sorry the treadmill stinks, but I'm glad you're being safe. Happy b-day to DH!


              Klm - Enjoy your V-day dinner and wine!


              RLTW - Sounds like you're feeling pretty good to be making chocolates. I haven't checked in here for updates lately, but I'm glad to see that you're doing well!


              And me...


              RR: 6.6 miles (random number, but when I got off to pee, i decided I was cooled down enough, haha) of "hills" on the treadmill this morning. Plyo class tonight.


              NRR: A couple of my colleagues and I are taking about 50 kids down to Denver to see a professional performance of Romeo and Juliet today. I'm super excited. It will be the first (and  maybe only) time that a lot of these kids have been to a play; so excited for them to have that experience! As far as V-day...DH and I don't really celebrate it; we save our money for fun trips like Boston instead, so we'll probably just have a normal Thursday night....workout, dinner, grading papers, haha.


              Have a great day, DIVAs!

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                Good morning!


                ER: Nothing today.


                NER: Felt better last night and this morning than I have the last couple days, so yay! Last night I made Valentine's Day cookies, chocolate M&M. It was nice to do something fun and not be so darn tired! Well, I'm always tired but with more energy. DH surprised me with a heart-shaped box of chocolates this morning! I remember mentioning to him in a joking fashion that I expected some after seeing a commercial, but didn't expect him to do it! I actually bought him a card yesterday that I'll give him later, but now feel bad that I ate the candy hearts I was going to give him with it! I have a doctor's appointment later this morning. Not much else going on. My parents are going out of town this weekend so they say P cannot come out until Tuesday... so I'm wondering what are the chances he'll come this weekend? lol... it would be best if he came when they were around since they'll be helping us with A though, so I'm telling baby P to wait until at least Tuesday!


                  Cassie: I am feeling GREAT!!!! Amazing what a little brain drain can do! Smile


                    Good morning, ladies!


                    and yes, Sassy, I will be your running Valentine!  :P


                    RR: Got in 4 on the TM. Had to cut it short because I need to pack up. Got my burpees in, too. Cut ST short last night because of DOMS from the yoga class (we were rocking the arm balances!).


                    NRR: Going home today!! DBF is picking me up from the airport and we're hopefully going to dinner. I'm craving a veggie burger.  Also, could you girls keep my mom in your thoughts? She found out that her dog has cancer. That's all we know because she doesn't want to talk about it. He's 12 and is in good health otherwise, so we're hoping he can stick around for a lot longer. I love that dog.



                    Sassy - Hope G feels better soon.


                    MA - Very sweet of your DH to make dinner again!


                    KLM - Sorry your run was a disaster, but at least you did something, right?


                    Cassie - Have fun at the play!


                      Sassy-happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Sorry about G not feeling well. Hope he gets better soon


                      MA-glad you are feeling a bit less uncomfortable today. That’s so great DH has made you dinner the past few days


                      Klm-sorry about your bad run L enjoy dinner with DH tonight


                      RLTW-aww that is so nice of you to make vday cookies for your kiddies


                      Cassie-sounds like a wonderful evening (and day) to me. Enjoy taking your students to see the play


                      Monk-mmm those cookies sound delicious


                      RR: nothing today. Going to rest up my knee a bit. It’s not feeling too bad, but I wanted to play it safe

                      NRR: well this weekend we decided to go up to our friend’s family’s lake house at the Indiana Dunes instead of the hotel. The hotel was booked all weekend, so this works out a lot better. Going to make DBF some chocolate lava cookies for dessert tonight. Can’t wait



                        Happy Valentines Day to my girlies! Blush


                        TriR ST w. trainer plus spinning tonight.


                        NtriR feeling under the weather so I hope I am not getting sick. I'm running a half this sunday and want to feel okay. C and I are having a valentines days lunch date today. I bought him the most random Vs day presents: a pair of lucky jeans, Neutogena Rain Bath Body Oil and brown flip flop sandals! Not really romantic but oh welll!


                        Back in a second for personals!


                          Sassy hope G feels better and his fever decreases. Yay for doing all your runs outdoor!


                          MA great job with your run!


                          KLMC great XT workout last night! How was the residency interview for DH?


                          Cassie enjoy the play w the kids!!


                          Taylor your weekend plans sounds great! Hope your knee pain goes away.


                          Monk loved the chair!! are you working until you go to labor?


                          OWR ill think of your moms pup how sad. Safe travels home.


                          Lucy feel better dear.


                            Morning Ladies! Happy Valentine's Day!


                            RR. Heading out for 7 in a bit. It's a perfect running morning, totally clear and sunny, with bright blue skies. Supposed to be in the mid-60s today!


                            NRR. Today is always kind of bittersweet for us, because we lost Nanny to cancer 3 years ago today. So I've been thinking of her a lot and how much we miss her. She was really a great part of our lives.

                            After my run, I'm going to lunch with a friend! Yay!

                            Tonight, I'm making a nice dinner, with wine and dessert. DH surprised me with a card and chocolate. He never does things for these kinds of  holidays, so it was sweet.


                            OWR- Totally thinking of your mom and her pup! That is so sad. Sad My biggest fear with L is cancer. He has a TON of tumors, but luckily all the ones we have had biopsied have been benign.


                            Sassy- Hope little G feels better!


                            MA- Glad yesterday wasn't as uncomfortable for you!


                            Meli- I'd totally love Lucky jeans for Vday!


                            Cassie- Boston will be here before you know it! It's one week before my marathon!

                            Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                            Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                            Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                            Half: 1:48

                            Full: 4:34



                              hey divas!


                              G just has an ear infection, so a course of Abx for him. Not bad!


                              I must clarify - I have done all of my runs INdoors this week, not outside. I miss running outside!


                              And we have no Vday plans, we generally don't, as our dating anniversary is Feb 19 and I'm just not a fan of the holiday. We were going to watch a movie after G goes to sleep, but with my coming in to work late I might end up finishing some stuff up tonight. We shall see.




                              MA - glad DH is taking care of you lately!


                              Meli - nice present ideas!


                              KlMcD - I hate bad runs, but at least you made up for it with the rest of your workout


                              RLTW - enjoy your 4 miler!


                              Cassie - have fun at the play!


                              sorry that's all i have time for today! I'm so busy this week I feel a little crazy, and like a bad DIVA!


                              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!