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7:38 AM

13 mi


10:12 mi


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Very good run. I've been getting into a bad habit of not drinking enough earlier in the runs which I think has led to some of the problems with feeling dehydration at the tail end of the last couple of longer runs. So today I made a point of stopping every 25 to 30 minutes to drink. It made a difference in how I felt during the last half of the run. I was running very comfortably the entire distance and I had a lot left for the final four miles and easily was able to pick up it up a little in last mile with only a slight increase in effort. Did Myrtl & pedestal routine (45 seconds x 2) after the run. 45 seconds still seems about the current max for the side pedestals. Then did leg circuit 1. Lateral shuffle is still feeling awkward and very slow. Single leg lunge remained very difficult although I think I've finally figured out how to do it effectively.