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    ER - ST at the gym.


    TR - had a fever and congestion last night, I put Vicks on his chest and gave him a butt rocket, and he finally went to sleep...at 11:30 after napping for 20 mins total all day due to being out shopping with me.


    FR - french onion zoop.


    NRR - I've only had my cell phone case since the 24th and it already has a crack. GRRRR.

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      Morning Patty~ have a great ST workout today! hope B is feeling better this morning. Do you find the butt rocket works better than the oral tylenol, or does B just take it better that way? wow, that's a late bed time- i would be passed out long before then!


      RR: ran 5.5 miles on the TM yesterday. blech, i forgot how much i hate running on a TM. today will be something short again- maybe 4ish as that's all i will have time for. also teaching a noon fitness class, which will probably be cardio core.


      TR: took him out in the snow yesterday afternoon and pushed him around on a snow tube. he was giggling and loved it! the snow is about a foot deep, so he just stood there when i plopped him down in it. My mom got him a ride on car that shoots balls out of the front and he loves it.


      NRR: working 6-1 again today, then have to clean the house, grocery shop, etc for the weekend. my younger brother and his gf are comign out and staying through new years.

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        RR:3m easy. Yesterday's 6m was a fiasco. I knew it was going to rain at some point, but when it did, it was torrential and horizontal. DS was all wrapped up underneath the weather shield in Bob. It was the kind of rain that soaks you to your underwear. But I don't wear underwear when I run in shorts with liners, but if I did they would have been soaked. The trail became a wet sludgy, sandy mess and the bob is looking intrepid this morning. It got done, and just under 10min/miles with stroller, but it was an epic trip.


        NRR: vertigo is getting better. still no sign of AF. Diet is helping a lot I think - a lot of maybes - dehydration?


        BR: has mastered stacking blocks like a little champ. DH bought him these ones of the periodic table and they are hilarious.http://unclegoose.com/products/elemental-blocks/ I can't pronounce some of the elements and can't believe I got this far in my adult life and didn't know some of them existed.


        FR: grilled chicken breasts, spinach and baked sweet potato.

        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


          Bermy- way to go on your run yesterday! Those are the kinds of runs that have huge payoffs later. Cute about DS and the blocks! R stacked 5 (FIVE!) blocks high last night! I couldn't believe it. Uh oh on the late AF- is this your first cycle post-partum? I still haven't had one yet...glad your vertigo is getting better. I can't imagine having to deal with that and take care of R all day!

           5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08





            RR - usual rest day, the roads were slushy and gross yesterday for my 3.3 miles...


            BR - sucked back everything we gave her at dinner last night... my family couldn't believe she'd eat some of the stuff we offered.  My mom and grandma kept complaining we were feeding her too much but I told them she'd let us know when she was full... she kept eating long after everyone at the table finished, but it takes longer for her to break down food since she has no teeth!   DH doesn't understand Cantonese so he didn't have to hear the complaining... ha...


            NRR - cross border shopping today... Meijer, Carter's... and hoping to pick up new running shoes I ordered...


            NRR2 - DH and I ordered an iPad case from ebay 2 months ago... the case was coming from China and didn't arrive on time and couldn't be tracked, so we assumed it was lost... so the seller sent us a 2nd one that arrived in 2 days... we JUST got the first case from China yesterday and the seller wants me to ship him the case and pay for the cost of shipping... I told him I don't see why I have to pay for the shipping when his distributor messed up...  he's being a total jerk and said he bent over backwards to get us a new case and us buyers don't get it... uh, dude, my obligation was to pay for the case, which I did...  yours was to send me a case on time, which you sort of didn't...!!!


            zorbs - hope B feels better soon and that you don't catch it!


            rg - i have a love/hate with the TM... i could only run on the TM during my 3rd trimester so it was a sanity saver but it's still hard for me to tolerate now..


            bermy - we bought stacking blocks for C but she's more interested in chewing on them... guess she's still a bit young to stack!


              rr: rest today. Ugly christmas sweater fun run tomorrow. Might boycott the ugly part and wear a shirt my sister bought me from elf the musical that says, "SANTA! I KNOW HIM!"


              nrr: packing! Leaving today around 3:30. I have not packed a thing, have to take the dog to the kennel, go to my ART appointment, grocery shop, and be here for our microwave to get installed all before we leave at 3:30. And dh has to work super laye so we will head to the hotel without him and he will show up eventually.


              nrr2: dh's best friend from high school who was in our wedding came over last night. We haven't seen him in years as he lives out in la, ca now. It was nice to catch up and since he came at near bedtime for the kids it seemed like the closest thing that dh and i have had to a date in months! Gonna try to see him again before he heads east again.


              br: interested to see how he does at the hotel admist 60+ people.


              tr: so excited to leave today but still hoping they will take a good nap before we go.


              fr: it is all out the window as at the hotel it is 24 hours of eating and drinking.


              zorbs: we were discussing cases last night. What kind do you have?


              rg: have fun with your brother!


              bermy: those blocks sounds awesome!


              cx2: what kind of case is it?


                RR - Either 5 or 8.  Sounds odd, but not sure if I want to go far in the snow....but DH will be working tomorrow am when I would do my lr.


                TR - Sletp until 7:45 which is huge for us!  Love it when he tries to say "milk" and the sound it makes.


                NRR - Had a great time with DH yesterday.  Got a sweater from Gap and a running jacket from a place I had a groupon for.  Just remembered I need an oil change.....hmmmm....maybe Monday.


                FR - We got dessert last and it was delicious!

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                  Zorbs - I hope B is feeling better soon.


                  Rg - sounds like you had a blast in the snow,  enjoy you're run today.


                  bermy - your FR sounds delicious!  Didn't you feel badass during your run?!  Glad you and DS made it.  Lol about the undies!


                  cx2 - you seem to have delivery issues!  Smile. He should send you a prepaid mailing label to send it toohim with.  You shouldn't have to pay for that!


                  mrszm - have a great time this weekend!  I hope the kiddos cooperate through all of your errands.  I am sure c will do great with all the people!

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                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46





                    rr.  I ended up doing 5 on the TM yesterday during M's nap.  It felt great!  Nice and easy.  Thinking of 4 today or maybe waiting until tomorrow.  Depends on how my PF feels later today.


                    nrr.  The visit to the massage/chiro was great!  Massage feels soooo good!  She really worked my hip flexor, piriformis, ITB, and did some trigger points for PF.  Wow.  Chiro adjusted me too - I was an inch short on my right leg.  No wonder I've been having pain!  He got me to 1/4" by the time he was done.  He also has a diagnostic machine called the Aline that he's going to use with me next time to determine what type of inserts/orthotics I should use.  I told him how I've always run in a stability shoe and even that isn't helping anymore.  He wants me to switch to a neutral shoe and use the orthotics.  Worth a shot - it can't be worse than what I'm doing right now!


                    DH, M, and I went out for dinner last night (something we rarely do) at the brew pub in "town".  Super good food AND I didn't have to clean up.  M did a great job and ate a ton!  There were a slew of other families all sitting in the same area we were and lots of little girls right around M's age.  They were all looking at each other.  We also stopped by Target to look around and ended up ordering a "reading chair" for M when we got home.  I can't wait until it arrives!  On the way home M was saying, "ho, ho, ho!" and "oooooh!" repeatedly - so funny!


                    tr.  M has her 15 month check up today.  Sort of wanted to take her swimming before the appointment but I think it might be a time crunch.  We'll see.  She's actually still asleep - hard to believe!


                    fr.  After being spoiled last night I suppose I need to make something tonight - spaghetti?


                    rocky.  From yesterday - E will probably pick up sounds really quick!  My favorite of M's right now - we have a book that is all onomatopoeia - there's a drawing of a baby with the word "waah", a vase breaking with the word "crash", etc.  But my favorite is the rooster saying "cock-a-doodle-doo".  When she reads that page she says "tucka-tucka-doo".  I seriously need to get that on video.  I also love "bibbbit".  So funny!


                    patty.  Please explain the "butt rocket".  No clue.  Smile  Oh no!  Is your phone under any warranty?


                    rg.  I need some NYE food inspiration.  We're supposed to go over to some friends' house but I have no idea what to take.


                    bermy.  Your dinner sounds delish!  I LOVE sweet potatoes.  I get all sorts of strange looks at work when I take a whole potato out of my lunch box.


                    cx2.  I was in shipping hell yesterday too.  I wish our families would realize that gift cards are a much more friendly gift to give.  Don't give me something I don't want AND a chore!


                    mrs.zm.  Wow - 60 people in your family?  I don't think I even know 60 people!


                    mere.  Yeah for date night!  My mom is coming to visit next week and I can't wait to go out with DH.  Can't remember the last time we went OUT just together!


                      mer - the guy said he wasn't going to pay for shipping first b/c he doesn't know if I'm going to actually send it back to him or just keep his money... why would I want a 2nd ipad case?!!   nice that J slept until 7:45!!


                      mrsz - it's a griffin something... DH ordered it.. he's about ready to tell the guy to get lost...


                      simon - i love massages... I had one last week and wow I had some crazy knots in my legs... DH is actually sick of all the heavy foods we've been eating and WANTS to cook at home.. I'm sure if I suggested spaghetti he'd be ok with it!


                        zorbs - How was shopping with B?  I am tempted to take J out today but a little afraid of what he'll be like.  Hope he feels better today.


                        rg - Glad R had fun out in the snow.  Have fun working.  Enjoy the weekend with your brother and his gf.  Sounds like a fun visit.


                        Bermy - Sorry yesterday's 6 was interrupted by rain.  I give you a ton of credit for doing it with the stroller...that is tough!  Sorry your are still battling the vertigo.  Hopefully it goes away completely very soon.


                        CTimes - I definitely don't think you have to pay to ship it back to China when it was there mistake.  Tell him you will send it back but he needs to cover the shipping cost!  Enjoy the rest day.  Glad C was such a good eater yesterday.


                        mrszm - I wish I was going to the hotel with you...sounds so fun!!  Have a great time.  I am sure C will do great.  J was really good in Vegas with my family but I think there was just so much for him to look at he just sat in the stroller and looked around.


                        mer - Glad you and DH had a great day out.  Wish my DH and I were able to get out more together...just the 2 of us.  Glad you bought some stuff.  I thought you had a sfx??  Why are you running??


                        RR - 10 on the TM....finally getting some distance back.  The past 2 weeks have been awful


                        TR - Still sick.  His nose was pretty much covered in crusted snot this morning and he is coughing bad but the croup noise is gone.  He is soooooo whiney though.


                        NRR - I have a terrible cough and it is the worst at night.  I kept DH up most of the night and he even slept in another room.  Ugh...I hope it goes away soon.


                        FR - Making some crockpot pasta dish.  Need to get it going.


                          zorbs - Never heard it called a butt rocket Smile  Hope he is feeling better soon...and mostly that you don't catch it too.


                          RG - So cute about the snow tube.  DS had so much fun playing in the snow the other day but we don't have nearly that much.  I am dying to take him sledding.


                          bermy - As always, I am impressed with your run.


                          cx2 - I definitely do not think you should have to return the case.  For all they know, it might have never shown up!


                          mrszm - That shirt sounds perfect.  And we take DS with us in the packpack...DH carries him.  I hope to eventually but I need to definitely get in shapre first.


                          RR:  Incline yesterday was fun. We did it in pretty good time and DS was an angel the whole time.  He actually fell asleep part way up.  I will post a pic on FB.  It was so cute.  Hoping for 6 miles today, I might split up my run to get more mileage today.


                          BR:  Better sleeping last night.  I think I am going to set up his humidifier tonight because it is so dry here.


                          NRR:  Date night tonight!  My parents go us a giftcard to a really nice restaurant for Christmas so we are going to use it tonight.  First we are all going to zoo lights and then DH and I will go to dinner.  Hopefully it isn't too busy.  We tried to go last week but the lines were crazy!

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Honorary Old

                            RR: My back still hurts pretty bad. It doesn't feel out of joint anymore since I went to the chiro yesterday, but it just aches like a mofo, esp in my lower back.


                            BR: Has a really nasty diaper rash. He had two especially noxious poops last night and this morning and I think he sat in them a while.  Is full-on running now. Kept hitting my ankle/foot bones and wrist bones with hard plastic toys last night- ouch! (The bottoms of my feet can take the pounding of a marathon, but I'm a total wuss about stubbing my toes/dropping stuff on the top of my foot).


                            FR: Ham stir fry- I know, sounds weird but it was pretty darn good. Also had the best pineapple I've eaten in ages. If you didn't know this already- the smaller the crown (leafy part on top), the sweeter the fruit- this one only had a 3" stubby little crown and it was amazing.


                            NRR: Off work at 3 today per the usual and a 4 day  weekend. Bought our tickets to the Guns Vs Hoses hockey game tomorrow night- there are 13 of us going, so it should be pretty fun. Only 15 days until the Fire Banquet and 19 days until my Vegas trip- getting excited. No idea what to wear. Trying to decide if I want to be frugal and find something from my closet, or if I want to buy a new outfit.  I Googled it and there is a Lulu store in a mall on the Vegas strip, so I think I'm going to go, finally! I should save my money for Lulu instead of a slutty banquet outfit Wink

                            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                            Honorary Old

                              RR/QOTD- those of you looking to sign up for SeaWheeze- registration opens while I'm in Vegas, should I be concerned about it selling out before I can get to a computer?


                              zorbs- remind me again what a butt rocket is? A suppository?  I hate it when new stuff breaks, so frustrating.  MMMMmm I wish my DH liked onions- I would make french onion soup all the time then.


                              runnergirl- I think I would like the TM better if I had one at home, I just hate how its always sports on the TV at the gym, and they have ST machines right in front of the treadmills so you have to go out of your way not to stare at other people working out. Plus the ones at my gym are totally hammered, they need to get new ones, badly.


                              Bermy- when you say spinach in your FR, is that a spinach salad or wilted spinach? I've been caught in those torrential downpours before, they are so absurdly wet that you just have to laugh. I almost never wear undies under running gear.


                              cx2- R likes some weird food that I didn't think he would- blue cheese, saurkraut for example. I ordered something for DH on Etsy and it never came. I don't think the paypal charge ever went through.. I need to follow up on that.


                              mzm- I really need to help my DH's bff find a girlfriend, he's such a nice guy. He would be a great husband and dad, unfortunately he's really introverted so it makes it hard to meet the ladies. Your shirt sounds fine for the party. Is the ART helping you?


                              mer- Glad you had a good date. I feel you on the 7:45 wakeup- R "slept in" until 6:45 the other morning and I thought it was incredible.


                              simon- I ran in orthotics from the chiropractor for a long time, but post pregnancy running with the stroller has made me more of a midfoot striker and I don't need them anymore. I love the chiropractor. I haven't taken R out for dinner in a while, but he normally does pretty good as long as its not too close to bedtime- glad M behaved!


                              Jen- when R had the croup I had him sleep in our bed because he was so pitiful and I was worried about his high fever. It was awful. Yay for a 10 mile run! I haven't gone that far since October.


                              shelby- did you just hike the incline with the stroller, or did one of you carry him in a pack? Either way, good job!!

                              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                                ER - yoga tonight.  Tried last night but Em was whiny and clingy.  She "pushed" me over.  climbed on my chest (not so easy with a belly, btw) and then we laid cheek-to-cheek as she kept hugging my neck.  Super sweet.  My cheek was covered in slobber and snot afterward though, but so worth it.  Maybe a walk today at lunch.  It's a coworkers last day so we might go out to lunch instead.  I'm fine with either option.


                                NRR - Hoping MIL doesn't come back until Sunday and then she is gone on Thursday.  DH and I need the time without family.  We are just better that way and Em has been much calmer, not developing those "bad" habits like MIL instills in her.  (Whine = pick up or food or toy or whatever).  MIL doesn't make her sign for anything so EM gets super impatient and frustrated.  It pisses me off! We only enforce 3 signs (more/hungry, all done & sleepy/bedtime) it's not rocket science!  Anyway.  Em is finally back to normal now with MIL gone.  Yay!


                                NRR2 - DH has been really nice to me lately.  I can tell he's back and that the shadows of depression have gone for now.  He even scraped my windshield this morning, half dressed Em - she was running around so I did half and he did half.  DH and I talked about BIL and I told DH that in the future I would us to simply ask him or anyone that pulls that kind of attitude to pack up and leave on the spot.  DH agreed wholeheartedly.  I also told DH that I wasn't going to cater to his mother wringing her hands about every little conflict.  DH also agreed to that.  Glad we are on the same page and makes me really feel like he and I are staking our claim to our family unit.


                                FR - Cornish game hens tonight w/ mashed potatoes and stuffing (all leftovers).  DH is making a bread pudding thing for breakfast tomorrow with some leftover bread too.  I like when he gets in the kitchen.  He's a good cook and it's a good stress relief for him.  I'm going to make stock with the game hen bones and roast some veggies this weekend.  Might get some chicken breasts to roast, shred and freeze too.  Next weekend might be a brew weekend for DH, so I gotten prepare (usually I stay out of the house so he doesn't have to worry about Em or me in the way).


                                PGR - I was so cranky last night.  Sciatic nerve really acts up at night regardless of stretching, chiropractor, whatever.  Baby boy must be comfy on it.  Then I get a super sore throat at night, can't breathe (we do have a humidifier in our room), then I cough and hack in the morning, then I'm mostly fine during the day.  Ugh.  Dh was sweet despite my complaining and whining.


                                OK, off to fix some last minute crap for work.


                                Sorry this is long.