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8:42 AM

6 mi


9:19 mi


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Another very sharp 1/4 mile interval workout. Steady & relaxed warm up with slowly increasing pace over the final 3/4s of a mile to set up the harder effort in the intervals. Executed each of the six intervals exactly as I visualized them prior to starting. Ran the first half of each of the intervals at a hard effort & then pushed it to full "mile effort" for the last half of each of the intervals. Felt some fatigue in the final three intervals, but had no trouble maintaining the initial hard effort or picking up the effort for a strong kick in the last half of those last 3 intervals. Overall the workout was well executed with good control of pace & effort plus no additional rest after any of the intervals. 1 1/2 mile cool down was very comfortable and very easy & I felt I had lots left during the cool down. Completed the full set of exercise routines after the workout.