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8:39 AM

16 mi


10:22 mi


12 F


7 / 10
8 / 10
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River Grove


A really good run & outside too!!! Started cautiously as I wasn't too sure about the footing, but except for a few snowy patches it was pretty dry & I had no slips during the entire run. I felt very good from the start & maintained a very consistent pace & effort through the first 11 miles. About mid-way through mile 12 I was still feeling very good & very strong so I picked up the pace a notch & was able to maintain that until the end of the run. Pedestals (45 seconds) x 2 and Myrtl routine after the run. Solid 45 seconds for first set of pedestals. Left side pedestal gave out at 40 seconds on the 2nd set, but hit 45 seconds on the other three.