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9:07 AM

10 mi


10:00 mi


45 F


8 / 10
7 / 10
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Fairly good run although not as strong as the previous indoor pace run.. Started conservatively in the warm up miles & let the pace edge up as the warm up went on. For the pace run portion, I ran a 3 mile loop so miles 1 & 4, 2 &5, and 3 & 6 were identical. All miles felt steady with a pretty consistent effort. The effort seemed comparable to what I had done indoors but pace stayed about 12-15 seconds/mile above the 9:30 goal. I'm pretty sure some of that difference was related to effects of being outdoors & also some related to having to slow occasionally to avoid oncoming cars.

Cadence started in the 172-174 range during the first two miles, slowly built up to 176-178 during miles 4 & 5 and finished at 178-180 in mile 6. Again my last pace mile was very solid and strong. Overall the run was a little harder than the last indoor pace run, but not the point where I felt I was straining or pushing excessively to maintain the pace or effor. Cool down miles were a good relaxed effort. Pedestal routine (2 sets x 45 seconds), Myrtl routine & leg circuit after the run. Pedestals were good at 45 seconds for both sets & execution of leg circuit exercises continues to improve.