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Mighty Mouse

    Post. We always like hearing your news. Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Mommymac, I laughed aloud regarding One size fits all and “making Hello Kitty work for me”. Big grin

      Arimathea, I have to test to see what time the site will load for me. I got on early this morning.  Unwanted advice about running is not welcome by a veteran runner, no matter how she does it. What was she doing on the TM herself?


      Friday I joined coach for the last half of my 35 minute run. He’s a nice guy. It’s good for a woman to have a male presence around the gym.  I notice my friend has her DH with her most of the time. She’s a very attractive woman and I’m betting she has seen even more of the same creepy watchers I’ve seen lately.

      Saturday was SDO. Oh, and I got a card for $10.00 off at Dick’s so I bought a Nike running skirt.

      Sunday I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the track. It’s especially nice to run right after a rest day.

      Today should be a track run.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::


      LC Runs

        Hi Ladies, it's Monday again....


        4.5 interval miles on the TM, followed by a quick weight routine and 10 mins on the stairclimber.  We got a few inches of snow yesterday and overnight, I figured it was pretty slick outside.  I do have Yak Trax for my shoes which work great, but not in the mood to deal with all of that on a Monday morning lol.


        Judy - good morning, nice track run.  I agree, my legs were very fresh on Saturday after taking two days off, were much more tired yesterday lol


          I'm absolutely on cloud nine with the changes I feel after six weeks of taking iron supplements! I have had two runs this week; starting slow because of being out for two months, but can't believe the difference in my ability to keep my body moving forward. I'm sore through the upper back but excited about getting a little speed back now that my red blood cells are moving a little more oxygen!


          Linda, I was the one asking about Ojai; I saw it on Housewives, read it in our posts, and heard it mentioned recently somewhere else, all within three days! Had never heard of it so was surprised to see it mentioned so many times.


          Judy - Are you having problems with creepy guys at your gym?


          LC - We've had so much fog here lately, it almost looks like it's snowing. We still have Hurricane Sandy clean up so the longer it takes to snow, the better.


          Marjorie - Runs are feeling ok but eager to fine tune the pain relief that will probably be part of the rest of my life. And speaking of dogs . . . stopped in a pet store last week, fell in love with a puppy, revisited him this week, and DD's heart is breaking that we won't be bringing him home. She has a dachshund but this mini dachshund pup was just too cute! I had to admit to her that  I'm not ready for another "baby."


          Someone had asked what sport my DD plays; she is a field hockey player who plays year-round, but off season is mostly indoor games with no real training. She sprints for the spring track season so getting a little distance in won't hurt.


          Happy to see so many of us setting goals, racing, and just getiing out there. Keep it up ladies; we can do this!



          LC Runs

            Hi Carolyn!  We've had a lot of fog here, too - I love running in it, but not driving through it lol.  So glad the iron supplements are helping, I don't take any vitamins and I probably should start Smile


              Good morning, Laura and Judy!


              Carolyn, glad the iron is working!


              I've read the posts from the weekend, but haven't had enough coffee to keep the, straight. Sounds like everyone is working hard though. I'll read them again later.


              Marjorie and Tessa, way to go on you long runs!  Can I be you two when I grow up? Marjorie, sorry your tummy is acting up again.


              Lisa-marie, congrats on your race!


              My race report...I drove to Sevierville (Gatlinburg area) in the Smokies for the Santa Hustle in the Smokies Half.  The shirt is a Santa type and they provide a beard and Santa hat. See link:     http://santahustle.com/smokies       The theme was the best part of the race.    Some women had on striped socks and tutu's, some glittery red skirts-a fun atmosphere!   Cute medals, too.  The bib pickup was just that. There was no expo and none of their themed gear was on sale when I got there an hour after it opened, but it was quick.  The organizers seemed to be really last minute folks...the start line was being inflated and mats laid out at 15 minutes before the race and cars were driving thru the start 5 minutes before, but they did it and we started on time.  : ) The course was an out and back on a busy 6 lane with one lane closed for runners.  Considering the area, it wasn't very hilly. It was fun seeing the runners return.  The guy in 5th was actually wearing the Santa shirt, beard and hat and got a lot of cheers. (I was down to my tank by mi one.)  The volunteers had on elf shirts.   I finished in 2:20.  I think that's my worst this year and I have been training more.  I've run that time and a lot slower in the past and felt good about it when I knew it was a good effort. However,  I was caving and walking early and often and I should have done better.  Two issues  got me.  It was about 60 at the start and warming and >90% humidity. The real issue was that I left my mind game at home.  I've worked on my attitude about hills fairly successfully (now...they make me stronger).  I guess I need to work on believing that sticky, sweaty, drippy, yuckiness from running in humidity  isn't going to do me in.  : ) ( A new mantra, anyone?)  I did win the AG, but only because the fast women didn't show. It was still a fun atmosphere and I finished. 


              Ginny, I think you're doing a Hustle next weekend.  Hint: take a trick or treat bag to get some of the candy and cookies on the course.  Smile  They had oreos, candy, gourmet popcorn, etc on the course, but only those cheap, hard,  round cookies at the end. : (     I can't eat  when I'm running, so I missed the good stuff.  : )


              Have a great day!


                Morning Ladies!


                Did 10 yesterday with a group of 5.  Had a very nice run, weather was 30's, some fresh snow, so very pretty. 


                Camille - I ddin't realize you were doing a half yesterday for the Santa Hustle!  High humidity does me right in, so don't beat your self up...you did great!  Shirt/santa hat etc., sounds fun!


                LCruns - Nice job on the TM and weights!  Winter is here I think....


                Tessa - From the other day - The Tridge is a three legged bridge where 2 rivers meet....it is also where our rail trail starts. 


                Judy - Ugh on the creepy men at the gym....


                Carolyn - Glad the iron supplement is helping!


                Have a great day!



                  Good Morning!


                  Busy weekend -- never made it online.  Ran Saturday morning, then had to go shopping.  Ugh.  Spent the rest of the afternoon sewing and cleaning.  Sunday morning the running group went out for brunch--lots of fun and food was yummy.  Gave the dogs a bath and scrubbed the tub.

                  One of my friends had two tickets to the local Nutcracker performance, so we went to that.  Always a nice little production.


                  Power hour class this morning. 


                  The only yarn shop in the area is closing.  I may have to leave work early.  50% off everything.  Wish I had known Saturday--woulda gone then. 

                  Bummer!  That shop is over an hour drive from here, the next closest shop is in New Orleans--two hour drive. 


                  Have a great day!


                    Question for some of you computer literate people....I am trying to figure out how to post a profile picture.  I thought I found it when I first registered, but now can't find it Sad


                    Favorite Sister of All!

                      Good morning!


                      Just finished 18 miles with RB#1--it was great to get a long run in with her since we haven't been able to run together very much.  Showered, grocery store then a little nap before work.


                      Judy---Score on the running skirt!  I love the feel of rested legs!


                      LCRuns--Nice start to your week--WTG!


                      mommymac--Glad to hear the iron is helping.  My other RB was getting really fatigued and short of breath even after 2 miles--found out she was anemic and the iron perked her right up--she's back to kicking my butt!  Ditto on the fog!


                      Camille2--Sounds like the HM was a fun race.  Congrats on the AG win!  I have a difficult time running in heat and especially humidity(as I live in FL, go figure) and I definitely try not to race in weather like that, so don't beat yourself up--you showed up and did great!  Some days we just have to take what it'll give ya and realize you are running farther and faster than a lot of people!!


                      crazysue---bummer about the yarn store.  Guess you will really have to stock up if the next closest store is 2 hours away.


                      bikerchick--WTG on the 10 with snow--brrr!  If you go to "options" in upper right corner then go to 'forum preferences" there is an area to upload an avatar and also to put a signature.


                      I'll check back later!  Have a great dayCool


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                        Hi ladies-


                        I haven't had time to read everyone's posts from today but wanted to go ahead and post anyway. I keep waiting to post until I have time to read, and it always ends up 11 at night and I still haven't posted! 


                        I got out this morning for 5.5 sluggish, unpleasant miles. I felt like I was running through mud AND wearing clown shoes! Oh well, next run will be better. It was warm - 58 degrees - and humid. I ran in shorts and a SS shirt, and I could easily have been comfortable in a tank top. At one point, I ran past a women in full length tights and a LS shirt. WTH? It made me hot just looking at her.


                        I hope to BBL for personals, but I did want to say:


                        Congrat Lisa Marie on your first race! And on beating your goals!


                        Have a great day-



                        2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2



                          Judy, glad you got on. Eh, I wasn't worried about this lady, she was curious more than judgmental. Besides, I suspect I dripped a lot of sweat on her, I was running hard and it was humid in the gym!


                          Laura, even the name "yak trax" is funny. I presume they work, though. Sis carries them when she travels even if her walk is limited to the 20 yards from parking lot to front door of building.


                          Carolyn, I like Ojai; there's some good hiking around there and there's a lovely trail from Ojai down to Ventura beach. Funny how you never hear of somethingand then it shows up multiple times in different places in the media in a matter of days.


                          Glad you're feeling better with the iron supplements!


                          Camille, congratulations on winning the AG, ugh on the humidity. December should not be so sticky! A run in Santa hats and beards sounds like fun.


                          Carol, 3 legged bridge? Meaning Y shaped? That must be an interesting traffic light at the convergence.


                          Susan, I've had plenty of those weekends (not online). Glad you enjoyed it even though it was busy! (Though I'm not sure how much the dogs enjoyed their tub time...)


                          Oh crap on the yarn shop closing. You're going to be doing a lot of online buying, I take it. No Michael's or JoAnn's?


                          Julia, 18 miles on a Monday, you are dedicated.


                          Cindy, sympathy on the humidity.


                          No run this morning, but planning to run at lunch.


                          Happy runs!

                            Tessa--Ben likes the bath once he is in the tub.  I made him a nice warm bath and he sat down in it for a while.  He likes the massage. 


                            Yes, Micheal's and Joann's have yarn, but not the nice stuff.  And the ladies at the yarn shop can teach you how to knit or fix something.  They are pros.  I had wanted to knit a sweater in the spring and was planning on trekking over there for some help.....  Planning to stock up tomorrow.....Wink


                            Run to live; live to run

                              Hey girls


                              I did 10.78 this am.  Good run.  Busy day at the office now.  


                              I'll try to post some of the Santa pics with the pups in a bit.


                              Hi Judy!


                              Tessa Have a great lunch run


                              Sue boo to the yarn place closing


                              Julia nice 18 this am!


                              Carol nice group run!  Go to options then forum preferences to load an avitar


                              Camille tummy was better today.  Just one of the things I have to deal with I guess.  It must have heard me talking about doing Hatfield and McCoy.  Sounds like a great race for your Santa hustle


                              Laura boo to snow but I guess it is that time of the year.  Shhhh don't tell SC. It is in the 70's again today.


                              Carolyn yay for the iron helping.  That is great.


                              Cindy I bet that other women was hot.  I see that too, a lot.  it was in the 60's here and I really wanted to just be in shorts and a sports bra.  I see people in long sleeve tech and long pants all the time.



                              Run to live; live to run

                                Quincy at Santa Visit



                                Hammy Seeing Santa Clause

                                 Quincy with Santa


                                Not sure if these are working.  If you click on them they will let you see the pics.  I'll have to play with it a bit more