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4:38 PM

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Running Steak Day 1085: Caution had me cancel previous plans to drive nine miles in the snow to run with a group at the gym - and instead I did a short run from home. Not the longest run I ever completed, but one of the more memorable. With microspikes on I chased the sunset over 1.8 miles through roads that had not been plowed in a while, navigating the tracks of the cars that cleared a way for me. With a comfortable but not effortless 9-minute pace my footsteps were quieter than normal, the spikes silently doing their job as I covered the entire 10,000 or so feet without even the slightest slip. When cars were present, and they weren't often, they moved slow - slower than me - and kept their distance. A frightened cat with a furrier-than normal coat sprinting down the sidewalk was the fastest thing I saw today. I passed one house with a couple of people outside shoveling and I overheard one of them remark about how there's a guy running in this. When I approached home, with the twilight exaggerated by the ubiquitous white reflecting what little sunlight was left, I peaked into the backyard of a neighbor where I could hear my son playing in the snow with the kids who live there. After a quick hello, I jogged home.