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11:56 AM

6 mi


8:59 mi


45 F


7 / 10
9 / 10
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Prairie Path


Finally got the tempo run outside & it translated really well. Good relaxed, steady warm up mile. Four tempo miles at half marathon effort were outstanding. Found my pace/effort very early in the tempo section & then had no trouble maintaining it to the finish. Felt some fatigue (really more mental than physical) about half way through the four mile tempo section, but was able to get my mind focusing on the fact that at that moment I was running very well with a very steady & strong stride and I was slowly getting faster each mile. From then on just focused on finishing the next small section & stayed strong to the end of the tempo section. I was a little tired at the end of these four miles, but still had plenty left if I had need it. Cool down mile was easy & relaxed after the tempo section. Completed full set of exercise routines after the run.