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8:07 AM

5.5 mi


9:19 mi


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Perfect prep for Sunday's race. Warm up was steady & consistent with pace increasing slowly & steadily during the mile and a half. Intervals were sharp with consistent turnover & pace for all five reps. Ran the first interval at hard, but controlled effort, for the entire quarter mile. In 2nd interval ran same way for first half of the rep & then picked up the effort during the final 200 meters. The final 3 reps were identical to the 2nd interval except that i picked the effort at 200 meters and then picked it up even more with 100 meters to go. Had very good of pace and effort in all five intervals & had plenty left with I chose to pick up the effort in those last 3 reps. Cool down was comfortable and consistent, pretty much identical to the warm up. Myrtl routine after the workout.