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7:04 AM

7.5 mi


9:27 mi


65 F


8 / 10
9 / 10
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Prairie Path


About as good as I can execute today's workout at this point in training. Felt much stronger than yesterday. First 30 minutes at the easy effort were very comfortable & relaxed. Was able to immediately pick up the pace/effort for the first progressive segment & then maintained it easily to end of the segment. Had plenty left to pick it up for the second segment & to kick it up another notch for the 3rd segment. Felt strong in all 3 segments, but I definitely would have had to push the limit to keep the final pace for another 5 minutes although I'm pretty sure I could have done if it had been a race. Ten minute cool down felt very easy after the harder efforts preceding it. Completed full set of exercise routines after the run.