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7:23 AM

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9:38 mi


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Unfortunately the Prairie Path was a puddle laden, muddy mess this morning & I had to shift this workout indoors at the last minute. Fortunately, the Path dries out quickly & the rest of the week looks mostly dry (& not too hot). The workout itself went pretty well and very comparable to last week's progression run. After the mile warm up, hit "marathon effort" almost immediately and was able to steadily, and easily, hold that effort for the 20 minutes. The transition to "half marathon effort" was smooth and seamless. Again I was able to comfortably hold that effort for the 15 minute segment. I did pick up the effort at the start of the final 10 minute segment. I wanted to pick up the effort again at the five minute mark of this final segment, but didn't seem to have another gear today. As a result the final 10 minute segment was faster than the previous segment, but although consistent, the last segment probably was not as fast as I would have liked to push it. Cool down was comfortable and easy. Completed pedestals w/ lifts x 2, Grant Green routine, Core x routine, and leg circuit 2 after the workout.