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    Rocky- I had a lot of low back/hip pain and I bought one of those granny lumbar pillows and made sure my feet were elevated at my desk, which helped a lot. I hope MIL stays with BIL for a while, you are truly a saint for dealing with her shenanigans that long and often. R's babysitter calls those snotty kisses "kisses only a mother could love."  My stepbrother is getting really into home brewing and has a pretty awesome setup in his basement with 3 giant kettles on a gas burner- he hopes some day to open a microbrewery. Do you do a yoga video? My roku player has a bunch of free exercize channels on it that I need to take advantage of.

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      I'm late to the party today...DH, DD and I all slept in until 10 am. Amazing!


      RR - My attempted 6k @ HM pace yesterday was ridiculous. I ran HM pace for the first 2k despite unplowed roads, then had to walk most of the ice covered hills and knee deep drifts in the third k, almost regained pace for the fourth k and then did the last 2k easy because I was exhausted! I guess it's better to run for effort, not time, in this weather. Why did I sign up for a winter half marathon again? Planning to do 12k in a bit.


      BR - Pulled a brick of cheese out of the cart at the grocery store last night and chewed through the plastic with her one tooth to get to the cheese.


      NRR - Lazy day at home. Will probably take S out to play in the snow later.


      FR - Rainbow trout and spinach salad for dinner. More turkey leftovers for lunch


      Zorbs - How were the shopping crowds yesterday?


      RG - Toddlers playing in the snow are so cute! Are you off work until the New Year after today?


      Bermy - Did the BOB make it through the mud without getting stuck? I just discovered mine gets stuck in deep snow. I'm glad your vertigo is getting better - hopefully it is completely gone soon!


      Cx2 -  C is a good eater! That is ridiculous that the seller wants you to pay to ship the case back after it took 2 months to arrive.


      Mrszm - You'll have to post a picture of the ugly sweater run on fb!


      mer - Glad you had a really fun date night! Good luck with your snowy run.


      Simon - The massage/chiro appointment sounds like it was great. I also really need a massage. Have you been in pain for awhile?


      Jen - Yay for 10 miles! Amazing that you ran that far with a  bad cough. I hope you guys are all healthy again soon!


      Shelby - I just saw your incline pic. Looks awesome! Were you sore today after all that uphill? Have fun on your date night!


      Spike - Thanks for the tips about pineapple crowns - I didn't know that. Sounds like the hockey game will be a blast!

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        spike - That game sounds like fun!  And we used a backpack.  The incline is unfortunately not stroller friendly as it is made of old railroad ties and very steep.


        ernie - Luckily not too sore!  I love the story about the block of cheese...too funny.  And yay for a 10am wakeup. What a treat!

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        Bad Ass Mother Runner

          Spike - I doubt that itll sell out that fast. you could pm/fb me your cell# if you want and I'll text you if the website/confirmation page look like it might. I'm also happy to fill out your registration and you can just mail/PayPal/ or even bring cash to Vancouver.

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            Zorbs – soup sounds yum. You can have some bermy snails to put in that if you want. When is the half you are pacing?


            Rg – thanks for the encouragement for my running. I do have a hard time seeing how the little runs fit together – I miss the overview/perspective. I am good at getting out and running though so I shall just keep doing that! I really appreciate your words and wisdom on how it all works! I had one AF 31 days ago and nothing since. Still waiting and I know I am not pg as I tested on weds. Well done for sticking it out on the TM. I would rather run on the spot than run on a TM. I abhor it.


            Cx2 – you are right to trust LO and her appetite. You trusted her at the breast and it’s no different. She will tell you (loud and clear) when she has had enough. DS goes through cycles – sometimes he eats enough for 4 kids and then the next day I think he lives on air. At 15mo DS is ust about interested in stacking blocks (and not sitting on them throwing them etc.) Enjoy US shopping. I am so so jealous.


            Mrszm – very funny t-shirt. I love the way you talk about logistics with such ease and simplicity and you have 3 kids. I have a ton of respect for you.


            Mer – nice on the sleep in! yeah! What did you do differently? Hope you can get a decent run in but be safe if snowy. I think I was too relaxed to feel badass. After 6m the world’s stresses are a distant memory.


            Simon – look after yourself with your injury stuff. You mentioned about 5 body parts that I probably couldn’t point out. Sounds like you are in good hands (pun intended). My DS was born on 20thsept – your DDs is close to that, yes?


            Jen – WTG on your TM run. Nice! I kept running in the rain for the 6m and finished out strong. And wet. Hope your cough goes. I want to make those pea ravioli soon. Yummy.


            Shelby – I looked up that 15/55 plan and all I could find was a 18/70 and it was freakin brutal. Like the weekday stuff was ok except the weds LR was 15m or so. Wow. That’s a lot of time I don’t really have on a Wednesday. HHmmm. Do you do all the VO2 max measurements? Enjoy your date night. And really stupid question – is it possible to run with a baby backpack carrier? I have never seen or heard of it and presumed it was unsafe. I might be wrong.


            Spike – hope R’s butt heals. I would totally save money for lulu. You will look smoking hot in whatever you choose to wear. I make a spinach salad. Pretty boring and plain. But oh so good.


            Rocky – nice to see you doing so much yoga? Which was it this time? Hope you are feeling a bit better.


            Ernie – at least you got out there even if your run was a let down. Nice lie in! Bob was covered in mud like an offroad army vehicle which had been through a swamp. I had to clean it when I got home. I need wider sand wheels…

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              spike - oh and apparently eating lots of pineapple makes your hoo haa sweeter. No idea how I know that.

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              beskirted & manicured

                bermy - DH heard that pomegranate juice makes boners harder, but I told him the juice would not be necessary.


                rg - I prefer the butt rockets because as an infant B would spit up half the dose of liquid Tylenol we gave him.  With the butt rockets, you're sure you get the proper dose.  Plus the sugar, dye, etc in the liquid Tylenol is gross..


                cx2 - my family speaks Chinglish so DH actually gets what people are saying.


                mrszm - The one that broke is called Case Mate.  I would stay away from the hard cases, unless they are a name brand like Otterbox.


                mer - what dessert did you have?


                simon - butt rocket = acetominaphen suppository.  It wasn't my phone that broke (thank gawd!) just the case.


                jen - B has always been good for long periods in the stroller but being in there for 2 hours + sitting in the restaurant for lunch made him pretty cranky by the end.


                shelby - I think I got the phrase from some mom message board.


                spike - yes, save your money for lulu!


                rocky - how is cornish hen different from chicken, besides the size?

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                beskirted & manicured

                  ernie - that's what TMs are for Smile  Oh and you asked, the Chilly Half course is flat as a pancake.   The crowds are never bad right when the mall opens.


                  bermy - the half is March 3.

                  5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 4:10:28


                    Zorbs - i don't think it's any different really.  It taste the same to me, well BIL over brined it so it tastes like horribly over salted chicken.  Just size & price.  I'm sure foodies have a different explanation.


                    Bermy - still doing the 45 min vinyasa one.  I think it's the best actual workout, which is what I'm going for.  I'm not really doing the partner ones or the lamaze ones and one of the other's was too much sitting and stretching - maybe later in the 3rd tri that'll be more appealing.  I need to preview the post-natal ones.  I haven't yet.


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                      Zorbs- I believe the cornish hen designation is just slaughter size/age, so if its under a certain weight, its considered a cornish hen anything bigger is a chicken, then those are designated as like Young, roaster, and then fryer.  I think I learned that watching Good Eats, just like the pineapple thing.


                      Bermy- I hope I can fit into whatever I do wear, sporting a sexay muffin top right now due to holiday cookie eating...


                      Ernie- lol at your brick of cheese, sounds like something R would do. He likes to snag items out of the cart, hug them for a bit, then throw them on the ground. I know someone training for RNR Phoenix and I crossed paths with him while he was doing a 22 miler on Christmas eve, Brrr! My "long" runs right now are 5-6 miles.

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                        bermy - Oops I meant 18/55.  It is slightly less brutal than the 18/70.  I am hoping it doesn't kill me.  And no, I wouldn't think you could run with the pack on.  It would be tough and very bouncy for the baby.  We hiked down a pretty steep trail and he was already bouncing quite a bit.  Any chance you just didn't test positive yet?  Maybe you should retest.. Smile

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                          spike - muffin top is all relative to what is in your head. you will look super darn hot I am sure. a few days back on track and you will feel on fire again.


                          shelby - i tested on weds, negative. my cycle was 33 days before DS and I am on 31 now. who knows. if I m preggo I am gonna have loads more kids cos I love the way I am running right now!! I don't feel preggo though. Yeah, agreed on backpack. Which town did you move to in CO now?

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                            Back from the well check.  Pretty uneventful.  M lost a few ounces but nothing to be concerned over.  She did grow 1" since her 12 month check.  I took her to McDonalds afterwards - mostly because it was close to the doctor's office and she was signing "eat".  Didn't want her to scream for the 30 minute drive home!


                            cx2.  We usually only eat out once or twice per month.  Part of the reason is that we only have a couple of restaurants in town and the others are a 60 mile round trip drive for us.  So yeah, eating in gets a little monotonous after a while.


                            spike.  I think saving money for lulu is a better idea than a dress.  You'll get much more use out of the running gear!  Smile  Hope R's butt heals up - diaper rash is the worst!


                            erniegirl.  PF started developing while I was preggo (2 years ago!) and never really went away.  It's tolerable and manageable but not something I want to deal with.  I always run a Spring 1/2 to keep myself accountable through the winter but it's always a PITA to train in bad weather!


                            bermy.  Unfortunately I now those body parts well since they've always been niggling pains and injuries.  I'm hoping to increase some strength training and yoga to see if that might help.  And yes!  M was born on 9/11 - due date was 9/22 so she was a few days early.  I think you've mentioned before but are you thinking of having more children?  I'm always so up in the air about that.


                            zorbs.  I've never heard of an acetaminophen suppository!  Glad it was just the case!  I just got a new iPhone last Saturday and haven't found a new case for it yet.  I'm worried that I'm going to break it before I find one!


                            Freckle face

                              simon- I would have chosen McD's over screaming too. Doesn't hurt if its an occasional treat.  My doctor told me to expect R to lose weight once he started walking. R actually gained, but that kid eats like a horse. Daycare lady is constantly amazed at how much food he packs away for his size. Was this her 15 mo or is she 18 mos now? I can't remember. I guess in WA we do well checks at 2 weeks, 1 mos, 6 weeks, 3 mos, 6 mos, 9 mos, 12 mos, 18 mos, 2 years, then annually.  R is still in the 25% for both height and weight but still in the 90th for head size LOL. Funny considering that I ran into the contractor who was working on our house while I was pregnant when I was 4 weeks pp and the first thing he asked me is "Did your baby have a real big head like his dad?" LOL DH has a huge noggin.

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                                spike.  Most offices do a 12 month and an 18 month, however, our doctor splits up the 12 month vaccinations so we have a 15 month check up.  M is in the 50% percentile for both height and weight but 75% for head.  Holding stead on the chart so that's aok with me.  Smile  M isn't a huge eater and her last check up was before she started walking so I'm not surprised she "lost" a little.  It does appear that her baby belly is slimming down now.  Kind of miss her pudginess.  Sad  She's turning in to too much of a little girl now, not just my little baby.  DH and I were already talking about a "big girl bed" last night.  She's still fine in her crib, no climbing out and she still fits, so I'm in no hurry but I know the day will come eventually.  I also want to keep the crib in the mix a bit longer in case DH comes around to my way of thinking of a possible baby 2.  I know that once the crib goes away he won't ever want it back - he'll try to sell it ASAP.