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9:07 AM

3.1 mi


8:43 mi


10 / 10
9 / 10

Race Result

282 / 1438 (19.6%)
1 / 6 (16.7%)
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Very good race. Course was extremely difficult as it was maze-like with repeated hairpin turns, even a "hill" about half way through, so finish time did not really reflect how well I ran. Did not calibrate the Garmin footpod correctly so I don't have mile split data, but the cadence data was great -- My cadence from the start to mile 3 was very consistent and varied only from 178 to 182, the variations probably reflective of the course layout than any loss of pace. Better still I really felt I finished very strong and fast the last half mile and this is reflected in the cadence data, which shows my caden jumped to 192,in the last half mile.