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9:39 AM

4.2 mi


9:18 mi


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Intervals continue to feel strong with comfortably relaxed speed. First three intervals went very smoothly. Again ran the first interval conservatively and then picked up the turnover & pace in the next two. Average cadence for first interval was 182 & peaked at 186, for the second, average was 186 with peak of 192, and for number three average was 188 with a peak of 190. On interval number 4 I had someone cut in front of me on the track after one lap & had to stop to avoid a collision. When I started again I forgot to turn on my timer which I noticed in lap 3 so I just aborted the original 4th interval at 3 laps and the time above is just an approximation. I then took a 3 lap recovery jog (a half lap shorter than the other recovery jogs) & went right into the final 3 intervals, which I finished with no further glitches. The last 3 intervals were still very solid and comparable to the first three. Cadence was even a little stronger for the last 3 reps averaging 190 or above for all of them. Total time for the 6 timed intervals was 18:35 or about 8:15/mile.