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12:47 PM

8.3 mi


8:50 mi


7 / 10
10 / 10
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Felt great and well rested going into the workout & the result was a strong set of spot on intervals. Warm up miles were relaxed, steady & fast but at a very easy effort. Had great control of effort & pace during the intervals. Ran the first two intervals at a very steady effort for the entire half mile & the finishing time for each of them was about where I anticipated it would be. For the last four intervals, I ran the first quarter at a hard, but steady effort, and then picked up the effort for the last quarter mile with no trouble maintaining that increased effort to the finish in each of them. . Felt some discomfort towards the end of the last three intervals, but this discomfort was minimal and manageable with no negative effects on pace or effort. Cool down miles were a repeat of the warm up miles. Completed the full set of post run exercises after the workout.