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12:30 PM

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9:10 mi


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A tough workout. Even though I got enough sleep, I didn't feel quite as fresh for the mile repeats as I did for last week's half mile intervals. But I'm sure the Easter weekend and the show obligations played a part in that. That said I think I ran the intervals pretty well. For the first interval, I took the first half mile really conservatively (about 4:23), but was able to pick it up nicely after that to finish near 8:35. I ran pretty even split in the other two intervals with the first half mile in each at about 4:15-4:16. I did stretch the recovery jogs a little longer, but I think that enabled me to run all three miles consistently hard. Turnover was in the 180s on all three intervals and the Garmin connect data shows the cadence gradually increasing during the 2nd half of each repeat.