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12:24 PM

11 mi


9:48 mi


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Another very solid run. Felt very good during the entire run. Started off at what felt like a very relaxed pace until I saw I had run the 1st half mile in 4:35 so I dialed it down the last half of mile 1 and then fell into a very comfortable & consistent rhythm from mile 2 until the end. Felt a little bit of fatigue during the last 4 miles, but was able to hold the 9:45+ pace with just a slight increase in effort. Still strong at the end of the run. Pedestal routine x 2 (45 seconds) & Myrtl routine after the run. Hit 45 seconds on all reps of the pedestals although was a bit shaky for the last 3-4 seconds of the second rep of the side pedestals.